The Babysitter - Part 2

Chapter 9

I laid back and was forced to listen to there comments on females.
"Jen, what is your intake. Does size matter?" Zac asked.
I looked over and smiled.
"No comment." I said.
"Is that a yes or a no?" Ike asked.
"Depends." I said.
"On what?" Zac asked.
"Size doesn't count. What ya do with it counts, but being blond, you wouldn't know." I said and looked the otherway. Zac had a confused look... like I don't.
"You should know." Zac said.
Taylor and Ike looked at him.
"What you saying?" Ike asked.
"Nothing." He said.
I looked over.
"No, go on Zac finish it. What do you mean?" I asked.
He looked at me, pleading me not to go on.
"Well?" I asked.
"You should know." He said.
"If your refering to yourself, you should know." I said.
"Yeah Zac." Tay said. "So, should you Tay." I said.
"No comment." He said.
Ike just sat there not knowing weather to tell or not.
"That's my girlfriend's business." He said.
"Oh come on.... you can't tell me you never compare." I said.
"Oh we did." Ike said.
"When?" I asked.
"Two years ago." Ike said.
"Zac, do you realize in two years you can grow taller." I asked.
"Yeah?" He asked.
"Yeah." I said.
I looked at them.
"I dare not do it again." Taylor said.
"Why? Shy?" I asked.
"No, to much trouble." He said.
"Trouble?" I asked.
"Yeah. You're a girl... you should know." He said.
"Yeah how?" I asked.
"You never thought to check the largest size you could handle?" Taylor asked.
"Don't have to." I said.
"Yeah right." He said.
"Taylor, it is a know fact, the female reproductive system is very unique. Think if a nine pound baby can come through." I said.
"Oh really?" He asked.
"Yes. But if you want the facts yourself. Look it up." I said.
Ike got up.
"I'm going to bed." He said.
He walked to the bed and laid down. Zac and Tay joined me and Ike going to bed. Tay turned off the light.
"Good night Jen, good night Ike, good night Zacky." He said laughing a bit.
"Yeah good night Tay-Poo, good night Ikey-Poo, Good night...Jenny ..."
I stopped him.
"Zac, say it and you're sleeping in the floor." I said.
"Jennifer-Poo." He said.
"Oh well. Good night Ike, good night Taylor, good night baby." I said.
"Dang." Zac said.
"I'll simplify it. Good ya'll you three crazy's." Ike said.
"I'm not crazy." Zac said.
"Yeah right." I said.
"Yeah Zac. We believe ya." Tay said.
"Goodnight." We all said.
And each one fell asleep by there self. About 2:00 I felt Zac. He woke me up.
"Jennifer." He said in a low voice.
"Yes Zac?" I asked.
"I had a nightmare." He said.
I turned over.
"Come here." I said putting my arms around him and we went back to sleep.

