To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 14 - Where are they?

Jason walked into the kitchen still trying to wake up as he yawned and stopped suddenly wondering why the lights were on. He looked around and stepped further into the kitchen noticing also that the back door was open. He gulped hard sensing something was not right. He looked up at the clock seeing that it was six oclock in the morning. Cautiously he walked up to the doorway and peered outside. His heart skipped a beat when he saw Taylor's crutches laying on the ground. He bolted outside with fear raging through him.
"Taylor!?" He yelled bending down lifting up one of crutches and sucked in a sharp breath when he heard someone moan to his right.
"Tay?" Jason asked and then noticed it was one of the security guards. He dropped the crutches and ran over to him.
"Ohhhh....he...he..." The guard moaned as Jason crinkled up his eyebrows lifting the man's torso gently up into his arms.
"Just take it easy. Don't try to move. Can you tell me what happened?" Jason asked as the guard sucked in a deep breath.
"All I remember is...is this guy was shooting at us. I was trying to get to the house. Then I felt something hit me in the back. That's all I remember. Please you...you have to help the others." The man moaned fearfully.
"Oh my God! What happened?" Jason looked up seeing Walker bolt out the doorway.
"He was here Walker. Taylor's crutches were out here. Is Taylor here Walker?" Jason asked with fear running through him. Walker bent over and picked up a dart that was laying on the ground.
"Darts? He had darts?" Walker mumbled feeling in shock.
"Walker? Call an ambulance. He must have knocked out the guards with those." Jason declared gently laying the man back down on the ground and stood up.
"Dad? What's going on?" Ike asked making them jump as they spun around seeing Ike standing by the doorway looking confused with Zac standing next to him.
"Guys? Is Taylor in bed yet?" Walker asked in a shaking voice as he swallowed, praying that he was, but knew in his heart that something bad happened.
"No. When we woke up Taylor wasn't in bed. We thought he got up before us. Why?" Zac fearfully moaned when he noticed his brother's crutches laying on the ground next to his father's feet.
"Oh God! This can't be! No!" Walker yelled with anger and fear.
"He must have took Taylor." Jason declared as he bolted toward the house. He pushed desperately pass Ike and Zac running through the kitchen and down the hallway towards Sherri's room. He slammed open her door running into the bedroom. Fear struck his heart noticing her bed looked as though it wasn't slept in. He painfully walked up to her bed with tears filling his eyes as he sat down heavily on it feeling dizzy.
"He took her too! I'll...I'll KILL HIM!" Jason screamed with rage filling him. He looked up seeing everyone looking at him with faces of fear and confusion.
"Oh no! He kidnapped them! How? Why didn't any of us hear anything?" Ike groaned as he started to shake feeling helpless.
"Walker called the police Jason and the rescue squad." Diana informed them as she wiped her tears away from her face.
"Where's Alice?" Jason asked as he walked out of Sherri's room.
"She's still in bed I think..." Diana began when suddenly they saw her leaning up against a wall crying.
"He took my baby! OH GOD!" Alice screamed as Jason ran to her catching her in his arms as she passed out.
"Alice?" Jason moaned lifting her into his arms carrying her toward the living room with everyone following. He carefully placed her down onto the couch when they all heard sirens blasting in the air.
"They are here!" Walker shouted bolting toward the front door.
"Mommy?" Mackie fearfully shouted as Ike lifted him up noticing he looked scared knowing he just was waking up because of the confusion around them.
"It's alright Mackie." Ike cooed gently trying to comfort him as he watched his father talking with the police in the hallway. He swallowed hard with tears filling his eyes. He couldn't believe this was happening, that this David actually kidnapped his brother and Sherri. He sadly walked into the living room noticing that Alice was awake again with Jason softly petting her forehead trying to comfort her. His mother was staring out the window fearfully with shock and pain covering her face.
"Jason he took her!" Alice cried as Jason nodded sadly.
"He took Taylor too honey. I swear to you I will find them." Jason vowed sniffing back his tears.
"Oh no! What are we going to do? Where would he take them?" Alice moaned shutting her eyes feeling extremely dizzy and sick.
"Just take it easy sweetheart." Jason pleaded in fear for her. She nodded taking in a deep breath.
"Oh man! He knocked out at least five of the security guards." Zac angrily said standing next to his mother looking out the window seeing the paramedics carrying them over to ambulances.
"How did he do it?" Ike asked when Walker came back into the room looking angry.
"The police said he must have had a some kind of dart gun. We found a dart next to Taylor's crutches also." Walker stated as everyone looked up at him.
"You think Tay went outside hearing the comotion when he was knocking out the guards?" Ike asked crinkling up his eyebrows.
"I don't think Tay would do that. He would know better then that. I don't understand why Taylor was outside. The question is when...what time did this happen?" Jason said standing up rubbing his forehead angrily.
"I want everyone to just calm down. We have to take this one step at a time. The police have a lot of questioning to do. I hate to say that we just have to wait." Walker angrily expressed looking and feeling helpless.

