To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 15 - Moment Of Fear - Continued

Jason drove to the town of Southfork with Walker, Ike and Zac sitting silently looking out the window watching it start to snow outside.
"We are almost there. We are going to Old Ben's place. The police are going to meet us there." Jason said as Walker nodded.
"I know. I heard you talking on the phone in the airplane Jason." Walker stated when he could see the store coming up in the distance.
"Oh. Good the police are there." Jason said as he pulled up next to the store. They all got out of the truck and ran into the store seeing old Ben sitting behind the counter looking sad. Everyone turned looking over at them.
"Jason! It's been a long time my friend!" Ben shouted running over to them.
"Yeah it has, but I wish it was in better circumstances." Jason exclaimed looking over at the police who had a table set up near one wall. Walker and his sons walked over by them. Sam Smith the captain of the police force smiled at them remembering them when they looked for his son the last time.
"Hi Walker. We are setting up search parties. If they are out there we will find them." Sam said with assurance in his voice.
"Sir? The national weather service has just put out a snow storm warning." One of the police officers sadly stated seeing Walker frown and his sons looking fearful.
"What does that mean?" Ike asked looking at the man who looked down at the floor.
"Damn! If it is going to turn into a blizzard out there I don't know how long we can keep the search going." Sam bellowed angrily looking at Jason who crinkled his eyebrows together.
"But we have to find them!" Zac exclaimed hoping they wouldn't give up the search.
"We better start right now before it does." Sam announced turning around.
"Before we start? Are you sure they could be out there? I don't want anyone out there for nothing." Sam asked looking into Walker's unsure eyes.
"Sir? He is here! That kid pulled in here just a few hours back. Jason just showed me a picture of the boy and that was him!" Ben exclaimed as Sam nodded with Walker looking up at the ceiling closing his eyes.
"We are going to go alone in groups. And remember to stay close. If that weather out there turns into a blizzard I don't want anyone lost." Sam instructed as he put Walker and sons with him and two other men and then was going to point at Jason to inform him who he was going to go with when everyone saw Jason go out the door.
"Jason?!" Walker shouted running after him and saw him standing in the blinding snow.
"Walker no one can go out there in this. It is really getting bad. I know in the mountains it is going to be ten times worse." Jason shouted over the winds fearfully.
"But they are out there! Taylor doesn't even have coat!" Walker bellowed as Jason led him back into the store with everyone looking out the windows.
"This snow storm is really bad." Sam sadly said licking at his lips nervously.
"I am going out there alone! I will bring them back." Jason stated walking over to Ben who curiously looked up at him.
"But are you sure you can survive out there Jason?" Sam asked watching him.
"I will need snowshoes Ben. Hurry! And yes I know that mountain like the back of my hand. I spent many years alone there. Many times it has snowed just like this. I know what I am doing." Jason confirmed as Ike looked up at him.
"I have faith in you Jason. Just bring Tay and Sherri back to us and even that other guy." Ike exclaimed as Jason smiled at him placing his hand on his shoulder.
"I will! Just hang tight and I will try if I can to radio you as long as I can. Okay?" Jason said as Ben placed down four sets of snowshoes.
"I will need a some coats and boots, mittens, everything Ben. Can you put it in a back pack?" Jason asked with Ben nodding as he rushed around the store getting everything he asked for. Finally ready he lifted the backpack and slung it on his back.
"God keep you Jason!" Walker declared as Jason nodded opening up the door walking into the storm. Everyone watched out the windows until they couldn't see him anymore as he walked into the distance.

Taylor started to cry out of fear as the the snow storm was getting worse by the minute. The snow was starting to cover him as he sucked in a painful breath.
"HELP ME! Please somebody HELP ME!" Taylor screamed as he desperately fought the ropes trying to free his hands. Suddenly he felt a heat against his cheek which made him jump as he looked into dark eyes against white. He blinked when a tongue licked him against his face.
"Snow? Is that you?" Taylor moaned in a shivering voice, feeling shocked to see him, when he heard the wolf whimper next to him. Taylor closed his eyes as he sucked in a shivering breath thanking the lord. Now he knew why the area looked so familar to him. This wilderness was near Jason's cabin.
"Snow? Can you free me? Please Snow bite at the ropes." Taylor demanded hoping that the wolf would understand as his teeth chattered out of control. He moved his hands feeling the ropes dig deeper into his wrists. Snow sniffed at the ropes and started to bite and tear at them that were near his shoulders.
"Good boy! Keep doing it!" Taylor swallowed hard watching Snow intently ripping the rope into shreds with his sharp teeth. Taylor shifted his body feeling the rope finally come loose as it dropped down on his lap. He bent forward sucking in a sharp breath feeling pain bolt through him. He painfully rocked forward as the snow fell off his lap trying to get onto his knees.
"Now the ropes around my hands Snow." Taylor ordered suddenly feeling dizzy as the wind gusted whipping around his body. Snow gingerly bit at the ropes when they broke loose as Taylor dropped forward onto his hands.
"Ohhhhh...." Taylor groaned wondering if he could stand up.
"You have to keep moving Taylor or you will die out here." Taylor thought to himself when he sucked in a deep breath and stood up rocking somewhat off balance. Everything around him looked white.
"Oh God I can't see two feet in front of me!" Taylor cried out and took a step forward but only fell to the ground.
"No!" Taylor screamed pounding his fist onto the ground.
"I have to walk. Snow?" Taylor called out and then didn't see any sign of him. He fearfully looked into the distance and then felt a long, large stick next to him. He grabbed it and with all his strength pulled himself up using it for leverage. Taylor was on his feet again and decided to use the stick like a crutch as he moved forward through the storm. His mind kept seeing the fear in Sherri's eyes as David dragged her away. He desperately wanted to help her, fearing what David may do to her. He hoped somehow he could save her.

