The Babysitter - Part 2

Chapter 6

I laid it down in the seat and floored it again. I stopped suddenly. Let Adam stop. Adam got out.
"Get in I'll take ya home. I'm sick of running. I'll do whatever you want." I said.
He got in.
"Turn around and go home." He said.
I looked at him.
"Never." I said and floored it yet again. I had a lock on mine. It locked when it hit a certain mark. I eased my foot and it was locked. I didn't have to press the gas anymore. Breaks won't do any good. I watched where I was going. I headed toward a bridge.
"Yo that bridge is way to old for this car to go across." Adam said.
"I know. I don't intend for it to go all the way across." I said.
"You heard what Zac said." Andrew said.
"Fuck Zac. Let him cry. I'm doing this for me." I said, lying. But hey they did know. I locked the steering wheel. I then stood up.
"Hey if I'm gonna die might be wild in the process." I said.
I put on foot on the steering wheel and one of the door. Took some damn good balence. Andrew was to busy looking up to even grab my foot. Him and Andrew both. As the bridge got closer I remembered the plan good. I was suppose to jump before. I had never done this. I was scared I would miss. It hit the bridge at 105. Went almost over and it fell through. I had jumped to far and had gotten a hold of the vines running down the side. I looked back as the car just stood there. They were sitting there. I pulled up a little but it slid down. I looked down seeing the water rush over the rocks. I grabbed a rock and pulled up on it. I went up, then used my climbing skills to make it to the top. I then stopped and looked back and saw they were standing on the otherside. Waving.the car fell down, leaving a small trail on either side enough for walking. I started back up, knowing eventually they would come across after me. I the started running down the hill.as fast I could go. Not looking back. I came upon the truck soon. I stopped to catch my breath then got in and started down. I went to slow down and it wouldn't stop. I floored the break, but... no...nothing.
"Oh I know him stopping must have messed the breaks up." I said.
I grabbed the CB and radioed for help. I did this till it hit a patch of oil and slid out of control. I remember praying that I would live through it. It is a steep hill. When I opened my eyes, I had my head on a tree branch that had made it's way through the glass. I remember coming down and hiding my face and eyes. There were cuts on my arms where I did that. There was a smaller branch over my lap and I couldn't get up. I still had the CB there, hearing it faintly. It picked up every now and then. I could see the tree in front of the truck...the one it hit. And the fast motor was up against my legs. I was pinned in and couldn't get out.
"Maybe mom and dad were right." I thought.
The frequency tuned in.
"Jennifer. If you can hear me say something." Ike said.
I hit the button with my finger.
"Ike." I said in a low voice.
"Hello." He asked.
I honked the horn and the horn worked.
"Jennifer?" He asked.
"Ike..Hilll....." I said, and closed my eyes. The next time I opened my eyes I was looking at a tree but there was someone else there.
"Jennifer..speak please." A voice said.
I didn't know it. I moved a little, but with a branch and a motor up against ya it was kind of hard. I felt a cold hand on my arm and it hurt.
"Listen if you can hear me move your fingers." He said.
I twicked them enough to know I moved.
"Were gonna try and pull the truck back. But listen it might hurt. If it does let me know." He said.
I nodded a bit. I felt the shift of the truck, when they started pulling it back.
"Andrew." I said.
He looked at me.
"A man and his son are waiting at the hill. They saw it and said you were going to fast and went off the road." He said.
"No. They will kill me. Get them away." I said.
He radioed back just in case and had them taken to town. As the truck went back the pressure on my legs released. Then the blood flow hit.
"Stop." I said.
It hurt like hell. He stopped them enough to check and see if it maybe it had cut into my leg. No... it got the seat. I closed my eyes and forgot I was there. I went to a world outside there, where pain didn't exist. It is also called a unconscious state. They continued to work till the truck was backed up enough. I relied on the tree to hold me up. They got a small saw and went through the branch. When I came too again I was beginning to be carried up the hill on a stretcher. Josh was one of the men carrying it. I reached for his hand and laid mine over his. I looked at him.
"For now... be my brother." I said
Before falling out again, he laid his hand over mine.
"I will. Just hold on. We are almost there." He said.
The next time I came too, I was in the ambulance. Josh was sitting there holding my hand, with tears running down his face, proving he really does care. I squeezed his hand and I used my finger to spell ZWH. He looked at me and nodded.
"They're ok. They'll be at the hospital." He said.
They were doing a lot of things, stablizing my neck and back. I felt the brace that kept me completely still. When they got to the hospital I saw Zac, standing there. He ran toward the stretcher. I closed my eyes when they grabbed him. I could hear him screaming my name. Josh let go, when they told him he couldn't go any further. I knew this would not be no one shot your home deal. No way in god I was leaving this hospital in a day. It was 3:24AM, on the 6th, the last time I saw the clock, on Saturday morning.

