The Babysitter - Part 2

Chapter 8 - Continued

I handed him the baby.
"In case I fall." I said.
"Okay." He said.
The baby stopped crying when I handed her/him to him. He checked.
"It's a girl. Anna Marie." He said.
"OKAY! Lets go." I said.
The pain was bearable. I went to the other set of stairs, looking down.
"No." I said.
I walked to the window and looked out. The bomb squad was there from the FBI and off in the distance I saw Amanda. She looked up. Our eyes met. I looked at her with pleading face ...like get me out. She looked back. Helpless she couldn't get through the barrier. I felt the floor shift and fell.
"Damnit." I screamed.
I hit a table, holding back the rest of those words and screams. Zac helped me up.
"Okay.... I found a way." He said.
I followed him just barely. He had the baby. I stopped for a minute. My leg was hurting so bad. I was used to walking short walks, not miles. He came back and handed me the baby. He picked me up again.
"I'll carry you till I can't carry you." He said.
He did too, till the first floor. He found a set of steps in the back. Now to run through the hospital. Half way I heard the bomb explode, feeling like there was no way to escape a falling hospital. I started to stop. He looked at me.
"Stop and I'll stop." He said.
I kept going. About to the door he handed me the baby. In one quick motion he handed me the baby and picked me up at the same time. He made it to the door, but they wouldn't open. He looked out and saw Taylor screaming trying to get past and Amanda was trying also. My parents were there crying and most of the patients were out. Those that couldn't had the firefighters.
"Zac, put me down." I said.
The back wall had fell. It was totally gone. There was no back to the hospital. He took the baby. I got a bed and pushed it toward the glass. We turned ourselves around to let the glass shatter. It went through both and we just followed.
"Get down." I heard from far away.
And we both hit the ground. The baby we protected as it blew up. Glass fell everywhere with bricks and tiles wires. Everything. When it was over I or at least I hoped I finally looked up. A piece of tin layed across me and Zac both. On top laid glass and tons of it. I pushed it off and turned over. Looking up, I saw nothing but what remained of the hospital. Firefighters walked up through the dark and dusty air. I shook Zac. He opened his eyes.
"Is it over?" He asked.
I nodded. Firefighters carried the three of us out, laying us down on stretchers to be checked. The baby was fine with only a few scraps and a cut on her leg. Nothing major. Zac and I were okay. I grabbed one of the firefighters.
"How many do you think are still in there. I didn't hear anyone." I said.
"Only five aren't accounted for." He said.
"Five?" I asked.
"Yes due to the power failure about ninety percent were moved." He said.
I thanked the power outage. The rain started to fall again.
"You said you wanted to be outside." I heard Ike.
I looked back.
"Yeah, but this wasn't what I had in mind." I said.
I sat up. Zac walked over. I hugged him, thanking God he came back.
"What would I have done without you?" I asked.
"I don't know." He said.
Ike and Tay came up and Amanda soon followed. Family. I looked at the baby all alone.
"Zac, get her for me." I said.
He did and picked her up, handing her to me. She was crying and everyone ignored her. I held her. A lady came by crying.
"My Annie." She said.
I looked at her.
"Anna Marie?" I asked.
At the name she looked at me. She nodded.
"She was all alone." She said.
Zac grabbed her and brought her over to the sleeping baby that laid on the bed.
"Anna." She said kind of loud.
Her husband came bye.
"Annie. How?" He asked.
"She was on the same floor I was on. I heard her crying. The nurse that was suppose to get her was killed." I said.
"Killed?" She asked.
"Yes." I said.
She thanked us for saving her baby and for getting her out. We could have just left her. But no we couldn't do that. Ike looked at what was left of the hospital.
"What sick person would blow up a hospital?" He asked.
"Andrew." I said.
Tay looked at me
"What?" He asked.
"Yes. He knew I was here and he knew Zac was too. What better way to get rid of us both." I asked.
"Damn him." Ike said.
Mr. Strickland walked up.
"Oh lord you're alive?" He asked.
I looked at him.
"Why do you ask?" I asked licking my lips.
"I knew you were up on the 37th floor." He said.
"Thirtieth. She was in the exercise room." Zac said.
"Oh." He said.
I eyed him.
"Why are you here and why so fast? You work in Washington." I said.
"Yes I know, but I came to visit you. I was on my way to give you something." He said.
"What?" I asked.
He pulled a gun. Amanda had her's at his head in like three seconds.
"It's hers. I came to give it back." He said.
I reached and grabbed it. I turned it sideways and ran my fingers over it.
"This isn't mine." I said.
"It ain't?" He asked.
"No. Mine has a secret word on the side, scratched in and covered with black marker. It's not mine." I said.
Ike handed him a gun.
"This is her's." He said and then handed it to me. I handed it back.
"Amanda lower your stance. He ain't gonna kill me in front of hundreds of people. That would be life." I said.
He snickered at that remark.
"Oh, so you did it?" I asked.
"No." He said..
He then handed me a card. I took it and opened it. It had Andrew's name in it. I looked back up, but he was gone.
"Where did he go?" I asked.
"I don't know. He just left." Ike said.
I showed them.
"It's Andrew's writing." I said.
"Maybe he is trying to say something?" Ike siad.
"Yeah but what?" I asked.
They moved me to a secret hospital, in Jenks.

