To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 12 - Fear

Jason watched as Taylor slowly walked through the bars with beads of sweat pouring down his face. He felt concerned seeing that the hip was still causing him some pain. At the same time he was amazed by the progress that Taylor had achived in such a short amount of time. Taylor stopped looking up at him smiling as he breathed hard.
"Think I can walk the distance of the bars again?" Taylor asked out of breath as he turned around to start once again.
"That's up to you Tay. Let's see... you walked the bars five times now. Just don't over do it." Jason answered smiling as he watched him start to walk again.
"Well let's make it a even six." Taylor chuckled feeling proud of himself. He wanted to desperately walk normally again. He just wanted to get rid of the crutches hoping he wouldn't be using them anymore soon.
"Tay? Since you have been doing so well...how about trying to walk without the bars?" Jason smiled as Taylor stopped in mid stride and looked up at him licking his lips as a huge smile crossed his face.
"You think I can? Am I ready?" Taylor asked nervously seeing Jason nod his head.
"Just walk to the end and if you're not to tired we'll try. Okay?" Jason informed him as Taylor felt a surge of excitement go through him. He sucked in a deep breath and carefully stepped forward taking each step slowly. Jason followed along the side of him watching him intently. Finally he reached the end as Jason stepped in front of him.
"I did that now..."
"Are you sure you're not to exhusted for this Tay? You do look rather tired." Jason asked smiling at Taylor who crinkled his eyebrows together shaking his head.
"No...I'm not. Let's do it Jason." Taylor declared with determination as he wiped off the sweat from his forehead with his right arm.
"Taylor? We will do it this, but I want you to tell me if you are feeling any unusual pain. Don't push it if you can't. I know how much you want to walk normally again and you are making wonderful progress." Jason explained with concern filling his voice.
"I will Jason. Don't worry. I don't want to try anything that I am not up to doing. I wouldn't want to make things worse." Taylor stated when Jason reached out his hands taking Taylor's hands into his and pulled him out slowly from the bars. Taylor shakingly stepped forward.
"Just hold onto my hands as we walk. Lean into me for balance and take it nice and slow." Jason instructed looking at him with a serious expression covering his face. Taylor nodded swallowing hard and looked down at his feet as he put his right foot down while he held onto Jason's hands tightly. They moved together taking a few steps. Jason smiled feeling very proud of the fact that Taylor was actually making great progress in getting back on his feet again. A few times he noticed when Taylor put his weight down on his left he would rock a little but seemed to catch his balance perfectly each time.
"Man this is hard." Taylor mumbled as he dragged his left foot forward again.
"You're doing great! Just a few more steps and then we are done for the day." Jason announced as Taylor intently looked up at him and took another step and then stopped.
"I think that is enough. I'm really tired." Taylor said sucking in deep rapid breaths as Jason pulled him in and gave him a huge bear hug. Taylor smiled when he released him grabbing unto his shoulders.
"You are one amazing kid! Most people wouldn't even be this far in their progress with a injury like yours. I would say in about a week or so you will be walking on your own again!" Jason bellowed helping Taylor to walk back to the bars again.
"Really? I thought maybe I wasn't doing so well." Taylor said as Jason handed him his crutches and he put them under his arms.
"You are Taylor. I think starting tomorrow we won't be using the parallel bars anymore. We are going to work on just walking now. Just one thing. How did the pressure feel on your hip when you were walking?" Jason asked seriously.
"It hurt a little but not very much." Taylor assured him smiling as he leaned on his crutches.
"Before you go I just want to check your hip." Jason said leading him to the middle of the mat that laid on the floor near the bars.
"Just lay down here." Jason stated helping him to sit down. Taylor layed flat on the mat as Jason upzipped the front of his jeans. He pulled them down with Taylor helping him. Jason pulled down the top of his underware and looked intently at the fading bruise that covered the hip area. He gently pressed into the bone noticing that Taylor cringed a little as he watched his every move.
"How does it look? It just hurt when you pressed it." Taylor asked looking concerned.
"It is healing perfectly. The bruise is fading and everything looks great. It is normal that you are still a little tender." Jason said smiling at him as Taylor smiled back. He helped him put back on his pants and stand up again.
"How is Sherri doing?" Taylor asked changing the subject. He noticed Jason's smile dropped from his face.
"She is still nervous knowing that David might be out there, but I know being here gives her great comfort." Jason answered as they both walked toward the door together.
"I wonder where that guy is." Taylor angrily muttered hating that he was causing her so much fear and anguish.
"All I know is if he shows his face around here....he will have to deal with me and that wouldn't be a pretty sight!" Jason declared as Taylor smiled and nodded while they walked down the hallway.
"Yeah. I can just picture that scene." Taylor chuckled wanting to go take a shower after all the excercise from the therapy session.
"Well I'm going to check in on Alice. What are you going to do today?" Jason asked looking down at Taylor.
"First take a shower and then see what Ike and Zac are up too. I'll see ya." Taylor said heading for his bedroom.
"Yeah....and Tay?"
"We'll start tomorrow at the same time like we did today." Jason informed him watching Taylor nod.

Sherri stared out of the big bay window, over looking the backyard, watching the trees sway in the wind, wondering if he was out there. She hated the thought that he would actually follow her here. Fearfully she sucked in a deep breath and ran a strand of her long hair behind her ear. This proved to her that David was insane. She wished that she would have never met him. She couldn't believe that any person would really go this far. What was it about her that he found so attractive? Why did he feel this way towards her? She kept trying to figure out if maybe she did anything to lead him on. She just couldn't understand why he wanted her so badly. She jumped when she felt a hand gently touch her shoulder and turned looking up into Ike's concerned eyes.
"Are you okay Sherri?" Ike asked noticing she looked very nervous.
"I'm fine. Just thinking about things." Sherri expressed smiling weakly thinking how sweet Isaac was by feeling so concerned over her.
"Stop thinking about him. He can't do anything to you as long as you are here. Okay?" Ike crooned softly wanting her to feel safe.
"How do you know that I was thinking about him?" Sherri asked grinning a little as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and gently squeezed.
"Just by the look on your face. Anyways.... Zac and I were wondering if you want to play some ball with us?" Ike asked smiling at her.
"Ahhh...I don't know. What if he is....?"
"Sherri don't be afraid. If he is out there he can't do anything. We have so much security around us now that even if he would have the guts to show his ugly face he would be caught!" Ike assured her as Sherri giggled a little at the remark.
"That's true! Okay I will. It will take my mind off the creep when I beat you guys." Sherri stated with a big smile.
"Oh really? You think so huh?" Ike laughed taking her hand as he dragged her to the back door.

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