To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 19 - Trapped - Continued

"Can you lift it?!" Taylor shouted as he swallowed hard and then went up the stairs coming up behind Jason. Jason turned looking at Taylor sadly.
"It won't budge Tay!" Jason grunted as he tried to lift again hearing the wood creak from the strain.
"Maybe if we both try." Taylor said wanting to help as he reached up toward the door. Jason grabbed Taylor's hand stopping him.
"NO! I don't want you to get hurt!" Jason shouted making Taylor jump back a little as he crinkled his eyebrows together.
"Jason? I am not going to hurt myself here! I want to help and besides with both of us pushing maybe it will give." Taylor shouted back watching Jason's eyes dart up and down with a worried look in his eyes.
"Well...I...I guess so. I'm sorry Taylor. You're right. Just climb up a little further next to me and put your hands near the bolt. Okay?" Jason said as Taylor stepped up and did like he said.
"Are you ready?" Taylor asked licking his lips.
"Yeah. On the count of three!" Jason bellowed as he put his hands near Taylor's. Taylor nodded as he looked up at the door ready to push, placing his weight down on his right leg so not to hurt his left side.
"One....two...three!" Jason yelled as they both pushed as hard as they could. They heard the wood creaking and cracking under their hands.
"COME ON!" Taylor angrily shouted not wanting to give up.
"It's MOVING! Push harder!" Jason screamed when suddenly the door popped a little with snow falling in on them and down on Taylor's face. Taylor shook his head feeling the icy snow drop off his face, as he blinked his eyes trying to clear them.
"It's open!" Taylor shouted with joy and then frowned seeing nothing but white above them.
"We're really buried here. It's to heavy. I think we better close it Tay." Jason mumbled sadly and then sucked in a sharp breath noticing a huge branch sticking out of the snow just to the right side of the door.
"Jason? What's that dark thing in the snow? Oh God it's a ...." Taylor couldn't finish when Jason took his hands away and the door dropped back down hard as they both heard a whining sound outside and another thump. Taylor turned around looking at Jason right in the eyes with fear raging through him.
"Jason? A tree! There's a tree on top of the door!" Taylor shouted as he started to shake. Jason grabbed Taylor by the shoulders sensing his panic.
"I know and it is a big one." Jason sadly exclaimed with his heart racing also.
"What? How are we going to get out of here?!" Taylor asked as Jason backed away and started down the stairs. Taylor followed panting out of breath.
"I...don't....*cough*...know!" Jason exclaimed as he started to cough violently due to using his energy on trying to push the door open. Taylor bolted to his side watching Jason bend over as he continued to cough. Taylor gently put his hand on his back feeling worried about Jason. Finally he stopped sucking in a deep breath with tears running down his face and stood up straight rocking his head back.
"I...I'm okay now." Jason rasped blinking his eyes and looked down at Taylor who was looking up at him with concern.
"Are you sure? Maybe you should rest for awhile." Taylor implored seeing him looking very pale. Jason shook his head.
"No..no I'm fine. I just was pretty winded there. That's all." Jason smiled trying to assure Taylor who raised his eyebrows in question.
"You don't look so good Jason." Taylor added and then saw Jason sit down on a chair looking exhausted. He walked up next to him and placed his hand on Jason's forehead. Jason grabbed his wrist pulling it away.
"Tay? Stop it! I said I was okay!" Jason angrily shouted, as Taylor twisted his hand out of Jason's tight grip.
"No! No you're not. You have a fever." Taylor boldy stated crossing his arms in front of him. Jason licked at his lips and smiled.
"I'm just hot from trying to push the door open." Jason declared not liking that Taylor was looking at him sternly.
"You have a fever. I guess it's true that doctors make the worst patients." Taylor said as he sat down on a chair across from him seeing Jason grinning.
"Okay. I do have a fever...I guess, but I am more concerned about that tree on top of us." Jason admitted pointing up at the door.
"I wonder how big it is." Taylor pondered looking down at his hands as he started to play with his ring nervously twisting it around his finger.
"Taylor? If it is the tree that was on the right side of the cabin....then we are in big trouble." Jason attested running his hands through his hair feeling very frustrated about the situation that they were trapped in.
"What do you mean?" Taylor asked swallowing hard looking deeply into his eyes.
"It will take a lot to get that thing off the door I'm afraid. Even if the snow storm stops they are going to have to unbury us from this cabin." Jason explained as Taylor sucked in a deep breath and leaned back feeling suddenly very depressed.
"I think we better try to contact my father again and tell them what is going on." Taylor said with Jason nodding as he grabbed the walkie talkie and turned it on hearing the static once more.
"Can you read us? Over." Jason asked and then listened for a answer. All there was, was static. He tried again.
"Can you read us? Over." Jason pleaded but still there was no response.
"Why won't they answer?" Taylor groaned looking over at Jason who still kept trying.
"I think no one is near the thing. Maybe we should try later." Jason said as he sniffed back looking into Taylor's sad eyes.
"Yeah. Maybe you should try to rest Jason." Taylor stated with concern watching Jason shakingly put the walkie talkie down.
"I think I will. I am very tired. Just let me sleep for a few hours and then I will make us something to eat. Okay?" Jason asked standing up and slowly walked over to the bed as Taylor watched hating to see his friend look so bad. Jason laid down loving the comfort and closed his eyes feeling that they were very hot. He cleared his sore throat and drifted off to sleep.
Taylor came up next to him and sat down on the huge chair that was next to the bed watching Jason with concern. He felt very tired himself as he rested his head back against the back of the chair staring up at the ceiling.
"Please let Jason be alright." Taylor thought with his eyes misting up with tears. He felt guilty thinking that maybe the reason Jason was sick was because of him. He started to think about all that happened in the past few days and how lucky he was to have Jason as a friend. So many times this man saved him. Taylor shifted trying to get comfortable feeling his left side throb a little. He looked down at Jason and watched him sleep.
"You just take it easy Jason. If anything happens I will take care of you. After all... you did so much for me." Taylor thought smiling a little and closed his weary eyes falling to sleep too.

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