To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 19 - Trapped

Taylor watched Jason setting up the main room as he sat at the kitchen table, for his physical therapy. He wondered why he was suddenly drawing a line across the floor in front of him with a piece of chalk. Snow perked up his head as he grew curious with the activity and got up off the floor after sleeping for awhile under the table. Taylor laughed when he saw Snow sniffing the chalk near Jason's hand.
"Snow?! Stop it!" Jason demanded as he pushed Snow by the nose trying to make him back up so he could finish the line.
"I guess Snow is just as curious as I am Jason. What are you doing anyway?" Taylor smiled raising his eyebrows watching Jason look up at him with Snow sitting and panting by his side.
"Well....this is part of the exercise that you're going to do today Tay." Jason stated as he pointed at the line while he stood up slowly sucking in a deep breath.
"What exercise?" Taylor asked as he reached out feeling his jeans that were laying over the chair behind him noticing that it was finally dry.
"I am going to make you follow this line. It will make your balance better." Jason answered watching Taylor stand up and smile.
"Oh....sounds interesting. My pants are dry." Taylor mumbled walking slowly around the table and picked up his clothes.
"Sounds like the winds are dying down a little out there." Jason stated looking up at the ceiling wondering how much snow covered the cabin.
"Yeah. I noticed that before. I wonder how bad it is on top." Taylor said swallowing hard.
"I am afraid that it might be pretty deep up there." Jason added seriously as Taylor nodded agreeing with him.
"It must be if you couldn't open the door. Uhmmm....I would like to get dressed and then we could start with this therapy." Taylor said looking at Jason with a wondering look as his clothes hung in his arms.
"Oh....yeah. You can change in the bathroom Tay. I'll wait for you." Jason smiled as he watched Taylor walk slowly toward the bathroom. He found it amusing seeing how Taylor drowned in his pajamas. Jason sat down on a chair by the table and noticed he had a sore throat as he swallowed hard.
"Great! I think I am catching a cold now." Jason thought angrily as he sniffed back. Snow came up to him and placed his huge head in his lap. Jason gently petted his head as he waited for Taylor with Snow blinking up at him lovingly enjoying the soft touch of Jason's hand.

