To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 17 - The Race Against Time

Taylor sucked in a deep sharp breath as he dunked under the freezing water. Every fiber of his body felt the intense cold that hit him like sharp knifes suddenly cutting through his flesh. Shock overcame him as his sank deeper into the water. Every muscle grew instantly numb as he desperately tried to move up toward the surface. Panic filled him when he couldn't see the opening of the hole above him.
"TAYLOR!" Jason screamed over the raging wild wind. He felt the rope tug around his waist as he dived forward laying his body down flat on the ice. He carefully slid toward the gaping hole in the ice where Taylor fell through just seconds ago.
"Oh God! Please!" Jason begged when he suddenly saw a mittened hand break the surface of the water. He grabbed out for it but was to late as he saw it go down under. He sat up and pulled the rope that linked them together with all the strength he had within him. Suddenly he saw Taylor pop to the surface with a look of total disorientation covering his face as he sucked in a rasping breath of air.
"Taylor!? Reach for me! Come on!" Jason demanded as he dragged him with the rope toward him hearing the ice cracking all around them. He knew he had to get him out before hypothermia settled through out Taylor's body.
"Ja...Jason...." Taylor rasped blinking at him in panic. He couldn't feel his legs below him. His whole body felt like ice. He found it difficult to catch a breath of air again.
"I won't let you go! Reach your hand out to me Tay! Do you hear me?!" Jason bellowed as he saw Taylor trying desperately to reach out to him with his right arm. Finally his body was close enough to grab. He bent forward and grabbed Taylor by his arm and pulled.
"I can't feel anything! Jason! Help me!" Taylor cried in anguish as he felt Jason pulling him slowly out of the freezing water. His wet clothes weighed down on him as his legs still hung limply in the water.
"Come on Tay! You have to help me here. Move!" Jason yelled knowing if Taylor didn't try he could die.
"I can't! My legs!" Taylor screamed as he started to shiver violently. He couldn't tell if he was out of the freezing water or not.
Jason lifted Taylor and flung his wet frozen body into his arms. He could hear the sickening sound of the ice cracking below them. He knew he had to get off of the ice before it was to late. With all the energy he had he ran toward the shoreline feeling the ice breaking with each step that he took.
"Almost there!" Jason screamed into the blinding snow storm.
He ran up the embankment knowing he finally reached solid ground. He put Taylor down noticing that he collasped under him. He knew he was having a hard time feeling his legs. He didn't want Taylor to pass out.
"Taylor? You have to keep moving. If you don't...you'll freeze to death! The cabin isn't to far away now." Jason shouted as Taylor painfully looked into his eyes shivering out of control.
"I can...can't fe...feel anything. Please I can't wa...walk." Taylor moaned in agony feeling a little angry that Jason was forcing him to stand up.
"You have to walk! I will NOT let you give UP! Now MOVE!" Jason screamed with intense anger causing Taylor to jump back. Fearfully he did as Jason wanted taking a step forward. He looked down at his feet with hot painful tears filling his eyes, feeling afraid that he couldn't feel his legs. Jason grabbed him around the waist and pulled him next to him on his right side helping him to walk.
"Just a little further Tay. I know you can make it!" Jason assured him as they moved forward through the blinding blizzard together. He felt Taylor's legs keep giving out from under him. He would drag him a few feet and then felt Taylor regain control again.
"It hurts! Oh God it HURTS!" Taylor bellowed as he painfully took each step. Dizziness kept hitting him but he didn't want to stop fearing that maybe he would die like Jason told him. Jason could see that Taylor was growing weaker with each step that he took. He knew he had to get to the cabin as fast as they could. Taylor's wet cold clothes were turning to ice. Jason looked up and saw Snow waiting for them as he paced in the snow back and forth just a short distance away.
"We're here Tay. Taylor?" Jason said as Taylor looked up at him weakly. Fear struck his heart seeing that Taylor's lips were a light shade of blue.
"We're here?" Taylor whispered under his breath as his world grew dark around him.
Jason caught him as he passed out in his arms. He slowly let Taylor's limp body lay down in the snow. He ran next to the wolf and looked down seeing that the cabin's door was covered with at least three feet of snow.
"Dig Snow! Help me dig!" Jason demanded as he desperately ran his hands into the snow and flung it to the side of him. Snow jumped and started digging in the same spot. Jason stopped and looked back at Taylor who was still out on the ground. Sweat beaded on his forehead as he resumed his digging with raging fear cutting into his heart.
"Come on! Where is that door?!" Jason screamed with overwhelming anger when suddenly he unburied the handle to the door. He flew up and grabbed the handle pulling it open with all his strength. He felt the door give as it shot open with the snow flying into the air. Jason ran to Taylor and scooped him up into his arms and ran into the pitch darkness of the cabin below. Snow followed him in running down the staircase.
"Taylor!?" Jason shouted and plopped him down gently onto the floor running back up the stairs grabbing the door and flinging it shut. He bolted the lock and carefully went back down the stairs in the darkness. He pulled off his gloves from his hands stuffing them into the pockets of his coat. He shook feeling shivers go up his back. The silence of the cabin felt good after being out in the screaming wind for so many hours.
"Have to get the generator going." Jason said to no one as he felt his way through the darkness. He finally reached the back section and felt for a drawer knowing there was a flash light in it. He found it pulling it open and felt the round chamber under his hand. He flipped the switch seeing the beam of light fill the space ahead of him. He went to the generator and pulled the handle hearing it start to hum.
"Come on! Come on...kick in. Don't fail me now!" Jason shouted sighing when he heard it kick in. He looked up seeing the lights come on in the room. He ran to the main room seeing Taylor looking lifeless on the floor. He knew he had to get Taylor's wet clothes off immediately. He kneeled down next him and quickly started to pull off the soaking wet coat. It was covered with ice crystals as he pulled his arms out of the sleeves.
"Taylor can you hear me? Come on kiddo! I won't let you die on me!" Jason shouted with tears filling his eyes seeing that he still was out cold as he ripped off Taylor's damp mittens off his ice cold hands. He went for his feet and pulled off the boots noticing that water dripped out. Next he took off his socks seeing that his feet looked very white. He frowned as he desperately ripped off the rest of Taylor's clothes flinging them to the side. He got up and ripped the blankets off the bed and ran to Taylor wrapping the covers around his cold body as he rubbed Taylor's shoulders rapidly wanting to get his blood circulation going.
He knew he had to warm up his body quickly knowing that hypothermia had set in. He wished the generator would warm up the cabin faster. He lifted Taylor into his arms and placed him onto the bed. He ran to the tubs in the other room and turned on the faucet and frowned feeling only cold water pour out. He let the water run as he walked back into the other room and took off his own coat letting it drop to the floor. He went over to Taylor and sat down on the bed. He grabbed Taylor's feet and rubbed them between his hands looking up at Taylor who suddenly crinkled his brow.
"That's right kiddo! Stay with me. I'm going to warm you up." Jason stated softly and then moved up and felt Taylor's forehead. He noticed Taylor's body was starting to tremble.
"Tay? Wake up!" Jason demanded leaning close to his head. He saw his eyes suddenly flutter open with a look of fear and shock covering his face.

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