To Look Within My Soul

Chapter 11 - Watching

Taylor and Jason spent most of the morning going through physical therapy. Taylor felt exhusted from the work out but happy that everything was going along as planned. Taylor walked down the hallway wanting some fresh air and headed to the back of the house. He reached the patio doors and slid it open carefully stepping outside as the cool breeze whipped through his hair. He shivered a little and then noticed that Sherri was sitting by herself on the lawn seeming to be in her own little world. Taylor smiled and slowly came up behind her.
"A penny for your thoughts?" Taylor asked watching her jump and look at up at him smiling.
"You scared me Tay. How did the therapy go today?" Sherri asked as he sat down placing his crutches down on the side next to him making himself comfortable on the grass.
"It went great. I made it to the end of bars today." Taylor said smiling squinting up at the sky.
"That's good. It is a beautiful day isn't it?" Sherri expressed noticing Taylor was enjoying the crisp cold fall air. He nodded his head licking his lips and turned and looked at her.
"How are you doing?" Taylor asked seriously as she picked a piece of grass out of the ground.
"How's your mother doing?"
"She is getting a little cranky but otherwise she is doing okay. I know my mother. She hates just sitting around." Sherri chuckled as Taylor smiled at her. A shiver ran through her as a cold breeze hit them. She rubbed her arms trying to warm up.
"Yeah I bet. Alice is not one for sitting around. But she has to for the baby's sake." Taylor added sensing that Sherri was getting cold. "You want to go in?"
"No. I love it out here. I wonder where Ike and Zac are." Sherri questioned when suddenly a man came around the corner of the house. Taylor waved to him as the man waved back.
"Who's he?" Sherri asked while the guy walked by them.
"Security. We tightened up security around the house. We aren't going to have people thinking they can just walk up to our home and look through our windows like that person did yesterday." Taylor explained as Sherri nodded.
"Yeah...that was scary. I still wonder who that was."
"It was probably some reporter. Don't worry about it Sherri." Taylor assured her knowing it still freaked her out.
"Tay? I can't help but still feel like it could have been him. It's just... well... I don't know why I feel like that, but..."
"Why would it be? How would he know that you are here with us?" Taylor cut in and placed his arm around her shoulders trying to sooth her fears. She rested her head on his chest and took in a deep breath of air.
"You don't know him. Maybe he found out somehow." Sherri said sadly as he rubbed her shoulder tenderly.
"Try not to think about him. He is far away Sherri. He can't bother you anymore. Okay?" Taylor whispered, hating that his friend was still troubled by this guy.

David sat in the bushes watching. Anger filled him as he saw them sitting together with Taylor's arm around her. He was glad he found this spot and none of the guards around the area spotted him. He had a perfect view of the house and backyard. He licked his lips and sucked in a deep breath.
"So you think that she is your girlfriend? I knew it! That is why she came here. She wanted to be with him after hearing he was in the hospital. Ohhhh....how touching." David rasped in a whisper shifting a little as he stared at them. He saw them both stand up and Sherri helped Taylor get back on his feet.
"Ohhhh...look at the poor thing. He can't even walk." David mocked chuckling slightly as ran his hand through his hair pulling it back with frustration filling him. He felt like running out and grabbing her but knew he had to wait for when his moment would be perfect. He was determined now to prove his love to her and this Taylor Hanson had to somehow be taken out of the picture. He hatefully watched them both go back into the house. He stood up and looked cautiously around him as he quickly ran from the area back to his car that he parked further down the street. David opened the door and got in slamming it shut. He hit the steering wheel in anger as he gazed out the window thinking deeply.

Taylor and Sherri walked toward the living room and saw that Jason was sitting on the couch reading a newspaper, while his parents were reading some books.
"Where's Ike and Zac?" Taylor asked as Walker looked up at him smiling.
"I think they are in the studio." Walker answered as Taylor nodded.
"Thanks." Taylor answered while Walker watched them turn and walk away.
"How is Taylor?" Diana asked looking at Jason who broke away from his reading pulling the newspaper down.
"He is doing great. That kid is amazing. He actually walked the entire length of the bars today. He is one determined young man." Jason smiled folding up the paper and placed it on the table.
"Well I know he wants to heal so he and brothers can get back on the road again. They were right in the middle of promoting their new album when this had to happen to Tay." Walker said seriously looking deeply into Jason's eyes.
"I know. I don't want him to rush it though. He has to take it one step at a time." Jason pointed out leaning forward.
"Jason!?" They all jumped when they heard Alice call out sounding fearful. Alice came quickly around the corner looking somewhat pale. They all stood up feeling worried that maybe something was going wrong with the baby.
"What's wrong Alice? Are you alright?" Diana expressed with great concern.
Alice shook her head wanting to sit down.
"I'm fine... it's..it's about..." Alice stammered as Jason grabbed her helping her to the couch and then sat down next to her. She reached out grabbing his arm fearfully.
"He knows!" Alice moaned with tears filling her eyes.
"Who? What are you talking about honey?" Jason asked as Walker and Diana squatted down in front of her.
"David knows that we are here. I was talking to Louise on the phone. She told me that some boy came to the house on the day we left asking about Sherri. It was him!" Alice fearfully rasped as she started to shake.
"Louise told him where we are? How could she..." Jason began as his heart began to beat faster.
"She didn't know it was him. He fooled her into believing he was just another friend who was concerned. She found out later that it was this David. He is missing. His mother called the police because he just left the house not telling her where he was going. They haven't seen him since! Oh God! I know he is here! Maybe he is watching her. Jason? What are we going to do? I'm so scared!" Alice moaned as she started to cry. Jason hugged her to his chest trying to comfort her.
"Walk? Maybe that was him yesterday by the window." Diana murmured fearfully as Walker stood up crinkling his eyebrows together.
"But we don't know for sure. We can't even prove that he is here or that was him." Walker stated wondering what they should do.
"We just have to keep a careful watch for now on. I don't want Sherri leaving without us knowing where she is at all times. In a way it is lucky that she is here with us. We have plenty of security around us." Walker attested feeling angry. Alice reached out with tears flowing down her face touching Walker's hand.
"Thank you Walker!" Alice rasped trying to regain her emotions. Diana placed her hand on Alice's knee lovingly.
"Just try to calm down. Everything will be alright Alice. Okay?" Diana crooned softly as Alice cracked a smile sniffing back her tears nodding her head.
"Should we tell Sherri and the boys? I hate to upset her. She is so scared of this guy. I don't know what to do." Alice said looking up into Jason's wide fearful eyes.

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