To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 13 - Dread - Continued

"Ohhhh!" Taylor cried out feeling something sting him in the lower back. He dropped his right crutch and reached for his back feeling something sticking in him. He quickly pulled out a dart and blinked as he started to feel dizzy with a look of shock and fear covering his face, as he looked down at the dart in his hand.
"Tay!? What is wro...?" Sherri rasped when suddenly she saw a huge shape come out from behind the bushes as Taylor collasped to the ground. She froze when she recognized who it was. Tears filled her eyes as she looked at David who was smiling from ear to ear with a gun in his hand. He bolted to her and grabbed her wrist roughly.
"Just do as I say and he won't get hurt!" David whispered as he watched her eyes grow wide with fear.
"I...I'll do whatever you want David. Just don't hurt him. Please!" Sherri groaned as he released her and then bent down leaning over Taylor who was moaning softly. He flipped him over and then grabbed the front of his shirt lifting him and put him over his shoulder.
"Just follow me and I won't! If you yell or scream I will. Do you understand?" David warned as she nodded fearfully and looked back at the open door to the house. Sherri started to shake but followed him and noticed a few other guards were laying on the ground around them. She swallowed hard trying to desperately hold back her tears not wanting to cry. She could see that Taylor was knocked out as he limply hung off his shoulder with his arms dangling behind David's back. They walked quickly down the street as Sherri desperately looked around her wishing someone would see them, but it was late and all the houses down the street were dark. She felt like running but feared for Taylor as they now approached a car that had the trunk open in the back. He stepped up to the trunk and roughly plopped Taylor down into it.
"Please? Be careful. He...he is hurt." Sherri groaned when David spun around and grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her once with her neck snapping back.
"Do you think I care? Now you get into the front seat and stay there!" David demanded dragging her backwards as Sherri stumbled while he put his hand on her throat and pushed her against the car near the front door. He reached for the handle of the door with his other hand opening it and then grabbed her wrist and pushed her into the seat.
"Now just stay put and don't try anything." David warned pointing his finger at her as she nodded looking up fearfully at him while he slammed the door shut making her jump back with more tears filling her eyes. He walked back to the trunk and grabbed the rope pushing Taylor to the side and then took his arms placing them behind his back and tied his hands tightly together. He finished when he tied this feet together also. He grabbed some tape and cut off a piece and turned Taylor's head and slapped it over his mouth making sure it was sticking properly. David smiled thinking he finally had what he wanted. He slammed the trunk closed and walked around the car and got in with Sherri looking at him with wide fear strickened eyes. She backed away leaning heavily on the door.
"Why? Why are you doing this David?" Sherri pleaded as he started up the car not answering her. He looked behind him as he pulled off the curb and then drove down the street with all the car lights off until he reached the intersection and turned onto the highway. Sherri sniffed and looked down at the car door on her side noticing the handle was missing.
"That's so you won't try to escape. You are mine Sherri and you know that I love you. I am going to show you how much I do." David rasped with a smile on his face as she turned looking at him with dread filling her heart.
"What do you mean David?" Sherri fearfully asked started to shake as she looked back toward the trunk wondering how Taylor was doing.
"I am better then him and I will prove that to you. You'll see not to love him anymore! And I will teach him for thinking that he loves you more!" David shouted angrily watching her jump at his words.
"David? Taylor and I are not boyfriend and girlfriend! We are just friends!" Sherri desperately cried when he looked at her and the look on his face made her cringe.
"Don't lie to me Sherri. I have been watching you. I saw you two together with his arms around you." David growled with anger.
"Where are you taking us? Please David this is wrong! You can't do this! Please just let us go!" Sherri begged as he headed onto the expressway.
"We're going back to Colorado and to a place where I can teach both of you a lesson in love!" David laughed with Sherri starting to cry.
"Oh God please help us!" Sherri prayed with her heart feeling like it was going to pound out of her chest.

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