To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 13 - Dread

Jason paced the living room feeling angry and upset with everyone else watching him. Walker frowned because they were almost sure now that it was this kid that has been lurking around their home for the past few weeks. The sercurity guard that described him was confirmed by Sherri in how this boy looked. She leaned against her mother on the couch looking sick and drawn.
"What are we going to do? He is out there watching." Jason fumed with anger hating that they just had to watch and wait. He hated feeling helpless and wished desperately that he could get his hands on the jerk.
"Well we really can't do anything. I hate to say we have to wait to see what he will do next. People like him will make a mistake in the end." Walker stated feeling assured that they were well protected.
"If only I could get my hands on that kid! I..." Jason began and then stopped noticing Alice looked at him sternly.
"Honey? He will be caught soon and then all this fear will end." Alice exclaimed holding onto Sherri who was curled into a ball next to her.
"I hope so. This guy is really something if he thinks he can do anything to us!" Taylor bellowed feeling his stomach turn into knots.
"Well it is getting late and I suggest we all get some sleep. Sitting here talking about it isn't going to do us much good." Walker said sadly as everyone agreed. He turned to look at Jason who still looked very agitated by the situation.
"Yeah I guess you're right." Jason frowned looking tired.

They all went to bed feeling shakened by the day's events. Taylor stared up at the ceiling in the dark finding it hard to sleep. He kept wondering if Sherri was okay. He knew how scared she was after the guard described David to the letter. Suddenly he thought he heard a sound and sat up listening. He ran his hand through his hair noticing that Ike and Zac were sleeping soundly.
"I'm letting my imagination run away with me." Taylor thought and then he heard it again. It sounded like some kind of scratching noise. He knew he couldn't sleep and then grabbed his jeans which was laying on the chair next to him and quietly put them on and then grabbed his crutches wanting to see what was making that sound. He went into the hallway and walked down to the kitchen seeing that the lights were on. He curiously wondered who was up at this late hour. He turned the corner seeing Sherri by the window fully dressed and with a jacket on.
"Sherri?" Taylor whispered as she turned suddenly looking at him with shock covering her face.
"I..I..." Sherri began fearfully stepping back away from the window.
"What are you doing?" Taylor asked crinkling his eyebrows together and walked up in front of her.
"Taylor just go back to bed." Sherri said swallowing hard and looking nervous.
"You're not thinking of going out there...are you?" Taylor asked demanding to know as she darted her eyes back and forth.
"I thought..if maybe I could just reason with him maybe he would leave me alone." Sherri answered as Taylor looked at her with concern.
"No. Come on Sherri... you can't reason with someone like him. Don't even think of doing it!" Taylor exclaimed angrily as he rocked a little off balance.
"But everyone is scared because of me. I caused this. I just know he is out there Taylor. He probably is watching us now. I have to do this!" Sherri stated with determination on her face.
"It's really late. He isn't there. Just relax and go back to bed." Taylor exclaimed trying to assure her. She shook her head and blinked up into his eyes.
"I don't want to be afraid anymore Tay! I can't stand living like this. Always scared and looking over my shoulder wondering if he is going to spring out at me." Sherri explained watching his face turn into a frown.
"I won't let you go out there. Just let us handle this for you." Taylor demanded and reached out to her as she pulled away from him.
"No! Don't treat me like a child Taylor. Okay...I won't do it! But I vow I won't let him rule my life anymore. I am stronger then him." Sherri declared gulping hard. Taylor smiled and looked down at the floor and then back up at her.
"I'm sorry if you thought I was. I just care about you...that's all." Taylor defended himself feeling at ease that she listened to him. They both turned when they heard a sound from outside.
"What was that?" Taylor asked thinking it sounded like someone fell. He cautiously walked up to the window and peered out. He couldn't see anything in the darkness.
"Anything out there?" Sherri whispered behind him as she stepped up close to him. He shook his head swallowing hard.
"No. Everything looks calm out there. I guess we are just jumpy because of this whole situation." Taylor concluded and then noticing something on the ground. He tried to make out what it was and then saw it was a cell phone.
"Someone left a phone outside." Taylor said backing away from the window and headed for the door.
"Where are you going?" Sherri asked crossing her arms in front of her. Taylor innocently looked at her.
"I was going to get the phone. It shouldn't be sitting out there. I wonder who left it." Taylor answered opening the door.
"Tay? Maybe you shouldn't." Sherri stated fearfully coming up behind him and grabbed his arm.
"It's okay. There is plenty of security in the area." Taylor smiled and stepped outside with Sherri following behind. He walked up to one of the lawn chairs and then sucked in a sharp breath seeing one of the guards laying on the ground. He stumbled backwards falling into Sherri who caught him wondering why Taylor jumped back. He spun fearfully around darting his eyes.
"Sherri? Let's get back into the house now!" Taylor whispered pushing at her arm as his heart started to race.
"Why?" Sherri asked when she saw Taylor suddenly stiffen.

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