To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 16 - The Blinding Snow

Taylor painfully moved forward through the blizzard knowing his feet were turning to ice. His arms were growing numb as he started shivering violently.
"I will make it! Just keep moving. I have to keep moving." Taylor kept repeating to himself as he licked at his lips feeling his hot tears, pouring down his face from the agonizing pain he felt as he took each step slowly through the deep snow. He looked up praying the storm would end soon, but all he saw was more snow coming down endlessly covering everything around him. He thought of Sherri hoping desperately that she was okay.
"Oh God get me through this. Am I going in the right direction?" Taylor asked when suddenly the stick broke sending him flying forward into the snow.
"NO! Why?! Why?" Taylor weeped trying to stand up again but he couldn't find the strength within him.

Jason moved forward keeping a even pace as he spotted familar territory around him. He prayed that he would reach Taylor in time. The blizzard was the worst he had ever seen. Fear struck his heart thinking of Taylor out there with no protective clothing. His fear moved him faster through the storm. A howling sound made him suddenly stop. He knew what it was.
"SNOW?!" Jason shouted on the top of his lungs. He sensed the wolf was near. Every fiber of his body felt the old ways as they came flooding back. He felt the power of the wilderness take hold of him once again keeping his senses sharp. He finally saw his dear friend come bounding at him through the snow.
"Hey boy?!" Jason called out to him, when suddenly the wolf leaped up onto his chest licking at his face happily.
"I am glad to see you too Snow! But I am looking for Tay!" Jason bellowed as Snow barked and then ran a few feet ahead of him looking very anxious. Jason crinkled his brow wondering what Snow wanted.
"What boy?" Jason asked then it struck him why he was doing this.
"Taylor? You know where he is don't you boy? Lead me to him! NOW!" Jason demanded as Snow bounded forward through the deep snow as Jason picked up speed again not wanting to lose him.

Taylor laid numbly in the snow feeling his senses growing weaker as the moments passed by. He couldn't feel anything any more as he blinked his eyes slowly looking up at the night sky watching the snow falling as it hit his face. He closed his eyes feeling a weird kind of sleepiness overcome him.
"Jason?" Taylor whispered when he felt a wetness on his cheek. He painfully opened his eyes looking up at the wolf who whimpered beside him. He saw a large shadow running at him.

"Taylor!? Oh God!" Jason rasped loudly, as he quickly unburied him from under the snow. He hugged onto Taylor, who started to moan softly in his arms, as he lifted him up gently around the upper body.
"I can't...I can't...so...so cold!" Taylor groaned as he started to shiver again. Jason layed him back down and dropped the back pack from his arms. He quickly took out the coat and sat Taylor's limp body up as he put the coat around him grabbing onto his right arm slipping it through the sleeve and then did the same with his other arm. He pulled the hood up over his head. Taylor breathed in deeply as he felt the warmth of the coat against his skin and felt Jason rubbing his arms, trying to cause fiction to warm him up, knowing he was almost to the point of freezing to death. He then put on the boots when Taylor cried out with pain as he grabbed his left foot.
"I am sorry kiddo but I have to get them on your feet. You're going to be alright Taylor. Tay? Talk to me!" Jason declared as Taylor just watched as Jason dressed him up in warm clothes.
"Come on Tay! Say something." Jason demanded leaning near his face.
"I..I feel so numb Ja...Jason. Sherri? He has her." Taylor mumbled when Jason lifted him up into a standing position onto his feet.
"You have to move Taylor. Do you understand me? You have to walk now! Sherri is okay. I found her and she is going back to the store as we speak. Now I am concerned about you right now!" Jason sternly shouted as Taylor just stared blinking his eyes at him as he started to collapse again under him.
"NO kiddo! I am not going to let you give up that easily. Now stand up and start walking." Jason bellowed as Taylor's bottom lip started to tremble a little.
"I can't Jason. My leg hurts." Taylor moaned rocking slightly off balance.
"Yes you can Tay. You have too. Look! You traveled this far in the snow. We are going to my cabin. It is the closest to us right now. This blizzard is not going to stop for quite awhile but if you want to live you have to get the circulation going in your body again. Now move TAY!" Jason yelled as Taylor fearfully looked up at him nodding his head. He took a step forward and winced in pain.
"I need something to lean on. That is what I did before Jason. I leaned on a stick but it broke." Taylor informed him as Jason crinkled his eyebrows together.
"Taylor you can walk by yourself. I know it hurts but your hip won't fail you. I'm am going to tie this rope around your waist so we won't lose one another. Just listen to me. You are strong enough to get through this. I know you can. Okay?" Jason shouted over the high winds trying to give Taylor courage as he looked into his unsure fearful eyes.
"I will try!"
"Not try! Say I will!" Jason bellowed as he started to walk in the direction that he knew where the underground cabin was.
"Just take it slow Jason! Please!" Taylor begged as he started to walk forward feeling clumsy with the snowshoes attached to his feet.
"Just swish your feet along Tay. You'll get the hang of it!" Jason stated feeling assured now that Taylor was doing as he asked him. Snow bounded ahead of them running out of view.
"Guess he will meet us there! You're doing great Taylor!" Jason bellowed as they slowly paced themselves through the blinding snow.

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