To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 14 - Where are they? - Continued

Taylor fearfully swallowed hard feeling the ropes around his hands. He felt disoriented when he woke up a few minutes ago not knowing where he was. Fear struck him remembering that someone shot him with a dart. He groaned shifting off his left side and then stopped as he heard voices approaching the car. He wondered where he was only seeing darkness around him. His side was throbbing when he heard a deep voice outside of the car.
"He must be awake now."
Taylor could feel movement and then heard footsteps coming near him then around to the other side. He heard a door opening then closing. Taylor squeezed his eyes shut knowing it must be that David who kidnapped him. Taylor could hear Sherri's voice fearfully asking if he was going to check on him. Suddenly the car jerked forward rocking him against the wall of the trunk in front of him as a pain shot up his left side.
"Oh God!" Taylor thought trying desperately to get his bearings. He felt hot and found it hard to breath. Anger filled him wondering if Sherri was alright. He could hear them angrily talking behind him.

"Why? Why did you do that for?" Sherri shouted as David threw her a disgusted look.
"Thought it would wake him up better." David smirked liking the fact that it upset her.
"Please David. Stop this car and make sure he is okay. Taylor is ...is...."
"Shut up! I don't care if the guy is in pain! He deserves what he gets for stealing you from me!" David shouted as Sherri leaned against the door.
"He didn't do anything! I told you that he is not my boyfriend! You are in big trouble for kidnapping us! You won't get away with it!" Sherri screamed finally feeling fed up as tears of anger sprang to her eyes.
"And I told you not to LIE to me! I know! I know about you two!" David shouted back watching her ball her hands into fists.
"I HATE you! I HATE you David! I never loved you! Now let us go!" Sherri screamed angrily blowing her temper as David suddenly squeeled his tires and abruptly pulled to the side of the road. He leaned over as she fearfully tried to shift away. He grabbed her roughly by the shoulders with her eyes wide with fear.
"You will never say that to me again! YOU LOVE ME! I know you do and I will prove that to you!" David shouted shaking her.
"NO! Please stay away from me! Don't touch me!" Sherri screamed in terror.

Taylor's heart started to race when he heard Sherri scream out in fear.
"Leave her alone! NO!" Taylor thought desperately fearing for his friend. He heard the conversation knowing this guy was insane. How could he think that they were boyfriend and girlfriend.
"I have to help! Oh please!" Taylor thought as he started to thump his feet against the backsit even though it caused him great pain in his hip.

Sherri turned hearing Taylor thumping against the wall of the trunk. David turned looking in that direction also as he frowned.
"Stop it! Please!" Sherri demanded trying to push David back from her.
"You want to be with him? Do YA?! Well okay!" David fumed pulling away as Sherri swallowed hard watching him get out of the car. He reached for her and grabbed her arm pulling her across the front seat out of the drivers side.
"Don't! Leave me alone!" Sherri yelled trying to pull back away from him as he dragged her to the back of the car. He held her wrist tightly as he opened up the trunk.

Taylor squinted painfully from the light when the trunk was thrown open and saw a big guy about his age with dark hair looking down at him angrily. Taylor moved back feeling scared, knowing he was totally helpless. He watched as the guy fought with Sherri who was now crying and trying to twist away from him.
"What are you going to do?" Sherri moaned looking down at Taylor seeing him looking up at her with fear and confusion in his eyes.
"You are going to join him. Since you want to be with him I am going to let you for now." David laughed pulling her forward.
Taylor groaned crinkling his eyebrows together wishing he could slam this guy.
"Well pretty boy here is your girlfriend. Enjoy her while you can." David stated swooping her up as Sherri took in a sharp breath from the action. He roughly plopped her in the trunk knocking the wind out of her. She started to sob when he rolled her onto her left side and grabbed her arms pulling them painfully behind her back.
"Ahhhhh....don't! You're hurting me David! Stop it! Please!" Sherri cried with tears flowing down her face as he tightly tied her hands behind her back.
Taylor angrily thumped his feet again throwing David a look of hate.
"Enjoy the ride love birds. We'll be at our destination in a few hours." David chuckled as Sherri painfully looked up at him while he slammed the trunk shut closing her and Taylor into darkness. She breathed in rasping breaths of fear listening as she could hear him get back into the car again. Suddenly he took off at a high rate of speed sending Taylor's body painfully against her. She heard Taylor moan in agony.
"Taylor? Are you alright?" Sherri whispered holding back a sob.
"Mmmmm..." Taylor responded as he began to shiver from the pain in his side.
"I'll try to get the tape off your mouth if I can. Where's your face?" Sherri asked in the dark when she felt his hair next to her cheek.
"I feel your hair Tay. Move your head if you can." Sherri whispered trying to regain her emotions. She felt Taylor shift a little. Suddenly she felt his forehead against her cheek that was beaded with sweat. She moved herself down keeping her cheek against his face. She could feel that he was shivering.
"Are you in pain?" She asked feeling his head nod against her's.
Sherri could feel his breath and then the tape along her lips.
"I am going to try to remove the tape with my teeth. Okay? Don't move." Sherri said, blinking her eyes hating the overwhelming darkness of the trunk. She felt Taylor nod his head again. She closed her eyes and felt along the tape with her lips till she hit some skin of his cheek. Gingerly she finally felt the edge and picked at it with her teeth, feeling the tape give a little. She pulled feeling that the tape was coming off. Taylor moved his head back wanting to help as the tape ripped slowly from his mouth.
"Almost got it." Sherri stated through her teeth, when Taylor pulled back quickly ripping the rest away. Sherri spit it out and heard Taylor take in a deep breath.
"You did it." Taylor whispered out of breath. "Thanks."
"Are you okay?" Sherri asked fearfully feeling him still shaking.
"My side hurts really bad. I was laying on it when I woke up. What happened Sherri?" Taylor asked in a whisper fearing that maybe this David would get angry if he knew they were talking to each other.
"He knocked you out and ...and took us both. I'm scared. He told me he is taking us somewhere to teach us a lesson." Sherri explained as she started to cry softly. Taylor rubbed his forehead against her's trying to comfort her.
"Teach us what?" Taylor asked as the car rocked with both of them feeling the car turn a corner.
"He...he thinks that we love each other. I told him that we are only friends, but...but he won't believe me Tay. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for this to happen to you." Sherri cried started to sob.
"It's okay Sherri. Don't cry. We will get out of this somehow. He is really nuts. I heard your conversation with him. Do you know which way he was heading?" Taylor asked wishing he could have a drink of water.
"The only thing I know is ...he is taking us back Colorado. He said to a place where no one will bother us. We were driving all night." Sherri answered trying to move her hands but thought better of it feeling the ropes dig painfully into her wrists.
"Jason and my Dad will find us. I know they will." Taylor whispered with assurance in his voice.
Sherri sniffed back resting her forehead against Taylor's noticing it felt very hot.
"Taylor you really feel warm. Do you have a fever?" Sherri whispered fearfully.
"I'm okay. Don't worry. It is just the pain in my side." Taylor answered with tears springing in his eyes. He wondered what his family was doing now.

David drove angrily down the road having second thoughts about putting Sherri in the trunk with Taylor. He just couldn't stand her complaining anymore. He put in a tape in the deck wanting to take his mind off things for awhile. He knew in about another few hours he would be in the wilderness far away from anyone. He had his plans and nothing was going to stop him from carrying them out.

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