To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 12 - Fear - Continued

"Is Taylor coming too?" Sherri asked while they went out the back door and she saw Zac bouncing the ball near a hoop as he took aim getting ready to throw it in the basket.
"He's taking a shower right now and told me he would meet us out here. Hey Zac? We're ready to play." Ike announced as Zac turned around and smiled broadly looking at Sherri.
"Well how should we play this? There is only three of us and Tay can't really play." Zac asked when Taylor came out the door.
"How about just two of us play against each other and then the winner plays the next person? Whoever reaches the score of ten wins." Ike suggested watching them nod in agreement.
"Okay. Ike and me first and then Sherri plays the winner... which will be me!" Zac smiled with a devilish look covering his face. Sherri and Taylor laughed as Ike quickly made a move stealing the ball out of Zac's hands and ran to the hoop throwing and made a basket.
"That's one for me!" Ike shouted as Zac crinkled his eyebrows together.
"Oh yeah!?" Zac smiled picking up the ball and bounced it as he ran with Ike following closing trying to block his throw.

Taylor sat down on a chair with Sherri sitting next to him as they both watched Ike and Zac trying to beat each other in the game of basketball.
"How are you feeling Taylor?" Sherri asked as Taylor ran his hand through his hair pulling it back away from his eyes.
"Good. Guess what?" Taylor smiled looking at her noticing she intently looked at him.
"I actually walked without using the bars today." Taylor exclaimed proudly watching her eyes light up at the news.
"That's wonderful Taylor! My dad said that you were way ahead of yourself. I bet you will be walking soon then on your own." Sherri gushed when the ball hit her right foot. She bent over and threw it to Zac who ran back and nailed another basket.
"Yep! Maybe in a week or so." Taylor stated when they both turned seeing Zac going for the basket again. He threw the ball as Ike shook his head.
"TEN!" Zac bellowed laughing knowing he won. Sherri stood up and smiled watching Ike walk over to her.
"Oh well! It's your turn Sherri. I'm warning you.....he plays to win!" Ike said out of breath smiling at her as he plopped himself into a chair next to Taylor feeling exhusted.
"So do I!" Sherri announced with Zac grinning as he watched her approach. Zac threw the ball to her with Sherri catching it.
"I'll let you go first." Zac stated smiling at her as she bounced it twice and smiled back.
"Oh how sweet of you Zac. You're such a gentleman." Sherri giggled and then ran quickly around him as Zac tried to block her throw. Zac turned watching the ball go in the basket.
"Think you're good... do ya?" Zac said sensing that Sherri knew how to play the game and very well at that.
"I am the best! Stop talking and start playing dude!" Sherri laughed watching him intently as he moved toward her and then stepped to the right quickly trying to get around her. Sherri bolted and jumped as he threw the ball as her hand connected with it and she raced around him throwing and made another basket.
"Hmmmm... I see I have underestimated your ability my young one." Zac said in a Yoda voice as everyone laughed. Zac took the ball and dodged her move and spun as he threw and made the basket lifting his arms up into the air in triumph. Sherri smiled as she bent down grabbing the ball and bounced it intently looking into Zac's brown determined eyes.
"Kids?!" A voice shouted as they all jumped turning to look at one of the security guards walking quickly up to them. Isaac stood up wondering what concerned him.
"What is it? Anything wrong?" Taylor asked feeling a surge of fear bolt through him.
"Just go into the house. There is someone out there. Joe saw a man running away from the area just a few minutes ago. We are trying to find out if he is still around here." He informed them as Sherri's face drained of all color.
"Did you catch him?" Isaac asked watching Zac quickly grab onto Sherri and led her into the house with Taylor following behind.
"No. I think whoever it was is gone now. We must have scared him off, but we want to make sure." He said as Ike nodded and quickly went in the door. He saw that Sherri was shivering with Zac and Taylor trying to console her while she sat at the kitchen table.
"He's out there! He's out there!" Sherri cried out with fear. Taylor rubbed her shoulder gently trying to comfort her.
"They don't know if it was him. It could be just a fan. Just take it easy Sherri. You're perfectly safe." Taylor assured her hating to see the fearful look on her face.
"They are checking the grounds now." Isaac said sitting down across from her. She cast her eyes downward with tears flooding them.
"I'm so scared guys." She moaned softly as Taylor pressed her head to his shoulder lovingly while the tears dripped down her cheeks.
"Don't be afraid. We won't let anything happen to you." Zac declared as he stood up and walked to the window looking out. He noticed that the guards were still searching the area. He frowned wondering if the person was watching them while they played basketball. Anger filled him hating that here they were having such a great time and then this person had to ruin it for them. They wanted to make Sherri happy and get her mind off her troubles.

David sped down the highway while he chuckled to himself liking the fact that the guards couldn't catch him. He knew when and how the men guarded the area by watching them for the last several days. His plans now were coming together. Everything was set in place and all he had to do now was just find the opportunity to open itself up to him. He drove into the parking lot of the motel and turned off the engine. He got out and slowly walked up to the door of his room and slipped the key in. He entered turning on the lights placing the key down on the table where he had rope and the gun sitting. He sat down on a chair and picked up the gun feeling smug. He frowned remembering how much fun they seemed to be having playing ball in the back of the house.
"Oh Sherri you looked so beautiful. You are just going to have to realize that you are mine to love. Taylor may think that you love him, but I will prove to you that he is nothing! NOTHING compared to me!" David thought angrily hating him as he rubbed his forehead and then smirked thinking of his plans of what he was going to do to him.
"Just wait!" David laughed out loud banging his hand down on the table.

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