February 8th

I woke up when Tay did. We all did. He woke up screaming. Ike grabbed him.
"Shh Tay. It's okay." He said comforting him. Zac looked at him.
"Nightmare?" He asked.
He nodded.
"Okay. That is three nights both of you have woke up with nightmares. Ya sleep good, but you wake up. Tell me about them." I said.
"The're about someone killing my family. You and Amanda included." Tay said.
"The whole family?" I asked.
He nodded. I picked up the phone and called Amanda and heard her pick up.
"What's happening?" I asked.
"Nothing." She said.
"Tay said he was having nightmares of someone killing the whole family me and you included." I said.
"Nothing has happened. I just left their parents house. They are all in Oklahoma City to visit their other family memebers and I'm due for a meeting in half and hour." She said.
"Amanda listen be careful." I said.
"I will." She said.
We hung up. I told them.
"Zac?" I asked.
"Same." He said.
"Okay." I said.
Breakfast and lunch we talked. One o'clock I went for my exercise.
"Hey take it to eighty." I said.
He let eighty pounds down. It didn't hurt. As the hours went by I had him add a little till it got to eighty pounds, then we contined at eighty. He was nice and sweet. He went to take a phone call and said be 15 minutes. The guys were studying. I got bored. I pushed up bouncing lightly. Taylor looked up. I flipped through the middle.
"Hey that was fun." I said and did it a few more times. Taylor tapped them and pointed.
"She is having fun." Ike said.
"Yeah." Zac said.
Watching I grabbed the wires and pulled up, exercising my arms. I pulled myself up. I hadn't had to use them totally. Once to the top I wrapped my legs around the wires to hold myself up, then eased back hanging upside down. They turned around to find out why the squeaking stopped.
"Where did she go?" Ike asked.
"I don't know." Zac said.
"Look up." I said.
They did.
"How in the world?" Tay asked.
"Don't ask." I said.
My hair fell down hanging there letting the blood rush to my head. I then leaned up, catching the ropes and let my legs go and eased down. I shook my head and almost fell.
"Hey, you okay?" Taylor asked.
"Yeah." I said.
The doctor came back in and started the conveyor belt.
"I'll be back in a few minutes." He said..
He walked out. I watched him. I went back up and hung up side down. I wanted out of the harness because it hurt. After five or ten minutes I raised myself up, but sat there letting the blood go back down. A flash of light hit me from up there. I almost fell back. Only no one else saw it. I closed my eyes tight because the light was blinding. I opened them to see Diana and Walker walking in a park only something was wrong. Off in the distance was a gun. A big gun. The light flashed again and it disappeared.
"Jennifer!" Zac screamed.
I was still hanging upside down. I let go and fell. He caught me.
"You okay?" He asked.
He looked right in my eyes as the tears slid down my face. I couldn't see again, but it cleared up.
"I need to talk to Amanda." I said.
He handed me a phone and I dialed fast. She answered.
"Hello." She said.
"Amanda. You have to get in touch with Walker and them." I said.
"Why?" She asked.
"Just do it. Tell them to leave Oklahoma and not come back." I said.
Taylor looked at me. All of them had fear fill their eyes like mine.
"Why?" She asked.
"Get ya damn ass up and tell them. You have approximately one day. Have them out of Oklahoma in one day. Tell my parents to leave. All of them. NOW!" I said.
She agreed and we waited to hear from her.
"Jen, what happened? Why are you telling them to leave?" Zac asked, with a begging look in his eyes to know the answer.
"Your dreams. You should have told me sooner. They can't find us so the're going after family. If they can't find them. The're safe." I said.
"Oh." He said.
Fear set in upon them and me. I didn't show I loved my parents but I really did as much as they controlled me. In a way I didn't want anything to happen. The phone rang. I picked it up.
"Hello." I said.
"There on their way to Florida." She said.
"Secret. Amanda don't tell me. Tell them to go somewhere where they wouldn't go. Miami or something." I said.
"Okay." She said.
Walker took the phone.
"Jennifer? What is going on?" He asked.
"You have to leave. The're after family. Get out of Oklahoma." I said.
Taylor looked up.
"Are they there?" He asked.
I nodded and handed the phone to him. Each talked. Then Amanda cut it short because it was time to leave. They hung up and looked at me.
"How do you know for sure?" Taylor asked.
"I don't know. I saw it.." I said.
"Oh." He said.
The doctor came in.
"Increase it." I said.
"Huh?" He asked.
"Take it up hundred pounds." I said.
"Are you sure?" He asked.
"Yes." I said. All through the afternoon I did that taking the weight up till I was standing on my own. Zac was worried it would be to much to fast. I didn't. If I can live through a hospital being blown up, I can handle one hundred and fourty five pounds at once or so I hoped. He had me walk between the bars on my own for two hours. After that he made me walk to him on the end. Zac walked behind me, in case I fell back. I didn't. Taylor and Ike was like 'is she that determinded to get rid of Andrew?' I was and I wanted him gone...forever. After that he had me go to bed.

