The Babysitter - Part 2

Chapter 10

I checked on Zac. He was up, just sitting at the computer doing something. I walked up behind him.
"What are you doing?" I asked.
"Looking up something." He said..
I looked at the screen.
"Zac. Why are you there?" I asked.
"Well, you were doing something with chemicals and I want...." I stopped him.
"Zac, I am intending to scare the hell out of him... not kill him." I said.
"But." He said..
"No Zac.. Get up a minute." I said.
He did. I closed it out and went to the FBI. I went to a detective case.
"He was bent on his son's killer. Ya know his plan backfired. He didn't know the person he was working with...killed his son. He triggered it. Didn't make it out. Died 3 months later..." I said.
"So, he doesn't know." He said..
"Zac, your not doing it. I am gonna scare him, then throw him in jail for the rest of his life. Now weather you help me do that depends if you can handle it. Killing someone is not the best. It will eat at your conscious. You think those nightmares you have had are bad? No Zac, their not. Having to be there during the time the family is told. Seeing them burst into tears because their son or daughter done wrong, but made a fatal mistake and was shot dead....by accident...Zac. It's not going to help what he did. He hurt you. Put him in jail.not in the ground..understood?" I asked.
"No." He said..
"Zac, you're not gonna kill him. Now I don't care if you scare the shit out of him or beat him, kick him. Your not killing him. I am not gonna watch you be thrown in jail for murder. You're not an FBI agent. You would be put on trial and put in jail, along with me for knowing. You kill him, you're going to jail. You won't be out for years. Do you understand that?" I asked.
He thought a minute.
"You're right... but I want him to pay. He hurt me and Taylor. He put you in a hospital. He wanted to kill my parents. Why shouldn't he?" He asked.
I got up, as he started the crying. He realized just how much it hurt him.. He still hadn't got over it yet. I caught him, as he fell over onto my shoulder. I walked him to the bed and sat down. I let him cry. There was nothing more I could actually do. He was gonna cry and I knew it. I sat back and held him and let him cry and get it out, though some of the things he said I had never heard. I sat him up.
"Zac, Andrew never had you rape him." I said.
He looked at me through tear soaked eyes.
"Huh?" He asked.
"You said you didn't want to hurt him." I said.
"I was refering to the time he had another boy there. I tried to distract him. He wouldn't." He said..
"Oh." I said.
After a few hours he had it out. All of it I hoped. He sat up.
"I made my mind up. I want to help you, but what can I do? " He asked.
"Zac, You did a drawing the other day. A 3-d drawing. Ya know when you put it on the wall beside the bed. I saw it and thought there was a hole in the wall. I want that but bigger. Like a door." I said.
"I can do that." He said.
"Okay." I said.
"But I'm hungry." He said..
"Come on. I am to." I said.
I went downstairs and he followed me.
"Do like your house coat?" He asked.
"Yah." I said.
"Aren't you hot?" He asked.
I stopped and remembered I put nothing on under it.
"No." I said.
"Okay." He said..
I fixed supper. We ate and then he started on the drawing while I did more chemical things. Once I had enough smaller type explosives, I packed them good and set them aside, away from the danger. While Zac and I were fixing the plan, on the other side of town, Andrew met his people.

In a house on the otherside of town, Andrew, Adam and a few others came in.
"We have news." Agent Morris said. That got everyone's attention. He showed a picture of me and Zac on a overhead projector.
"Our target... Agent Mayo, and her lover Zachary Hanson, a former lover of Andrew." He was cut in on.
"And what good one he was." Andrew inquired.
Adam sat there listening.
"I have there location here in Tulsa on the other side of town, on 41st street. Now...they have been there for who knows how long. It was just entered into the FBI files at 8:45 pm on Saturday. I didn't get the info until this morning." He informed everyone.
"So what you want us to do?" He asked.
"Kill em." Andrew said.
"Kill them?" Adam said.
"Yes, Adam, son, kill them." He repeated.
"No, dad you promised me you wouldn't kill her." He said.
"To bad Adam. She knows he has told her everything." He said.
"No. You kill her you kill me too." He said.
"Adam do not talk back to me." He said.
He stood up.
"I will. You promised." He said..
Andrew slapped Adam hard.
"Never talk back to me." He said..
Adam sat back down. He had a secret to, but wasn't gonna tell. He excused himself and walked out.
"Stupid people. They don't understand." He said.
He held up the piece of paper with the address on it.
"Maybe if I..." He said.
He then got in his car and drove away.

