To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 11 - Watching - Continued

"What are you talking about?" Ike asked as they all turned seeing Ike, Taylor, Sherri and Zac standing behind them looking concerned.
"Ahhh...guys? Please come in here and sit down. We have some bad news." Walker exclaimed as they all came into the room and sat down wondering what was going on.
"What is it Dad?" Taylor asked nervously biting his bottom lip as he sat next to Jason on the couch.
"Alice has found out today that David might be here in Tulsa." Walker started when Sherri bolted up with her face twisting into a look of agony.
"NO! Oh God!" Sherri screamed as she burst into tears. Her body began to shake when Ike grabbed onto to her.
"Sherri please calm down honey. It's going to be alright." Jason shouted as he stood up and ran to her taking her into his arms. She sobbed helplessly against him.
"I...I'm scared Dad. Please don't let him. Please!" She sobbed into his chest.
Taylor and Zac swallowed hard hating to see her so afraid.
"Do they know where he is exactly?" Taylor asked with concern wanting to know.
"No. All we know is that Louise, Alice's sister, told him that we were here. She didn't know who he was and then later she found out that his mother called the police because he left the house not telling her where he was going. They haven't seen him since that day." Diana explained as Taylor's eyes grew wide with fear.
Zac bowed his head rubbing his hands together nervously.
Jason pulled Sherri gently back and cradled her face into his hands sadly watching the tears that were still flowing down her cheeks.
"Sweetheart? Don't worry. We are going to protect you. He won't be able to do anything to you. Walker has beefed up security around their house. That creep can't do anything without us knowing it. So just calm down. You're safe now. Okay?" Jason cooed trying to comfort her as she took in a shaking breath looking deeply into his eyes and nodded slightly.
"Was it him yesterday by the window?" Zac asked looking scared as he swallowed hard remembering.
"Did you see his face? I mean could you tell us what he looked like Zac?" Walker asked turning toward him.
"Not really. I just saw a flash of a face and then it was gone. All I know is the person had dark brown hair and it was short. That is why I thought it was a man." Zac explained looking at his father then at Isaac.
"Should we call the police?" Ike asked with concern.
"Right now they couldn't do anything about it. He hasn't done anything and we don't know if he is even around us. We can't just tell them that we assume that it was him. They will want evidence to the fact Ike." Jason explained as Ike nodded understanding.
"Well at least you guys are here with us. We can protect you." Ike added smiling at Sherri who gave him a weak smile as she sat down by her mother who looked very worried and scared.
"In a way it is good that you ran to us." Taylor said looking at Alice who nodded and touched his hand squeezing it lovingly.
"I am glad that we are here. We all need each other right now." Alice stated smiling at Taylor who smiled back nodding.
"I just wonder where he is." Sherri fearfully mumbled leaning against her mother wanting her comfort. Alice put her arm around her shoulders hugging her close.
"No one will hurt you. I promise we won't let that happen sweetheart." Alice assured her kissing the top of her head.
"I'm really sorry for involving you guys in this." Sherri rasped looking up at Taylor with concern covering her face.
"Hey. You didn't do that. I needed Jason and we can't help the circumstances of the whole situation. We'll get through this Sherri. You mean so much to us. You're one of our closest friends." Taylor smiled as she sighed deeply suddenly feeling more at ease.
"I love you guys so much." Sherri tearfully expressed as Taylor smiled with everyone smiling also.
"Well I think we should explain this situation to our body guards. If that boy puts one step around here we will nail that creep!" Walker declared with confidence as Jason and him left the room.

David drove back to his hotel room feeling like tearing something apart. He couldn't believe that she could have betrayed him like this. He pulled into the parking lot and got out of the car going to the back. He opened the trunk wanting to take out some more of his belongings that he threw in when he left the home. He angrily searched for his coat feeling the cold air blow on his back.
"I know I threw it in here! Where is...?" He grumbled under his breath when suddenly he saw something shiny near the left side of the wall. He wondered what it was and reached for it realizing it was a gun.
"Cool!" David chuckled looking at it. He remembered it was his father's who died a few years ago. He turned it around noticing it was very old and looked dirty.
"Hmmmm... dart gun." David mumbled knowing his dad used it in his job. It was for putting stray animals to sleep since he worked for the humane society. He finally found his coat and pulled it out and also found a box of the darts that were used with the gun. He wrapped it inside his coat and went inside his hotel room placing the stuff down on the table that was near the door.
He sat down on the edge of the bed and kicked off his shoes. He blinked and stared at the box of darts when a smile crossed his face.
"They won't know that it is not a real gun!" David exclaimed standing up and grabbed the gun. He went in front of the mirror and took a stance drawing it out in front of him.
"Pow! You're it Taylor! She's mine buddy and no one elses!" David laughed making pretend like he was firing it again.

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