February 7th, Monday

No one knew I was in the secret hospital but Zac and them. Also the FBI. They only had three patients and they done a lot better. The doctor was a new one. He knew what he was doing. He checked my leg and all. Took x-rays and determined the ligaments were fine. Nothing was actually wrong. They were just weak from not walking in months, so he had me on a harness that only allowed about 10-50 pounds at a time to be put on them. Up till he had my full weight of 145. I was at 60 pounds now. I was set and determined. Zac was off in the corner studying yet again. He was in the FBI books and all. Amanda had convinced Taylor and he to was studying. Ike was doing things in the FBI like profiler. Now this way we all stayed together. Amanda was back in Tulsa, dealing with my parents who so wanted to know where I was. She told them only the guys knew. She lied but hey... they left her alone. All three Hanson brothers were studying. I looked over at them who were helping each other. The doctor turned my attention back. He predicted by the end of Febuary I would be walking alone. I liked that outcome.
"I don't get it." Zac said outloud.
I looked over.
"Get what?" I asked.
"Why do we have to to do surveilance?" He asked.
"Zac, to get a profile you have to stake him out, etc." I said.
"Oh." He said.
They were in collage/FBI books so they were doing like Amanda. Only they planned to beat me. After my exercises for the day I went back to my room and laid down to rest for a bit. Supper was served and we all ate better then before. I was glad to know Zac and Tay were sleeping better. I knew because they slept in the room with me. Ike did to. Zac and me had one bed. Tay and Ike had there own. About 9:00 Zac came in and handed me the papers he had done. I got the grade books and went over it. He laid across the foot while I graded it.
"98." I said.
"What did I miss?" He asked.
"Zac, you don't shoot to kill. Shoot to hurt." I said.
"Oh. But the book." He said.
"Show me." I said.
He got it and opened it finding the section, then handed me the book. I read it.
"I'll be danged your right. Make that a 100." I said.
Taylor came in next. I marked Zac's down. Then graded Taylor's.
"100." I said and marked it down.
Ike was next. He made a 99.
"Ike. Can I ask a question?" I asked.
"Yes." He asked.
"This is for the one point you need. How many victims in to many?" I asked.
Taylor and Zac looked away.
"One." He said.
"You have seven." I said.
He came and wrote a seven and a one.
"They look alike." He said.
"Okay. Please write out a one then." I said.
And marked it as a 100. Zac yawned.
"I'm tired now." He said.
"Well, go to bed." I said.
He kind of half smiled. He got a suit of clothes and went took a long bath, about fourty five minutes later he came out.
"Enjoy the bath?" I asked.
"Yes." He said.
"What else did you do?" Ike asked.
"I relaxed. Didn't you notice the shower wasn't on?" He asked.
"Oh, sure Zac." Taylor said looking at him. He just looked back at Taylor.
"One hour." He said.
"Correction that was me." I said.
"It was?" Zac asked.
"Yep." I said. "Taylor's record was one hour and twenty four minutes." I added.
"Dang Tay what did you do?" Ike asked.
"I took a bath." He said.
"It was just a long one." He said and smiled.
"Yeah, okay....whatever." Zac said
They fussed back and forth on what was done when they were alone in the bathroom.
"Hum." I said.
"What?" They asked.
"Is that all you think about?" I asked.
They all thought.
"Mostly yeah." They said.
"Well, ya think alike." I said.
"Yeah." Zac said.
"Ya." I said.
"So, what do you do?" Taylor asked looking at me.
"Unlike you three I can deal without." I said smiling and laid back. That confused them for a few minutes.
"What?" Ike asked.
I sat up.
"That was an insult." I said.
"It was?" Zac asked.
"Unlike you three I can do without. Calling you sex crazed maniacs and it's true." I said.
"Hey. Hey. Girls are too." Taylor said.
"Yeah? I like to know how." I said.
"Oh...Amanda." Tay said.
"Taylor shut up and don't say it. I do not care." I said.
"You don't?" He asked.
"Nope. I don't." I said, though Ike and Zac were paying close attention. I grabbed the pillow and covered my head.
"Lord." I said.
"What?" They asked.
I uncovered my head.
"Why me?" I asked.
"What?" They asked.
"One girl and three boys." I said.
Then shook my head.

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