To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 18 - Waiting Out The Storm - Continued

Isaac looked out the window from Ben's house that was connected to the store in the back. They were invited to stay with his family, since the storm was to bad to travel through making the roads impassable. Ben came up behind him and smiled.
"Son? Don't worry. They are safe." Ben exclaimed in a reasuring voice. Isaac turned and looked at him then out the window again.
"When is this snow storm going to stop? If it is this bad here....what is it like out there in the mountains?" Ike asked gulping hard as Ben sadly looked down at his feet.
"I won't lie to you Isaac but it is probably really bad up there. It is always worse in the mountains. The weather report said they don't see any sign of this storm stopping for quite awhile yet." Ben informed him watching the boy frown.
"Oh." Ike murmured with fear knotting up his stomach. He wondered how Taylor and Jason were doing. It did comfort him knowing that were safe in Jason's cabin.
"My wife is making breakfast. She's a real good cook you know and I think you should eat something." Ben smiled as Ike turned smiling back at him. He could smell the delicious aroma of eggs, bacon and pancakes in the air.
"It does smell good!" Ike exclaimed following Ben into the kitchen. He saw everyone sitting around the table waiting for Mrs. Johnson to serve the food. He smiled when he saw Amy sitting next to Zac looking content. He knew Zac was glad to see her again after so long, even though they kept in contact through email. Sherri was sadly looking down at her empty plate still looking fearful. He felt concerned and sat down next to her.
"Did you sleep okay Sherri?" Ike asked when she jumped and looked up at him looking still half asleep.
"Not really. I kept having nightmares about him."
"David." Sherri mumbled as a shiver ran down her spine remembering.
"Well he is in jail at the police station. Don't worry about him anymore." Ike declared and put his arm around her and gave her a gentle hug. She nodded her head and cracked a small smile.
"Okay everyone! Breakfast is ready!" Susan Johnson announced and placed a huge platter down in the center of the table loaded with food. Zac smiled and then wondered where their father was.
"Where's Dad?" Zac asked looking around him.
"He went in the store. He is with Sam. He wanted to call your mother and Jason's wife to explain the situation to them." Ben informed them as Zac nodded.
"Oh." Zac answered as he grabbed the platter sliding a couple of eggs and some bacon onto his plate. He then passed it on to Amy who smiled at him.
When everyone had their food they said grace and then started to eat their breakfast. Ben looked at everyone sensing they were still concerned about Taylor and Jason. He wanted to somehow take their minds off things. His heart went out to the girl, Sherri, who looked very worn out from her terrible ordeal with that boy.
"How is the music going?" Ben asked as Isaac smiled at him from across the table.
"Great! We were doing some promotional concerts before all this stuff started. But as soon as we get back we plan on starting our tour." Isaac explained as Ben nodded.
"I love your new music!" Amy bellowed happily as Zac chuckled from her sudden comment.
"Thanks." Zac smiled as Amy threw him a look.
"Well I do. It is great stuff." Amy stated defending herself as Sherri smiled at her.
"I agree with you Amy. I love that song called 'Save Me' the best." Sherri added in as Ike turned to look at her and smiled.
"I love 'I Wish That I Was There' the best!" Amy exclaimed as Sherri nodded her head taking a bite out of a piece of bacon.
"You only say that because I'm singing it." Zac teased as Amy turned and gently slapped Zac on the arm. Zac made a hurt look acting like she really wounded him. Isaac laughed and then watched feeling happy that Sherri and Amy were now in conversation talking about their music. He knew before she was thinking to much about what happened to her and Taylor. He noticed Ben and Susan were smiling enjoying their company.

Walker finished his phone call with Diana and hung up. He told them the whole situation making them feel at ease. Diana told him that Alice had a rough night and the doctors said she needed complete bed rest and wasn't allowed to even walk around. He walked up to Sam who was looking out the door with a frown covering his face.
"Sam? How does it look out there?" Walker asked walking up behind him.
"Bad! The sky doesn't look like it is going to clear up for a long time." Sam grumbled hating that he was trapped here in the store for awhile yet. He just wished that there would be a break in this weather soon.
"Why don't we try to contact them again?" Walker asked as Sam turned and looked at him sadly.
"I tried earlier Walker. I couldn't get through. We just have to wait." Sam informed him as Walker gazed out at the blinding snow. He hated that they could only see a few feet in front of them.
"It looks like the storm is getting worse. I am just thankful that your son and Jason are safe in his cabin." Sam exclaimed watching Walker nod in agreement.
"What about that kid, David?" Walker angrily asked backing away from the door.
"He's securely in jail. We called his mother and she is coming here after the storm lets up. He is one sad puppy. That boy's mind is really mixed up. He kept screaming that him and Sherri are in love all the way to the station according to one of my officers." Sam stated shaking his head at the thought.
"He didn't say anything about what he did to my son?" Walker asked walking over to a stool and sat down.
"No. I think in his crazy mind he thinks he got rid of his problem by leaving him out there to die." Sam explained watching Walker crinkle his eyebrows together at the comment.
"I hope that boy gets help soon. What made him go off the deep end like that?" Walker asked knowing he would never understand someone like David.
"I don't know Walker. People like him are hard to figure. It is like all he thinks about is his own satisfaction and when someone in their mind gets in the way of their plans, they think they are justified in their actions." Sam stated sadly sitting down on a stool next to him.
"I will never understand someone like him. I just hope Tay and Jason are okay out there. I'm still very concerned about them." Walker exclaimed looking down at his hands sadly.
"Jason knows what he is doing out there. They will be okay Walker." Sam smiled trying to reasure him even though he was very worried himself.
Sam reached over and turned on the radio. They both sat back listening to the weather report. They both frowned hearing that the snow storm wasn't going to let up for at least a couple of days. Walker rubbed his forehead nervously and looked in the direction of the mountains praying that his son and Jason would be alright.

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