When I opened my eyes it was dark...night time maybe. But I know it was dark. There was a brace holding me still. I felt someone to the left and right. I looked over seeing blond hair on one side. He was asleep with his hand laying on mine. On the other side sat Taylor, awake, but half asleep. I moved a little. My finger hurt. He opened his eyes and leaned up toward me. He flipped the light on and I closed mine. He then directed it away from me. Zac heard the light and it blinded him to. He looked up.
"Taylor, what are you doing?" He asked.
"Zac, she's awake." He said
I opened my eyes slowly. Everything was looking blurry, spinning...everything was spinning. Zac broke down crying the moment I opened my eyes. I looked at him, but didn't see him. My head hadn't realized it yet. I wasn't able to focus on anything. Not even the light.
"Why.....can't......see....?" I said slowly.
Taylor leaned down.
"It is temporary.blindness." He said.
"No." I said.
"Temporary. It'll clear up within a few days." He said.
I nodded. I felt Zac's hand let go. I shook my head.
"No. Don't....let go." I said.
"Jennifer. He'll be back." He said.
"Where did he go?" I asked.
"He hates to see you this way and the others not a scratch." He said.
"Oh." I said and closed my eyes. Taylor went and got him and stopped him in the hall.

"Zachary Walker Hanson." He said.
Zac stopped.
"I wish you wouldn't use my full name." He said.
"Zac. She needs you now." He said.
The doctor walked up.
"What?" He asked.
"She woke up." He said.
"And ya didn't tell me?" He asked.
"She is still awake," he said.
He went to my room. Taylor grabbed Zac's shoulder.
"Listen you think I like seeing her there? No one does. But you running away will not help her. Zac she doesn't know yet exactly what is wrong. She will need you. You didn't want her to leave you. You can't leave her. Now get back in there. She didn't want you to let go. Zac she does know who you are." He said.
"But why? Why did she run it off the road.to begin with." He asked.
"Zac...let her regain what she has and then let her explain." He said.
"No. Andrew knows what happened. Adam too. She didn't go off the road by herself." He said.
Taylor slapped him.
"Stop it! Stop it right now." He said.
"Stop what?" He asked, holding his cheek.
"Zac. Forget Adam! Forget Andrew! Forget everything.they have ever done." He said.
"Taylor it's not easy." He said.
"Zac, I know it's not. I know half of what happened to you. I know what it feels like...sort of. I know it is hard. But until she is able to protect you again, you are gonna have to protect her. You can't do that when you run out everytime she asks what is wrong. You're gonna half to tell her. She might already know. Til then....she is gonna need you to be there everytime she wakes up. You have to let her know you still care enough to stay there. Be there when she asks... why me, or what happened, what day is it? What time?" He said.
"Taylor it's not easy. You don't know what is like. You tell me I have to tell her...why me? Why can't you? I have seen her Taylor. Wires, tubes and it hurts, more then Andrew could ever do to me. I can't tell her." He said.
"Zac, you need to prepare yourself. She is liable to ask any of us. She could even know by now. The doctor might have told her and she might ask Amanda or me or Ike. She might want to ask when you're in the bathroom or gone to get lunch or something, even a shower. You don't know. But then again she could ask you when no one else is around. Prepare yourself to tell her when she asks. Do you understand?" He asked.
"Yeah but." He said.
"No buts." He said.
He moved and showed him the door.
"Now go. She just woke up. She might be asleep again." He said.
He stood there then walked back. He stopped at the door. The doctor was checking my eyes. Hell he has checked everything else. I keep searching for Zac. Trying to locate him, but I couldn't. He walked to the bed and grabbed my hand. I moved my eyes his direction, though I could only see a blur. I knew it was him because of his hands and the way he touched me. He always had a special touch. I squeezed his hand hard too.
"Easy." He said.
He laid his hand on my forehead moving back hair that had stuck to my cheek.
"Hot." I said.
He pulled the cover back. I was so hot. I looked around only seeing nothing but blurry things. The doctor I knew he had on mostly white. Zac had a touch. But the others I would know only unless they spoke to me. I had that test when they all came in at once. I heard different voices. They didn't know I was awake. I heard Ike, Amanda, and Taylor again. Josh, Dad, Mom. The doctor looked at them.
"Keep it down please." He said.

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