To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 17 - The Race Against Time - Continued

Taylor looked up into Jason's face wondering where he was.
"We are in my cabin. I am going to warm you up Tay. Just hold on. Okay?" Jason cooed watching Taylor start to shiver.
"Cold! I...I can't feel anything! What's wrong with me? Jason?" Taylor moaned feeling scared and confused. He couldn't remember what happened or how he got here.
"Your body temperature is too low. You fell through the ice Tay. I had to take off your wet clothes. I am going to give you a hot bath to get your temperature back up. Okay?" Jason explained seeing Taylor crinkle his eyebrows together.
"I...I can't feel my...my...legs!" Taylor shouted with fear raging through him.
"You're going to be okay. Don't worry Taylor. It is just that you are freezing. I'm going to check on the water now." Jason said standing up as Taylor turned to look at him.
"What happened to me?" Taylor asked watching Jason walk into the other room.

Jason felt the water and smiled when he felt it was hot to the touch. He reached down into the tub and put in the plug letting it fill up. He checked the heat level of the water and turned on some cold water wanting to reach a even temperature to soak Taylor's body in. He would first let him soak in warm water and then increase the heat at intervals. He quickly went back to the other room and ran up to Taylor who was shivering violently now.
"Ja...Jason!" Taylor cried as Jason lifted him off the bed with the covers still around him and carried him to the tubs in the other room.
"I am going to lay you into the water." Jason informed as he gently put him in, covers and all, making sure his head was leaning against the edge of the tub. Taylor jumped feeling the heat immediately seep into his body.
"Hurts! Oh God! It...it stings!" Taylor groaned flinging out his arms as Jason grabbed onto his hands.
"Just take it easy. I know it feels awful, but I have to do this." Jason explained watching Taylor close his eyes tightly. He reached up and turned off the water. He pulled up his sleeves to his shirt and carefully reached in and pulled the blankets back away from his body.
"It feels like a million needles." Taylor rasped looking up at Jason desperately as he sucked in short rasping breaths.
"That's good Tay. It means your body is warming up and that your limbs aren't frozen." Jason explained rubbing Taylor's left leg noticing it still felt very cold to the touch.
"How long? How...?" Taylor asked licking his lips.
"As long as it takes kiddo. You're lips are gaining back some color." Jason said smiling down at him with concern.
"I'm scared." Taylor mumbled with tears filling his eyes, but at the same time he was loving the warmth as the sensation of needles was finally subsiding a little.
"I know Tay. How do you feel now?" Jason asked with concern.
"Better, but I'm still so cold." Taylor answered watching Jason nod and then reach up to the faucet turning it on. He felt the hot water filling the tub. Jason reached in pulling the plug near his right leg waiting for some of the water to drain away. After a few minutes he replugged it again.
"It's to hot Jason! It's burning me." Taylor groaned as Jason petted his forehead lovingly.
"No it isn't Taylor. I have to get your body temperature up. Just take it easy." Jason crooned trying to calm him down sensing his fear.
"Where's Sherri?" Taylor asked as he soaked in the water trying to get his mind off the pain.
"She's probably back at the store now. Your father and brothers are there." Jason told him as he felt Taylor's feet noticing that were finally warming up. He noticed Taylor's body color was slowly coming back to normal. He was glad that there was no sign of gangrene in any of Taylor's toes or fingers or any where else on his body.
"I can feel my legs again." Taylor said smiling with tears filling his eyes.
"Good. Everything looks great Tay. I am going to let you soak for at least another half hour." Jason stated as Taylor nodded slowly closing his eyes feeling sleepy.
"I guess you saved my life again." Taylor smiled opening his eyes and saw Jason smiling also.
"Yeah...I guess I did. When are you going to stop getting yourself into these situations Taylor?" Jason chuckled feeling relieved when he saw Taylor move his right leg a little in the water.
"I don't know. I guess you are like my guardian angel." Taylor said as Jason turned on the water heating it up again.
"The cabin is finally warming up." Jason stated looking around him wondering also how long the snow storm was going to last.
"I kinda remember falling through the ice." Taylor said watching Jason frown.
"Why did you stop walking?"
"My left leg cramped up on me and then I felt the ice give way under me. I'm sorry Jason." Taylor said glupping hard looking up into Jason's eyes.
"No Taylor. You don't have to be sorry. I just didn't know why. That's all." Jason assured him as he pushed back Taylor's hair from his forehead.
"Can we contact my Dad?" Taylor asked with questioning eyes that darted back and forth.
"I don't really know. The storm out there is really bad and we may not be able to get through by radio. After your bath I will try though. Okay?" Jason explained as he watched Taylor nod.