Sherri cried as the storm whipped around them as David kept walking fearing that maybe he was going in the wrong direction. Suddenly he saw his car and pulled Sherri along with him.
"I can't see! I'm so cold!" Sherri screamed with panic over coming her.
"We are almost there! I can see the car just up ahead." David shouted when they approached the car. He quickly pulled out his keys and opened the door as he dragged the door open against the snow, that was piling up around the car and the entire area. He roughly shoved Sherri into the front seat and then got in himself. Sherri dragged herself to the other side, leaning against the door shivering and panting out of breath. She felt like every part of her body felt frozen from the cold. She fearfully looked toward David watching him close the car door.
"Please David! We can't leave Taylor out there like this! We have to go back and get him." Sherri whimpered seeing David throw her a disgusted look.
"You're still thinking about him? I am the one to love Sherri." David moaned moving toward her as she tried to pull back away from him.
"This is not about love. He is going to die out there and it will be all your fault!" Sherri yelled as he suddenly grabbed her and kissed her hard on the lips. She felt her stomach rise into her throat.
"You're mine! You are going to do everything I want Sherri." David crooned as Sherri's heart started to race with fear when he slowly put his icy cold hand under her shirt and started to softly caress her belly. She kicked out and tried to twist away.
"Noooooo! Please David! No!" Sherri cried out feeling faint as she started to softly cry.
"You love me sweetheart. I know you want me! He's gone now. Pretty boy was to weak." David chuckled as Sherri's eyes grew larger in fear. He pulled her up into his arms and started to kiss her tenderly on the neck as she rasped in fear trying to twist her hands against the ropes that were still tightly tied behind her back.
"Please God help me! Don't let him do this to me!" Sherri prayed when suddenly she saw the car door open and David was pulled violently out onto the ground.
"You stay AWAY FROM HER you dirty little bastard!" Jason screamed kicking David in the side sending him over to the side groaning in pain.
"DAD!" Sherri cried out as she slid forward as Jason took her into his arms hugging her tightly against him. She started to sob as he kissed her on the head. He saw that her hands were tied and quickly untied the ropes as she desperately flung her arms around his neck.
"I knew you would come! I knew it!" Sherri whimpered as she shivered against him.
"Where's Taylor honey?" Jason asked looking into the car.
"He tied him to a tree! He's out there all alone! You have to save him Dad!" Sherri rasped pulling out of his arms looking deeply into his eyes as she wiped away her tears.
"Here Sherri. I have some warm coats to put on." Jason exclaimed pulling off the backpack as he pulled out two of them. She grabbed it putting it on her quickly loving the warmth. She pulled on some mittens.
"You need boots too!" Jason said pulling some out for her. She immediately put them on her feet over her shoes.
David sat up against the car taking in a deep breath as he started to shake as Jason bent over him with anger in his eyes.
"You put these on kid! And while you do you tell me where you left Taylor!" Jason bellowed as David cringed and pulled on the coat.
"By the cliffs sir..sir." David whimpered fearfully as Jason roughly put on his boots.
"What cliffs? Where exactly?" Jason demanded lifting him up against the car as the blizzard picked up speed.
"It was near a lake dad." Sherri told him remembering the area.
"Thanks honey. I know where he is then. Sherri I am going to tie this jerk up. Do you think that you can walk back out of here? Old Ben's is in that direction. Do you remember?" Jason asked as Sherri had a look of surprise cross her face.
"We are in the area of your cabin?" Sherri asked nodding her head watching her father tie David up tightly.
"She's mine." David murmured when Jason pushed him into the car.
"She is not yours! Get that through your head stupid!" Jason warned him.
"I'll take care of him Dad! Just go get Taylor." Sherri stated bravely as he handed her the rope that was attached to David.
"You follow everything she says. Got it?" Jason ordered spinning him around roughly as David swallowed hard nodding his head. Sherri smiled putting on her snowshoes as Jason put some onto David's feet.
"You can't leave us! She won't know which way to go." David whined as Jason again grabbed him by the front of his coat pulling him up to his face.
"She is your only chance to get you out of this snow storm. I taught her well! Understand?" Jason threatened putting him back onto his feet as David just nodded fearfully.
"Go Dad! Don't worry I will get there okay!" Sherri yelled over the strong wind as she pulled at the rope making David follow her.
"And kid? Taylor better be alive or you will have to deal with me!" Jason bellowed as he started to run through the snow plowing forward hoping it wasn't to late.

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