The Babysitter - Part 2

Chapter 9 - Continued

"Yeah?" He asked.
I nodded picking up the soap and a rag and handing it to him.
"Go for it." I said.
He was good at giving me a bath. He had a better chance this time. I was standing up and I took my turn once clean. We got out dried off. Taylor hit me with the door in the butt too.
"God I'm glad I was dressed." I said, rubbing my now hurting butt.
"Jen? Zac?" He asked.
"What?" We asked.
"Sorry. Thought just Zac was in here or just Jen." He said.
We looked at him.
"Okay okay. I knew. I'm leaving now." He said and walked out.
We grabbed the dirty clothes and walked out behind him. I popped him with the towel.
"Hurt my butt again." I said.
"Aw." He yelled. "That hurt."
"Duh." I said.
We went the rest of the week. I didn't call Amanda..

Sunday February 13th.

I walked into the house, now back in Tulsa, walking good. Taylor and Ike came in checking the place out and then left. I had Amanda get a few things. They were sitting on the table. I looked in the bag ...just what I needed. I then put them away. Zac went to check up stairs. He came back downstairs.
"Come here a minute." He asked.
I walked up the steps. He showed me the room she had for us.
"Wow." I said.
It was a big open room. The bathroom had no door. I walked through out the room. She had our clothes there. After Tay and Ike left to go back to their parents house, leaving us alone. First we sat downstairs and rested getting use to being alone. Then I went up stairs. I ran a nice warm bath. Once it was ready I tested the water and then went downstairs. I turned the TV off.
"Hey." He said.
"Come here." I said.
"I was watching that." He said pouting.
I walked in front of him and leaned over.
"Zac, come here a minute." I said.
"But I was watching it." He said about to cry.
I leaned his head up.
"Don't you remember what I told you last week. Sunday night... all to ourselves. Ike can't walk in. Taylor can't walk in." I said.
The pouting stopped fast as he got up to follow. I walked up stairs. Once in the room, I led him to the tub.
"Hot tub..big enough for two." I said.
He caught on fast, undressing each other to get in. Then we got in. I sat in front of him leaning back to lay my head next to his. We just laid there, enjoying a nice bath.... just the two of us. After I got out, he got out. We dried each other off. But then kissed and hugged. I sort of forgot to get dressed. We both did moving toward the bed. Once I was touching the bed, I laid back letting him take control, which he liked and he does a good job of it. The light was turned off. All except one light. It was a small lamp. His golden hair shines. His eyes sparkled, looking up. I was glad to see him not Adam or Andrew. His touch drove me wild and he knew it. He used that to his advantage.
"Are you sure?" He asked.
I looked up.
"What sort of question is that? Of course I'm sure." I said.
He went back to kissing my neck and driving me crazy, letting him do whatever he wanted. He was in complete control but he didn't know that. He would ask if he was gonna do something. I lifted his face up.
"Zac, your in control. Do whatever you want. You don't have to ask." I said.
"I don't?" He asked.
"No." I Said.
"Okay. So if I tied you up?" He asked.
"Up to you." I said.
He didn't tie me up. About 2:00 am he asked me to get on top. So, I did. That he liked. I think we fell asleep about four am. I woke up first at one pm. I got up. He was still sound asleep. I looked down at him, sleeping soundly and smiled.
"You'll be safe soon." I said.
I got up. Grabbed my housecoat and walked down stairs. I tied it and picked up the phone. I called their parents house. Taylor picked up.
"Tay whatcha doing?" I asked.
"Being myself. Ike stop." He said.
"What's Ike doing?" I asked.
"He won't leave me alone. Annoying me." He said.
"Oh. Well, Zac's still asleep." I said.
"Asleep?? Zac at one pm?" Tay asked.
"Yeah. Sleeping like a baby. Which is good." I said.
"Yeah I didn't have any dreams last night." He said.
"I don't think he had one either. I didn't get kicked." I said.
He laughted a bit.
"Well, how does the house look to ya'll?" He asked.
"We like it." I said.
"Bathrooms?" He asked.
"Two. One in the masterbed room, without doors and one downstairs." I said.
"Without doors? Bet Zac likes that." He said.
"Leave him alone." I said.
"No, I'm his older brother. I have to pick on him." He said.
"Taylor." I said.
"Well, I'll ease up." He said.
"Yeah. Okay." I said.
I let him go and went to the kitchen. I picked up a bag and sat it on the table. It had a chemistry kit in it. I set it up and carefully mixed some chemicals, being careful. I then mixed a powder into it, then made into a fine dust. I then sat down and I put it in little packs. I tied them off and put them in a big box. I fixed about one hundred of them and put them in separate sections. At four thirty I went up stairs.

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