Zac gazed out the window watching the snow whipping through the air. He felt a hand touch his shoulder as he turned and saw Isaac pear out the window looking frustrated.
"I hate to think that they are out there in that." Ike mumbled wishing they would hear something from Jason.
"Yeah....I keep wishing I would see them coming back." Zac sadly stated with Ike nodding his head.
"Do you see any sign of them?" Sherri asked sipping slowly on a cup of hot chocolate that Ben made for her.
"No...nothing." Zac answered and walked back over to the stool next to Sherri and sat down.
"Maybe my Dad decided to go to his cabin. I really think that he would be back by now if he didn't." Sherri explained as Walker listened in.
"I just wish that we would hear some word. I hate this waiting around." Walker fumed as Ben bowed his head wishing that he could some how assure them that Jason and Taylor were fine.

Jason carefully lifted Taylor out of the tub and placed him down on a table and then gently dried off his skin. He checked Taylor's left hip to make sure that the bone was still healing properly.
"Is everything alright?" Taylor asked seeing the serious look on Jason's face.
"Yes. Thank God you came out of this okay. I can't put your clothes back on until they dry out. I will find something else for you to wear." Jason said as he lifted him off the table and carried him back over to the bed.
"The wind sounds bad out there." Taylor exclaimed looking up at the ceiling as he swallowed hard.
"Yeah I know. I wish the storm would die down." Jason stated looking through a drawer and pulled out a set of pajamas. He walked over by Taylor who sat up and rubbed his arms.
"You can put these on." Jason said handing him the pajamas.
"Okay." Taylor smiled noticing that they were huge in size and carefully put on the bottoms feeling like all his muscles were stiff and sore. Jason noticed this and helped him put on the top and rolled up the sleeves to his wrists.
"Just rest now. Your wrists are pretty bruised up." Jason commented as Taylor looked at him as he laid down on the bed.
"I guess I was fighting the ropes to much." Taylor sadly mumbled as Jason covered him up and then yawned.
"At least we are safe from the storm. I am going to see if the radio works." Jason said picking up his coat off the floor and took out the walkie talkie from the pocket. He switched it on and heard static.
"Can you hear me?" Jason shouted into it and then listened intently as he looked over at Taylor who was doing the same.
"Can anyone read me? Over."
Jason hoped somehow they would respond but all he heard was static.
"Try again." Taylor said rolling over onto his side.
"Can anyone read me? Over." Jason repeated and listened when suddenly he heard a voice respond as Taylor and him jumped.

Walker jumped as did everyone else when they heard a voice come out of the walkie talkie. Walker grabbed it as everyone came around him.
"Say something Dad." Ike exclaimed looking excited.
"Jason is that you? Over."
"Ca...safe." They all heard and then static.
"What?" Zac asked looking confused.
"Shhhhh....quiet. The storm is causing a bad connection." Sam stated as the room grew silent.

Jason looked at Taylor and sat down in the chair next to the bed.
"We are in my cabin and safe. Over." Jason shouted hoping they heard him.
"Where...you? Ov..."
"That's Dad's voice." Taylor said as sat up slowly in the bed.
"We are in my cabin! Taylor is okay. Over." Jason responded and then listened for a answer.

"Cabin...Tay...okay." They all heard and smiled. Sherri sat back into her chair with tears filling her eyes as Ike gently rubbed her shoulders knowing she was relieved at the news.
"Oh YES!" Zac bellowed with joy.
"I read you! Sherri is safe too! Over." Walker shouted back and then heard static again.

"Read....ou. Sherri....safe! Over." Taylor smiled knowing that they now knew they were okay. Jason sighed also knowing that Sherri was safe too.
"I can't talk any more until the storm passes. Over and out!" Jason yelled and then listened again.
"Understa....Over ...out!" Jason heard and then shut off the walkie talkie.

"Tay's okay. Oh thank the Lord!" Walker exclaimed feeling a weight lift off his shoulders. Everyone in the store looked happy and exhusted.
"I think everyone should get some rest now. Let's hope the storm stops by morning. Then we can go get them." Sam announced with everyone agreeing with him.

"Why don't you get some rest now Tay. Just go to sleep. You had a long day." Jason declared as Taylor smiled and nodded his head.
"I still feel kind of cold." Taylor said as he laid back down and drew the covers up under his chin wanting to feel warm.
"I know. I know." Jason whispered with concern and reached his hand out petting Taylor's head. He watched as Taylor fell asleep. Jason felt exhusted and turned seeing that Snow was sound to sleep near the kitchen table. He got up and walked up the stairs. He reached up unbolting the door and tried to push it open but it wouldn't budge.
"Oh Man! I wonder how much snow is on top." Jason fearfully thought and swallowed hard. He turned around and went back down the stairs. He heard Taylor groan seeing that he was shifting around in his sleep. He saw Taylor's clothes on the floor and picked them up flopping them over some chairs around the kitchen table so they could dry out. He knew he needed to rest also and saw that Taylor was shivering a little. He quietly went around on the other side of the bed and sat down on the edge and kicked off his boots. He lifted up the covers and slid in next to Taylor behind him, placing his arm over him. He heard him groan.
"No." Taylor mumbled under his breath in a fearful voice.
"It's okay kiddo. It's just me." Jason whispered lovingly feeling his body relax next to him. Jason wanted to make sure that Taylor would stay warm through out the night causing body heat under the covers. Jason fell asleep quickly feeling completely exhusted.

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