To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 15 - Moments Of Fear - Continued

Taylor laid in the trunk feeling drowsy and hot. He jerked fully awake realizing that the car had stopped and heard Sherri breathing nervously beside him.
"Where are we?" Taylor rasped trying to move but all it brought him was more pain in his hip.
"I don't know. I'm so scared. We have been here like this I think for over an hour. I wish he would do something. I can't take this Taylor! I want out of here!" Sherri shouted out desperately when she started to bang her feet against the trunk lid.
"Sherri? Please calm down!" Taylor exclaimed sensing her overwhelming panic. She kept banging her feet not listening to him.
"LET ME OUT! DAVID?! PLEASE LET ME OUT!" Sherri sobbed feeling like everything was closing in on her. Suddenly the trunk opened up with David looking half asleep and very angry.
"Shut up! You woke me up!" David shouted angrily and looked over at Taylor who was squinting against the sunlight.
"Where are we David?" Sherri asked sucking in air as she sat up noticing they were deep in some woods.
"We are here my friends. I just wanted to sleep for awhile before we start my lesson in love!" David laughed loving the look of confusion covering their faces. He reached in lifting Sherri out of the trunk and placed her on the ground. Sherri swallowed hard as a icy cold wind whipped through her hair.
Taylor backed away when David grabbed for him.
"Keep your hands off me!" Taylor bellowed with anger kicking his tied feet at him.
"Awww....we look so hot and afraid pretty boy." David laughed and then lunged for him grabbing Taylor by the shirt and pulled him forward roughly. Taylor angrily tried to pull back when David flipped him out of the trunk onto the ground.
"Ahhhhh..." Taylor cried feeling a stabbing pain run up his left side. David bent over him and took out a knife as Taylor panted trying to back away from him as he started to shiver violently from the cold.
"I am just going to untie your feet! Now hold still pretty boy." David bellowed as Taylor threw him a look of anger.
"Don't call me pretty boy you ..." Taylor began when David grabbed him roughly by the shirt again bringing him close to his face.
"I will call you anything I please! Got it?" David shouted then pushed him back on the ground hearing Taylor grunt from the impact. He took the knife and cut through the ropes around his feet as Sherri watched fearfully.
"Now get up pretty boy!" David demanded as Taylor slowly sat up looking up at him.
"I can't! I need my crutches." Taylor told him as David bent over and lifted him from under the arms. Taylor rocked off balance when he put him down onto his stocking feet. Taylor squeezed his eyes shut resisting a urge to cry out from the pain in his left hip.
"David? Please...he can't walk on his own. He still needs..." Sherri explained when she jumped back as he ran over to her with a look of rage covering his face.
"Then you will help the crimple walk." David ordered grabbing her shoulders lifting her to a standing position and spun her around. Sherri started to cry when she felt him cutting the ropes off her hands.
"Leave her alone." Taylor said with anger in his voice when he grabbed Sherri by the arm and dragged her over to him.
"Just keep that mouth of your's shut! And you help Mr. crimple here to walk." David ordered as Taylor threw him a look of disgust.
Sherri looked up at Taylor fearfully noticing he was shivering out of control. David reached into the trunk lifting out a huge back pack and flung it onto his back.
"Where are we going?" Sherri asked when David smiled and walked over to her again as she cast her eyes fearfully up and down.
"Just start walking and don't ask any questions. We are going camping!" David said with a smile on his face and pushed Sherri on the back to start her moving. Taylor gingerly stepped forward trying not to let the pain affect him. Sherri put her arm around his waist letting him lean on her as they walked ahead of David.
"Man! Is that only how fast you can go?" David stated wishing now that he took the crutches with him.
"I can walk. I am just stiff from being in the trunk." Taylor exclaimed as he tried to move faster.
"Can't you untie his hands?" Sherri asked as David didn't respond.