Taylor looked around the bathroom finding a place to lay his clothes down. He quickly took off his top letting it fall to the floor. He shivered a little as he reached for his t-shirt and slipped it over his head.
"It's cold in here." Taylor murmured as he hurried to get dressed.
He took off the bottoms of the pajamas carefully making sure he didn't touch his left side. He licked his lips nervously and then smiled a little noticing the bruise was finally fading in colors of yellow and green. He grabbed his underware and put them on and then his jeans. He bent over grabbing the pamajas as he rocked somewhat off balance. He caught himself and turned around opening the door and saw Jason look up at him as he walked carefully toward the table.
"Feels good to wear my own clothes." Taylor smiled placing the pajamas on the table. Jason smiled back and nodded.
"But aren't you cold with just a t-shirt on?" Jason asked as he stood up with Snow backing off of him.
"Yeah. Do you have a sweater I could borrow?" Taylor asked rubbing his arms with goose bumps forming across his skin.
"Sure. I have one that I think won't be to big for you." Jason stated walking up to his dresser and opened the top drawer pulling out a deep brown sweater. He turned around almost bumping into Taylor who stood right behind him. He smiled handing him the sweater. Taylor took it and shook his head.
"Jason? I think every sweater you own is still to big for me!" Taylor laughed as he quickly slid the sweater over his head loving the warmth covering him. Jason burst out laughing as the sleeves hung down by Taylor's calfs.
"You're right Tay." Jason chuckled with Taylor smiling from ear to ear as he lifted his arms swinging the loose sleeves around in the air.
"Think we could cut them?" Taylor asked backing up a little as Jason walked to the kitchen cabinets and opened a drawer pulling out a scissor.
Taylor walked slowly toward him still limping on his left side. Jason grabbed one sleeve and slowly cut the sweater near Taylor's right wrist as Taylor watched intently and then held out his other arm as he did the same with the left one.
"There! That is a lot better now." Taylor smiled looking up at Jason as he grabbed the right sleeve and rolled it up a little on his arm.
"Well I think we should get ....ahhh...." Jason said as he let out a big sneeze and then sniffed back.
"You okay?" Taylor asked noticing Jason frowned placing the scissors back in the drawer.
"I just sneezed Tay. Can't I sneeze?" Jason grumbled walking up to the line he drew on the floor.
"I just thought you didn't look so good. Are you catching a cold...Jason?" Taylor asked as he turned around seeing Jason looking down at the floor.
"I guess so. I do have a mild sore throat. Don't worry about it...okay?" Jason answered reaching out his hand wanting Taylor to come up next to him. Taylor cast his eyes down and went up to where Jason was standing.
"What do you want me to do here?" Taylor asked curiously looking down at the line.
"I want you to place one foot in front of the other and try to stay on the line as you walk." Jason instructed grabbing onto Taylor's hands.
"I think I can do this." Taylor said looking up at Jason cracking a grin. He looked back down and placed his right foot on the line. Slowly he placed his left in front touching the tip of his toes on his right foot. Jason moved backwards still holding onto Taylor's hands noticing that Taylor was gripping them tightly as he walked forward concentrating on each step. A few times Taylor rocked off balance with his eyes growing wide and then corrected himself as he continued. Jason could see that beads of sweat were forming on his forehead.
"How ya doing?" Jason asked as they took another step on the line.
"Good. This is harder then it looks." Taylor confessed licking his lips as he rocked off balance again with his right foot going off the line as Jason caught him.
"You're doing great. We are almost at the end." Jason informed him watching Taylor sucking in a deep breath of air.
Snow watched them intently as he laid under the table again. He stood up and came forward wanting to join them in this action. He moved up behind Taylor and sniffed down at his feet.
"Snow? Stop it!" Taylor shouted as he took another step noticing that the wolf didn't listen and then heard Jason chuckle.
"He just likes you Tay." Jason smiled as he sniffed again and swallowed hard.
"He's making me off balance. Come on Snow I am...." Taylor began when suddenly Snow jumped up and came down on Taylor's back. Taylor gasped feeling the weight of the wolf on his back as he fell forward into Jason who fell backwards as they all hit the floor in a pile.
"Snow?!" Taylor yelled as he slowly turned around with Snow starting to lick his face happily. Taylor couldn't help but smile as he sat in between Jason's legs who sat up also as he shook his head watching his wolf licking Taylor's cheek.
"Guess he felt left out." Jason said reaching out his right hand and scratched Snow behind the ears.
"Snow? Snow? Okay now. I love you too!" Taylor bellowed trying to stop him from licking his face. Snow backed away and started to pant as Taylor wiped off the spit with the back of his arm.
"Are you alright Jason? You really fell hard there with me on top of you." Taylor asked turning his head and saw that Jason seemed fine while he smiled at him as he stood up, reaching his hand out to help him up.
"I'm fine Tay. I guess we can relax for awhile and then do this again." Jason said helping Taylor up off the floor.
"Yeah sounds good. I just hope he doesn't interfer again." Taylor said smiling as he limped walking toward the kitchen table and sat down on a chair with Jason sitting down across from him.
"You're not hurt or anything Taylor?" Jason asked seriously seeing Taylor frown a little as if he was in pain.
"No...no...I'm fine. My side just feels a little stiff yet." Taylor answered when suddenly Jason sneezed again.
"Oh..." Jason mumbled and then stood up and opened a cabinet grabbing a napkin and blew his nose.
"Huh?" Jason said turning as he wiped off his nose seeing that Taylor had a worried expression crossing his face.
"How do you feel?" Taylor asked with concern.
"Taylor? I guess I have a cold coming on here." Jason sniffed and sat back down swallowing and cringed a little feeling the soreness in his throat.
"Oh." Taylor sadly expressed looking down at the table.
"I'll be alright. Colds are just annoying. I hope you don't catch this thing." Jason said sniffing back as Snow came up and went under the table again laying down.
"I don't feel like I am getting one. You would think I would being out there the way I was." Taylor stated looking up at Jason feeling worried about him because he thought he didn't look like he didn't feel very well.
"Well Tay? You don't catch a cold just from the weather. It's a virus that you pick up. The cold can make it worse though. Just don't worry kiddo....it'll pass." Jason smiled trying to reasure him.
Taylor nodded and then looked at the walkie talkie that was still sitting on the table. He reached out and grabbed it.
"You think we could try to talk to my father again? I mean the winds have died down and maybe the connection will be better now." Taylor exclaimed looking hopefully into Jason's eyes.
"We can try. Let me have it." Jason said as Taylor handed him the walkie talkie. He watched as Jason turned it on and they both heard static.
"Can anyone read me? Over." Jason asked with his eyes darting back and forth listening intently.
"Hmm...just static." Taylor murmured as he rested back in his chair frowning.
"Can anyone hear me? Over." Jason asked again.
"Jason? Is...you?" Walker's voice suddenly came forth over the walkie talkie making both of them jump. Taylor leaned forward anxiously.
"Yes. How is the weather? Over." Jason asked sniffing a little wanting to know if the storm had finally stopped.
"Still looks bad Jason. It died down but the weather report said that it will pick up again. Over." Walker said with Jason liking the fact that this time he could hear every word. Taylor cast his eyes up and down listening intently to what his father was saying.
"How long will this storm last? Over." Jason asked glupping hard.
"They don't know Jason and it doesn't look good. It could last maybe for at least another day. Over." Walker informed them.
"How is Sherri? Over." Jason asked as Taylor smiled at him wanting to know also, but didn't like the idea that the storm was going to pick up again.
"She's fine. How is Taylor? Over." Walker came back.
"He is doing good. Over." Jason responded and then blew his nose again into the napkin.
"Sam wants to know if you can travel, seeing that the weather isn't to bad now. Over." Walker asked sounding anxious.
"Well we can't. We are trapped in here. I couldn't even lift up the door. I think the snow has buried us deep. Over." Jason answered sadly with Taylor bowing his head looking down at his hands.
"Trapped? You can't get out? Over." Sam asked taking the walkie talkie from Walker's hand.
"Well I could try again...with the door, but I think we are definitely trapped down here. Over." Jason said as he shifted a little in his chair.
"Well just sit tight. We will get to you when these storms pass us. Okay? Over." Sam exclaimed sounding angry and frustrated.
"Just keep in contact and tell Sherri that I love her. Over." Jason said with emotion cracking in his voice.
"Will do! Over and Out." Sam replied as Taylor and Jason just heard static again. Jason put the walkie talkie down gently on the table.
"You didn't tell them that we are in very short supply of food." Taylor said with a look of worry in his eyes.
"I know, but I don't want to worry them anymore then they are now. Besides I think we will be out of here before we run out of food." Jason affirmed as he stood up and walked toward the stairs.
"What are you going to do?" Taylor asked with concern turning around in his chair.
"I want to see how bad this is." Jason answered looking up at the door as he went up the stairs. Taylor watched and then walked up to the stairs himself and saw Jason trying to lift the door.

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