To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 15 - Moments Of Fear

Jason sat at the kitchen table angrily thinking about this boy who was causing his family and Taylor's so much anguish. He never dreamed that this David could actually carry off this kidnapping. He kept picturing both Sherri and Taylor in extreme fear. He also knew that Taylor still couldn't walk normally and feared for him. He looked up when he saw Walker come into the kitchen looking exhusted and with a very depressed look covering his face. He sat down heavily into a chair letting out a deep breath of air.
"The police still haven't seen hide or hair of this kid. Where could he have taken them?" Walker sadly said leaning his elbows onto the table and rested his chin into his hands.
"I don't know. Maybe they aren't even in this state anymore Walker. I don't why, but I just have this feeling that he took them back to Colorado." Jason stated looking into Walker worried eyes.
"Why? Why would you say that?" Walker asked leaning back into his chair.
"He is familar with Colorado Walker. Tulsa is foreign to him. I had Alice call her sister back at our house to find out as much as she could about this kid. She called back about an hour ago. What I found out is he comes from a single parent home. His father died a few years ago. Louise also found out that his mother has no control over him. Mrs. Smith is cooperating fully with the police. She knows her son has problems emotionally. He couldn't accept his father's death. He felt like his dad abandoned him. Mrs. Smith says she has tried to get him help but he only refuses. She actually thought that Sherri loved her son because all he did was talk about her constantly. She said that he was actually happy for awhile and that he was behaving better since his obsession with Sherri. She feels so bad that what he was telling her these past months were only a lie. Some of the things he has told his mother is very dellusional. This boy Walker does need help. I am so afraid for them. If he thinks that Taylor and Sherri are in love I..I don't know what this kid is capable of." Jason explained sadly watching Walker crinkle his eyebrows together.
"Oh man... if he does bring them back there... where would he take them?" Walker asked with his stomach turning into knots.
"Dad?" Jason and Walker both jumped as they turned around seeing Ike with a sick look covering his face.
"Ike? What's wrong?" Walker asked watching him enter the kitchen looking scared.
"I heard what Jason said Dad. Why don't we go back there? I mean if that is where they are." Ike stated sitting down in another chair next to Jason.
"But we don't know Ike. Did he or didn't he? We still have to sit tight until we get more information." Walker explained as Ike looked down at the table hating the idea of just sitting around while more time passed. He nodded knowing his father was right. Suddenly Zac came around the corner looking anxious.
"Jason? Alice wants to see you. She is talking to this David's mother on the phone. The police are in the room also." Zac announced as everyone bolted up following Zac down the hall toward the living room.

"Are you sure?" Alice asked with tears in her eyes as talked to Mrs. Smith. Diana sat next to her on the couch looking very nervous and afraid watching with anticipation at Alice talking on the phone. Walker, Jason, Ike and Zac came into the room and stood quietly noticing the police captain was listening in on the conversation on another phone.
"Mrs. Smith? Are you very sure this is where you think he would bring them?" The captain cut in with concern and turned on the speaker phone so everyone could hear.
"Yes sir. He always goes to this place in the mountains near this town called Southfork, when he is feeling lost or upset over anything. It is where his father would bring him when he was alive. He loves that place. I..I'm so sorry about all this. I ...I..." Mrs. Smith expressed as she started to sob.
"It's alright. We don't blame you. You didn't know." Alice crooned softly feeling the woman's heartache knowing that her son did this horrible crime.
"I..I will do anything to help. David needs help! Oh lord please don't let him do anything bad to them." Mrs. Smith begged feeling desperate and scared.
"Well thank you so much for your help in this matter. Don't worry we will do everything in our power to get them back safely." The police captain assured her. They all hung up looking drawn and unhappy.
"That is where my underground cabin is." Jason said swallowing hard as he sat down on the couch next to Diana.
"I am afraid Mr. and Mrs. Hanson if he took them to Colorado it is out of our jurisdiction, but I am going to contact the police in that area. I will give them all the information. Okay?" The captain stated standing up with a worried look covering his face. Walker nodded knowing that they did all that they could.
"Thank you so much." Walker said walking up to the captain.
"We will still keep up the search though in Tulsa just in case."
"Thanks I really appreciate that sir." Jason expressed looking over toward him as Walker followed him to let him out the door. He quickly went back to the living room.
"What are we going to do Jason?" Alice tearfully asked rubbing her stomach feeling the baby kick.
"I'm going there!" Jason announced standing up with everyone looking at him.
"But Jason let the police handle this. They will know what they are doing." Alice pleaded sensing Jason's determination. He squatted down in front of her taking her hands lovingly into his.
"I won't get in the way honey. But I do know that area very well. Remember I spent many years of my life out there." Jason informed her as she nodded. Diana wiped away a tear from her face feeling very depressed. Jason reached out and took her hand also. I promise I will bring both of them back home. Okay?" Jason stated when Walker came up behind him.
"Jason? I am going with you."
"No! Walker I can do this alone." Jason said standing up as he turned around to face him.
"I am going with you. Don't even try to stop me! Do you realize that Taylor was probably only wearing his T-shirt and maybe jeans on. It is getting very cold and in those mountains he could freeze to death. I promise I will do whatever you say." Walker declared watching Jason's face crack into a small smile.
"Okay. I can't stop you. We should bring some stuff for Taylor and Sherri." Jason said feeling once again in control of situation.
"Dad we want to go too!" Ike announced with Zac standing next to him.
"Now I can't have the whole family going." Jason sternly expressed as he saw the yearning look in Ike and Zac's eyes.
"Please?" Zac pleaded looking at his father then back at Jason.
"Okay! I can't say no, but just Walker and you two only." Jason assented as Alice looked up at him with concern.
"I hate to see you go." Alice tearfully said looking deeply into his eyes. He bent down placing his hand on her stomach.
"I want you to stay here and take care of yourself. We'll call you if anything comes up." Jason said as he kissed her on the forehead.

Several hours later Jason had his private jet waiting for them at the airport. They collected all the equipment they would need for their search. Nervously they all got on the plane knowing this way would bring them to Southfork faster then traveling by car.

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