12:45 pm me and Zac were enjoying another bath when the doorbell rang.
"Who the?" I asked.
"I have no clue. Probably Taylor or Ike. You want me to get it?" He asked.
"No, I will." I said. "Besides I can get out easier."
I got out of the tub and dried off a bit. I put his shirt on and his boxers shorts and walked downstairs. I just opened the door.
"Hello." I said.
Standing at the door was Adam. He just stood there. Zac came downstairs in his housecoat.
"What do you want?" He asked.
"I came to apologize." He said..
"Apologize?" I asked.
"Yeah... and there is something you must know. Agent Morris is working with my two timing father and I am regreting to tell you this. He is planning on killing you both." He said.
I slapped him.
"Don't think about Adam. You come here. Apologize and double cross me....I'm not crazy." I said.
"Yes you are." He said.
He came in and closed the door.
"Excuse you." I said.
Zac opened the door and shoved him out.
"Stay away from her and tell your dad to stay away from me." He said, then slammed the door. Adam got mad and left. I went back to the bath and forgot it happened. We had a good night.

February 14th

I woke-up at 9:40 to the phone ringing. Zac wasn't beside me. There was a note pinned to the pillow.

Gone with Taylor and Isaac. Be back in a bit.

I picked up the phone before it fell off the table.
"Hello." I said.
"Hi." A voice said.
I stopped to think.
"Who is this?" I asked.
Silence. I heard a humming noise, but nothing else.
"Hello?" I asked again getting scared.
"Ya know, you look good when you first get up." He said.
I got up and put my housecoat on.
"Nice." He said.
"Shut up. Who are you? What the fuck do you want?!" I asked.
"Name: Walter. (thanks StAr^ for the name). What do I want? To blow the house up. Why?: I have orders." He said.
I walked downstairs.
"Yeah right buddy." I said.
I went back upstairs and got dressed. I stepped in the closet to put the bullet proof vest on, then stepped outside and walked downstairs. I walked out the door.
"Kill me then." I said.
"Ya think I'm stupid. I shoot a gun it's gonna hit your head, not your heart." He said and hungup. I hung it up and looked around. I spotted a van. Only house in a 50 mile radius and one van. I stepped inside and got the big gun. I walked to the attic setting it up and aimed it at the van. The phone rang.
"Hello." I said.
"Me again." He said.
"Ya know....if you're in that white van, you might want to get out." I said.
"And why you gonna blow the tires out?" He asked.
"Nope...gonna blow the whole thing up." I said.
The door opened and a man stepped out. He looked around.
"With what darling? Ya looks?" He asked.
I pulled the trigger.
"In a way." I said.
The mini missile hit the van and blew it up.
"Well, what ya gonna do now?" I asked.
I got the hand gun. I didn't want him dead. I wanted him hurt. I aimed and shot once, hitting him in the leg. I then walked down the steps, keeping the phone on to hear him call me everything in the book. I walked out the door and to him, aiming the gun at his head.
"Hold ya hands out." I said.
He did. I grabbed his wrists and handcuffed him.
"Anyone know where you are? Anyone else around? Truth or I'll do the other." I said.
"No." He said.
I took him in to the basement and put him in one of the six cells. I chained his hand to the rails and got my bullet back.
"God damn bitch! Will you fucking stop?" He asked.
I back slapped him.
"You're my prisoner so shut the fuck up, if you want to keep it there fine but you won't walk. I'll cut the circulation off and you loose your entire leg." I said.
That shut him up. Once done I looked at him.
"Dumb ass." I said and closed the door.
"What?" He asked.
"I could have left that bullet in there for days it might not harm you. Maybe lead posioning but that's it." I said.
I walked upstairs and locked the door. I flipped the switch. It used to be a haunted house for halloween. It was old and pretty inside, until the FBI headquaters bought it, fixing it up and they put criminals who wouldn't tell in there for an hour or so. They told everything. I got my keys and paged Zac. He called back.

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