Several hours later the police had all the information of what took place as they put out a all points bulletin in the search for David Smith. They found out from the guards that they spotted a young man sneaking around the house around midnight and when they tried to stop him he started shooting everyone with the darts, knocking them out. The guard in the backyard was trying to reach the house but before he had a chance he was knocked out also. No one saw how he kidnapped Taylor and Sherri after that.

Sherri fearfully looked out the window as the sun was rising in the distance. Several hours went by without a word being spoken while David drove down a deserted road when they pulled off the main highway a few miles back. Fear raged through her wishing this was only a nightmare and she would wake up soon.
"Hungry?" David asked breaking the silence making Sherri jump as she shook her head no with tears filling her eyes.
"David? Please. Where are we going? Where are you bringing us?" Sherri asked watching David open a small box between them and grabbed a snack cake out of it.
"Just somewhere where no one will bother us." David stated ripping open the package with his teeth as he paid attention to the road at the same time.
"I have to go to the bathroom." Sherri mumbled as David turned to look at her and smiled.
"Just hold it in a little longer honey. I'll stop by a roadside for you. Okay?" David said sweetly still smiling at her as he took a bite of the cake. Sherri swallowed hard and nodded hating that he called her honey.
"Do you think Taylor is......" Sherri began.
"Stop worring about him! He is where he belongs!" David shouted making her fearfully lean onto the door of the car, when he slammed his fist on the stirring wheel. He noticed she started to shake as her eyes filled with more tears. He couldn't understand why she cared about him so much. He licked his lips and pulled over to the side of the road turning off the car.
"You can go outside in the woods." David stated coldly as she turned looking out the window taking in the view around her. She wished that the area wasn't so deserted on this stretch of highway.
Jason opened his door slamming it and walked around to the back then came up to her side and grabbed the handle opening it. Sherri fearfully looked up at him as she got out of the car and took in a deep breath feeling the cold, freezing air hit her. She shivered looking at the trunk of the car wondering if Taylor was awake. She could only imagine how scared he would be. David roughly grabbed her arm pulling her into the woods.
"Please don't go so fast. I can't walk that fast David!" Sherri complained as she stumbled a little over sticks and rocks. He turned and then stopped pointing at a group of trees.
"Go over behind there and do what you have to do." David said releasing her arm watching her step back away from him.
"I..I need some toliet paper." Sherri mumbled as she blushed a little and felt embarrassed by the thought.
"Just use some leaves then. I don't have everything! And when you are over there... I want you to stick out your hand to the side so I know that you are there. Understand?" David demanded with Sherri nodding as she walked slowly to the trees. She went behind them feeling scared.
"Please let him stay where he is." Sherri thought desperately, as she got ready and squatted down to go feeling a sense of humiliation.
"I don't see your hand! You better do it now or I am coming over there!" Sherri heard him yell as she quickly put her right hand out to the side swallowing hard.
Jason smiled seeing her hand and waited nervously hoping she would hurry. He didn't like leaving his car parked on the side of the road to long. He chuckled to himself thinking of Taylor in the trunk.
"Wonder when he will wake up." David thought hoping he would be afraid.
"David? I have to take my hand down. Okay?" Sherri shouted out to him.
"Just keep talking to me then." David demanded watching the area intently.
"I am almost finished. I am coming out now." Sherri stated with her voice cracking with emotion.
She shyly came out from behind the trees and walked back over to him. She wished she could run away but she feared for Taylor knowing he was trapped in the trunk of his car. When they got back to the car they both jumped hearing a thumping sound in the trunk.
"He must be awake now." David laughed grabbing Sherri by the wrist, who gave him an angry look as he opened the door and pushed her in, shutting the door. He walked to the back of the car noticing that Sherri was watching him intently. He could hear Taylor shifting around in the trunk. He smiled walking back to the side and got in the car shutting the door.
"Aren't you going to check on him?" Sherri asked as he turned to look at her, while he started up the car and pulled onto the road, making sure the car would jerk in the process. Sherri cringed hearing Taylor's body bump against something in the trunk.

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