Taylor looked around him wondering why the area seemed familar to him. They kept walking in silence going deeper into the wilderness as a couple of hours went by. Taylor was feeling exhusted with sweat pouring off his body. He feared what this guy had in store for them. He could tell that the sky looked ominous with gray clouds completely covering the sky. He could tell Sherri was panic strickened but still kept moving as she helped him walk step by step.

Sherri was getting very tired and wished that they would stop soon. She could tell that Taylor probably couldn't go much farther. Suddenly Taylor collasped onto the ground when his left leg gave way from under him. He cried out in agony feeling bolts of pain rush through his leg and left side.

"Keep moving! Get up you wimp!" David growled angrily knowing they didn't have much further to go.
"He can't! Please David can't we stop? Please!" Sherri begged with tears streaming down her face as she bent over Taylor.
"We are not there yet. Oh MAN! Get away from him!" David shouted pushing Sherri back and lifted him up flipping Taylor over his shoulder as he hit the backpack.
"NO! Put me DOWN!" Taylor bellowed hating this guy intensely.
"Oh you want me to put you down? Sure pretty boy! Anything you say!" David shouted as he threw him down loving the shocked look covering Taylor's face as he hit the ground.
"NO! Taylor?!" Sherri screamed running over to him seeing him rasping for breath. "Why? He never did anything to you!"
"He took you away from me! He will be taught a lesson. You are MINE...not his!" David bellowed with rage as Sherri cringed in fear.
"Sherri? I'll be..be alright." Taylor moaned trying to sit up not wanting this guy to get the best of him. He pulled back when David bent down next to him and grabbed the back of hair pulling his head back.
"Now I am going to carry you crimple! Got it?" David hissed between his teeth.
"Got it!" Taylor definantly answered back with anger.
David lifted him again as Taylor bit his bottom lip holding back the pain he felt. He looked over at Sherri who was still weeping silently following behind. She rubbed at her arms when it started to snow lightly around them.
"Oh no...not snow! Taylor I'm sorry." Sherri thought wiping the tears from her cheeks seeing that Taylor had a look of humilation covering his face. She felt very worried seeing that Taylor only had a thin T-shirt on and jeans. The air was getting colder seeing the steam coming out of her mouth when she breathed. Finally David stopped by an area by a cliff side and plopped Taylor down next to a tree.
"This is where we make camp." David announced as he saw them both look at him with fear and confusion.
"Why here?" Taylor asked shivering feeling the ropes dig into his wrists.
"Sherri? You are going to tie him up against that tree." David ordered throwing off his backpack and pulled out some rope throwing it over to her. She sadly caught the rope as it almost hit her in the face.
"Please I don't want..."
"Do it Sherri!" David yelled pointing his finger at her. She nodded with her bottom lip trembling.
Taylor leaned heavily against the tree feeling his body shiver in the wind. Desperately he wished he had a coat to cover him. He didn't know how much longer he could take this cold. Sherri wrapped the rope around the tree and his upper chest crying at the same time.
"Sherri it's okay. Just do as he says." Taylor consoled her as she nodded with pain and fear covering her face.
David unrolled the pack as it layed out into a huge sleeping bag and started collecting rocks to make a bonfire.
"Are you almost done my love?" David asked enjoying himself as he set up camp. He walked up to Sherri and gently grabbed her arm pulling her away. She jumped pulling away from him as he frowned. He looked down at Taylor and then checked the rope.
"Not tight enough. Like this!" David exclaimed pulling the rope tightly hearing Taylor gasp as David laughed.
"Can..can I cover him up David? It is getting so cold outside." Sherri asked almost in a whisper. David turned and stood up.
"No pretty boy is fine the way he is. Now come with me." David said grabbing her hand and pulling her next to the fire forcefully sitting her down onto the sleeping bag. She swallowed hard as he sat down next to her. He took in a deep sigh and looked over at Taylor who gave him a dirty look. He smiled over at him and watched Taylor painfully bring his legs up to his chest.
"I can't watch this. Please David this is not funny." Sherri exclaimed with anger running through her.
