To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 16 - The Blinding Snow

Sherri could finally see the lights of the store just up ahead her as she pulled at the rope making David move faster.
"Move it! We are almost there." Sherri shouted looking back at him shaking her head.
"You must love me Sherri. You saved my life!" David crooned hating the fact that she now had the upper hand.
"Just shut UP! I don't love you DAVID!" Sherri screamed as they crossed the road when excitement filled her seeing Mr. Hanson coming out the door followed by several police men. David suddenly pulled back making Sherri fall to the ground in the snow as she lost the hold of the rope seeing him bolt away, running down the road.
"GET HIM!" Sam shouted as the men ran after him and grabbed him as he started to scream.
"Let me go! I won't go with you! She is MINE! She LOVES ME!" David screamed as they led him to a police car shoving him inside.
"Sherri?!" Walker shouted as she ran into his arms. He brought her into the store as Ike and Zac ran up to her smiling.
"Where's Jason and Taylor?" Walker asked with concern filling his voice.
"Dad is going to save him Mr. Hanson. Don't worry my Dad will reach him in time." Sherri stated seeing Ike and Zac's faces turning into a frown.
"What happened Sherri? How did you come back alone and with him tied up like that?" Ike asked wanting to know.
"Let her sit down and warm up." Walker expressed even though he wanted to know very much as well. He was surprised seeing her walking up to the store like this.
"Dad found us in his car. He helped me. David left Taylor in the woods tied to a tree. Oh I hope he reaches him in time. David left him to die out there! It is all because of me. He has this crazy idea that Taylor and I were boyfriend and girlfriend. I told him it wasn't true but he wouldn't believe me. He shot Taylor with a dart gun and kidnapped us. He threw Taylor into the trunk of his car and then me later on. I was so scared. I...I..." Sherri breathlessly explained when she finally started to cry with fear racing in her heart remembering the look on Taylor's face when David dragged her back into the woods.
"Jason will be back soon! He'll save Tay!" Zac shouted wanting and hoping that it was true.
They walked up to the window still seeing the storm raging outside.
"Oh Lord please let them be alright." Walker mumbled under his breath.

Hours passed as Jason and Taylor kept moving on. Taylor was feeling a little better as he kept his eyes on Jason's back that was a few feet ahead of him. He loved the warmth of the coat over his body. His left side hurt but he noticed that he could put pressure down onto his hip.
"How ya doing kiddo?" Jason asked as he kept the even pace up.
"Fine! I'm fine. But I am getting tired. How far till we reach the cabin?" Taylor asked hating that he had to shout over the wind.
"It is just over this lake." Jason announced as he stopped when Taylor came up behind him panting out of breath.
"Why did you stop?" Taylor asked when Jason cradled his face in his hands as Taylor wondered what concerned him.
"Now listen to me very carefully. That lake is not completely frozen over yet, but we can walk over it. Now look at my feet." Jason instructed taking his hands away from his head.
"Yeah." Taylor said looking at Jason's feet intently.
"When you go across spread your legs like this. Out to your sides and I want you waddle sliding across like this." Jason demonstrated showing him how.
"Why?" Taylor asked curiously licking at his lips.
"It will even out the weight as you go across and don't stop for anything no matter what you hear. Okay?" Jason exclaimed as Taylor nodded giving him a weak smile.
"Okay Jason. I understand." Taylor affirmed as Jason smiled back at him.
"Let's begin. Just keep following and remember don't stop until I say you can." Jason said as he started across. Taylor watched and sucked in a deep breath and then did everything Jason did. They were moving across the thin snow covered ice nicely when Taylor heard cracking sounds all around him. He swallowed fearfully.
"Jason?!" Taylor shouted not liking the sound of ice cracking.
"Just keep moving! Don't stop!" Jason bellowed over the wind. Taylor calmed himself down realizing that this was probably what he was talking about.
"You're doing fine. Not to much farther." Jason said seeing the other side through the blinding snow storm.
Taylor kept up the pace when suddenly his left leg cramped up on him making him jump and stop.
"Oh God my leg!" Taylor screamed out seeing that Jason didn't hear him, when he could feel the ice giving way underneath him. He fearfully looked toward Jason. Jason reached the shoreline stepping up and then turned seeing Taylor looking at him as he stood frozen on the ice.
"TAYLOR MOVE!" Jason screamed out in raging fear wondering why he stopped.
"JASON?!" Taylor shouted when the ice went out from under him as he desperately reached out toward him.
"NOOOOOO!" Jason bellowed seeing Taylor go down under the water with a look of horror covering his face.

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