February 9th

I got up before them and called Amanda. She gave me the okay. They were there safe and sound.
"Listen to me. Get a safe house in Tulsa. I want you to fix it up like how me and Zac live there. For three days I want you to go there and turn on the lights and all. Sunday night we are coming home. From there I'll take it." I said.
"You can't walk yet." She said.
"Yes I can. I'm walking now." I said.
"Oh." She said.
"Saturday I want you to put the location of the house in the files." I said.
"You think the FBI is in on it?" She asked.
"Maybe so." I said.
"Okay." She said.
"I won't call you and they are not to know." I said.
"Okay." She said.
We hung up and I walked to the backyard of the hospital. He had a trampoline. I got up on it and laid back relaxing completely and let my mind go. The light came again and this time it showed them safe and Adam frustrated and very tired. And also showed him to be in Tulsa. He was sifting through papers.
"Adam." I said.
He jumped. I knew then a connection of some kind was established and I didn't even understand.
"Adam you have done wrong and you know it." I said.
"Dad, you say something?" He asked looking at him.
He was standing next to Agent Morris. He graduated the same time I did but I made it to Agent first. He hated me for that.
"Andrew, she has to be somewhere. I know she can't walk. It had it in the files." He said.
"Well, she is somewhere and so is he." He said.
"Their family left. All of them." Adam said getting up knocking the table over. He had a temper.
"Adam." Andrew said
"I want her dad." He said.
"I know and I want him. But hey we gonna have to find them." He said.
"I want her now." He said.
Andrew slapped him.
"Look, I said it once you will have to find them." He said.
He looked at a paper. I saw a list of names. Amy, Andrew Jr, Emily, Tommy, Joan, and Tracy. Zac was bouncing me as the image started blurring as I came back. The light, then blackness, then he was standing over me bouncing a little.
"Get up." He said.
"Keep doing that." I said.
He did.
"Why?" He asked.
"Feels good." I said.
"Oh." He said.
I got up bouncing with him letting him basically bounce me. I came down once and sat down and came back.up.
"How you do that?" He asked.
"Ya have to get a lot of bounce." I said.
He tried but didn't come back up. I sat down.
"You have to be bouncing when ya sit down." I said.
"So, where were you?" He asked.
"Huh?" I asked.
"Where were you?" He asked.
"What do ya mean? I was right here." I said.
"No. I mean when you were laying down with your eyes closed. You weren't here." He said.
"I was with Andrew. They can't find us." I said.
"That's good." He said.
"Yeah." I said.
"Ya know if this is what life will be like without him I'll be glad to get rid of him." He said.
"Yeah me too." I said.
He pulled me over on top of him.
"Lay there." He said.
"Why?" I asked.
"I don't know. You're closer this way." He said.
"Oh." I said.
I laid my head down.
"How many kids do you want?" I asked looking at him.
"I don't know. As many as I have." He said.
"Okay." I said.
"You?" He asked.
"I don't care." I said.
"Okay." He said.
"Guys!" Tay called as we looked over.
"Yes?" I asked.
"Um.. breakfast is ready." He said.
We nodded. He went back in giggling. Zac shook his head no. I sat up.
"Well?" I asked.
"I don't know. Let's go." He said.
I got up and started bouncing making it sort of hard to get off. He stopped.
"You trying to pinch my finger off?" He asked.
"No." I said.
"Well, stop." He said.
I kept on. He looked at me.
"Do you mind?" He asked.
"Does it look like I mind?" I asked.
"No." He said.
He got up. He started to jump. I fell. I couldn't get back up.
"Can you stop for five seconds?" I asked.
"Nope." He said.
Ike walked to the door. I was laughing hysterically. I couldn't get up. Yet I can't get off. Bouncing still he finally had me high enough to stand up.
"Thanks." I said.
"I'm ready to let you off." I said.
"I don't want to get off but you can." He said.
I looked at him like 'yeah right'.
"Zac." I said.
"No." He said.
I walked to the edge and jumped, then summer saulted off landing on my feet. I shook my head.
"Thanks Zac." I said and disappeared inside. He came then. We all ate and I went to the exercise room yet again to use the equipment but not the other I was on. I worked out a bit. Zac came and joined. Looking at him from across the room pulling weights.
"How much is it?" I asked.
"Two hundred and fourty five." He said and smiled.
"Truthfully." I said.
"One hundred and fourty." He said.
"Okay." I said.
Sweat ran down his face, soaking the hair around his face. I just watched and stopped eventually. I got up and got on the mat in front of him. I stretched, plus I could watch better. He was watching me I was watching him.
"Zac, I'm going back on Sunday." I said.
"Why?" He asked.
"Zac your parents aren't gonna stay away to long, before he finds them." I said.
"Yeah I know." He said.
I got up and sat down in front of him on the end.
"So, I got a house for us so we will be all by ourselves, that is set up. He'll never know." I said.
"I like that idea of being all by ourselves." He said.
"Yeah. I know." I said.
"Seven months." He said.
"Hey five more and you went a year." I said.
"Funny." He said.
I smiled.
"It could end." I said.
"What?" He asked.
"Now." I said.
"What you suggesting?" He asked.
"There are woods around here." I said.
"Well, Ike and Tay went out for a few hours." He said.
"They did?" I asked.
"Yeah." He said.
I got up and walked out which left him kind of confused. I went and got some clothes and walked to the shower. I turned the shower on. I laid the clothes to the side and put the dirty ones in the hamper. I stepped into the shower. I waited letting the hot water run over me, feeling good. He finally got it and came in. I was just waiting. The door opened.
"About time." I said.
He undressed and joined me.
"Yeah well, I'm blond go fig.." I stopped him, kissing him. He couldn't talk. He kissed back. It was more of a make out session, since Taylor opened the door.
"Zac, you in here?" He asked.
"No Taylor I am. " I said.
Zac just stood silently kissing my neck.
"Where's Zac?" He asked.
He then noticed both sets of clothes.
"Never mind." He said and walked out.
"I'll never hear the end off it." Zac said.
"So." I said.
The water hit the top of his head and ran down to his feet over every square inch. He was kissing my neck. I was just enjoying him begin there so close. The feel, his touch was enough. That's about as far as we got till Ike walked in too.
"Do you guys mind.knocking first?" Zac asked kind of annoyed that was twice.
"Sorry. I was getting my hair brush. You know where Jen is?" He asked, going for the shower curtain. Zac grabbed it.
"Yes, Ike I do." He said.
"Where?" He asked.
"I'm right here Isaac." I said.
"Oh." He said then snuck out.
"Sheesh." I said.
"We could just give up for now. The're gonna leave sometime before sunday if not. Then we have sunday night." I said.

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