"Are you cold crimple?" David asked laughing at him as Taylor shut his eyes starting to feel fear as the snow was coming down a little harder.
"David? He is going to freeze next to that tree." Sherri moaned as she started to get up but he grabbed her and pulled her back down.
"That's the point my Sherri. You will see how weak he is. I am the strong one. We are going to watch the pretty boy and see how long he can last." David smiled as Sherri looked up into his eyes with a look of panic filling her eyes.
"NO! You can't do this David! I told you we are just friends. That's all we are!" Sherri screamed not believing that he could actually be this cruel to another human being.
"I won't die!" Taylor shouted as tears sprang to his eyes, wishing he could somehow escape his bonds and beat this guy senseless.
"See! Look at him! The pretty boy is going to cry now! Ha....what a wimp he is. How could you love someone like him?" David shouted with glee and stood up walking over to him and squatted down next to him.
"I am not going to cry! It..it is just the pain." Taylor hissed through his teeth shivering violently as his body grew numb from the freezing temperature.
"Snow is really beautiful. Don't you think?" David chuckled as Taylor angrily looked at him wishing he could wipe the look off this guy's face. He watched as he stood up and went by the fire as Sherri shivered feeling lost and helpless. She couldn't think of what to do. She wanted to desperately help Taylor.
"Are you cold my sweetheart?"
"I am not your sweetheart! I hate you! If you think that I will love watching my friend die you have another thought coming DAVID!" Sherri shouted angrily as she stood up refusing to follow what he wanted. She knew in her heart that she wasn't about to watch Taylor freeze to death.
"Shut UP! You will love me!" David bellowed as Sherri bolted at him and started to hit him on the chest with all the strength she had within her. He grabbed her hands and started to laugh as she started to sob.
Taylor shifted watching Sherri attack him, wishing he could desperately help her.
"Oh please help us! Please!" Taylor thought desperately as he gulped feeling the wind pick up blowing the snow as it came down harder. His feet felt like ice as he tried to curl them up against him to warm them up.
"Leave go of me!" Sherri screamed as David pushed her unto the ground and straddled his legs over her while she kicked her legs under him.
"I love a woman who can fight! Come on Sherri give me all you got! I love it!" David shouted watching her cry and try to fight him as she struggled beneath him liking the feeling of her body next to him.
"Let GO of her you bastard! You are such a coward! Why don't you untie me and try to fight me? Or do you only love to fight someone who is weaker then YOU!" Taylor yelled trying to fight the ropes fearing for her. David suddenly bolted off of her and ran over to Taylor striking him across the face as Taylor's head hit the tree hard making him dizzy.
"Shut up! Keep your ugly mouth shut! This is between her and me!" David bellowed when Sherri suddenly jumped onto his back full of fury. He spun in a circle laughing as she flew off hitting the ground near Taylor. He grabbed her and tightly hugged her next to him lifting her into his arms.
"We are going to leave now! Say goodbye to your ex-boyfriend. This will be the last time you ever see him. You see I am not going to kill him Sherri. Nature will do that for me." David smiled as her eyes grew wide with fear and pain.
"No David! Please David! I beg you not to do this to him. I'll do whatever you want. Just let him go!" Sherri begged bursting into loud agonizing sobs, finally giving up the fight as she hung limply in his arms.
"I have to Sherri. And you will do what I want. Now lets go!" David said dragging her away from Taylor who weakly looked up at her. He saw him tie Sherri's hands behind her back while she cried uncontrollably on the ground near the fire. He wanted to reach out and comfort her. He looked at her when she looked over at him with pain and heartache filling her eyes.
"Let's go now." David said throwing the backpack over his shoulder.
"Taylor?" Sherri cried as David dragged her away by the arm.
"You can't do this! You better NOT HURT HER!" Taylor screamed with fear raging through him as he saw that it was starting to get dark outside. He watched as they walked away from him. Tears formed in his eyes as the wind and snow blew against him. He squeezed his eyes shut fearfully feeling his body ache in the freezing air around him.

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