The Babysitter - Part 2

Chapter 5

"Well." I asked. Still nothing.
"See...you can't think of anything. For once I want to do something that will please both of you. But there's nothing I can do. Everything I do is wrong. Josh does the same thing and is only a year older. And he is perfect. Jamie too. I can't take that. You have three kids. Two boys and a girl. And just because I'm the youngest doesn't mean I'm any less perfect then them. No one is. Zac, Taylor, Ike, me, you, Dad, Josh, no one is perfect. You are perfect the minute you're born. That is it. Your innocent then, because you haven't had the chance to do anything wrong. Babies get corrected for doing bad things. I wanted a normal life. Maybe I would have made a better choice, if you had let me live a normal life. I missed half of a teenage life. Up till sixteen I had no life. I went to school. Came home and done the same thing. I wanted boyfriend's and parties and proms. I never had a prom or a school dance. Something I would actually like, because you ran my life for me. I understand you were protecting me, but you were going to far. To much and had to short of a leash. I was never grounded because I never had a chance to do anything wrong. Then when I get a chance. It is for life. I wouldn't have went to the party without asking, if you had given me a chance to prove I was capable of going alone. Without adults. But no. You had to do it your way. Have it your way. But your way will not work now. I have a life outside the house. A career, a boyfriend who cares and a life. As a girl. Not a precious little rock or jewel. Now I'm going back up stairs to comfort him. Where I should be. If you have a problem with that...deal with it on your own." I said.
I turned and started up the steps.
"Stop." Josh said grabbing my shirt. I turned around.
"What do you want?" I asked.
"Please don't do this." He said.
"Don't do what? Walk away from you? Josh I gave you my heart. Ya know there not easy to replace. Since you shattered it to pieces. I always wanted a brother. I have two. But neither claim me as a sister. Go Josh... tell them what you told me. You don't care. You say you do but you don't. So...bye. If you can't except the fact I am younger and got the same job...deal with it." I said.
Then walked on up. I walked to the room and sat down. Zac came out of the bathroom.
"Been in there awhile." I said.
"Yeah... I um washed off." He said.
"Oh." I said.
He laid down.
"Would you mind if I go check on Tay?" I asked.
"No." He said.
I got up and walked across the hall. Amanda was still sitting there holding Taylor.
"You want me to hold him a minute?" I asked.
"Please. I am dying to go to the bathroom." She said.
I sat down.
"Watch out he's heavy." She said.
I took him from her. He woke up a second or two.
"No." He said.
"Shhh... Taylor it's Jennifer." I said.
He closed his eyes again, but I knew he was awake.
"Taylor, are you ok?" I asked.
"Tired." He said.
"I mean... did they hurt you Taylor?" I asked.
He opened his eyes. I saw blue eyes, but not happy ones. Hurt. There was more pain in those blue eyes then I had ever seen.
"I'm sorry Taylor." I said.
I pulled him closer, knowing the answer then was 'yes they did'. Amanda came back. She stood up a few minutes, then sat down. He went back to her. I whispered in her ear.
"Be careful." I said.
She nodded and went back to comforting. I walked back to the room, stopping at the door. He was crying again. I stopped and leaned against the wall.
"It's my fault. If I had went they would have left them alone." I said.
I thought a few minutes, then walked to the room. I leaned down and kissed Zac. He opened his eyes.
"Go on to sleep. I'll be downstairs." I said.
He nodded a bit, then closed his eyes. I walked downstairs. Mom was still there with dad. I sat down in the chair to think. What will I do?
"Quit." Dad said.
I looked at him.
"Excuse me?" I asked.
"You heard me you're not twenty one..quite yet." He said.
"No. I'm 18 and alone." I said.
I got up and grabbed my jacket.
"I'm going to the park. Ike call me if you have a problem." I said.
I walked out the door and to my car. I got in. Josh ran up and grabbed the side.
"I'm not letting you go." He said.
I was sick of it. Everyone was running my life for me.
"Josh? Get your hand off the car or I'll drag you down the street, till you let go." I said.
He let go. I backed out and sped off, leaving marks in the road. I shifted the gear and pressed on the gas. I turned the corner on two wheels I believe. Back at the house Amanda had gotten Tay to lay down with Zac. She had saw me leave. She looked at the ones in the living room.
"Don't look for her coming back any time soon. Hell... I would look for her in a hospital. Josh? You know she hates to be tied down." She looked at the parents. "And ya'll...God give her a break. She completed eight years of collage in two. Sheesh...God it took me 3.5 years. I wasn't pushed like her. So lay off." She said.
She went back up stairs and sat down in between Taylor and Zac to watch them both. I drove to the park, pulling up and stopping. I got out. Grabbed the keys after turning it off. I put them in my pocket and went for a run. I ran around the park three times. Then jogged four. I heard footsteps behind me. I stopped.
"What do you wnat?" I asked.
I turned around. Adam stood there.
"Damn know my footsteps don't you?" He asked.
"Who the hell else would follow me?" I asked.
"Let's take a ride." He said.
"In my car? I want to drive... okay? If not. Go to hell." I said.
"Okay." He said.
He turned to walk and I told myself he won't come out alive. I got in my car and Andrew joined me. I backed out slowly. He put a gun to my head.
"Drive easy. No funny stuff or I'll blow your brains out." He said.
Well, there went that plan. I thought a few minutes.
"Do it." I said.
Pressing the gas down, I got on the expressway. I changed lanes faster then they could think, back and forth. I had it going about ninety. A police car pulled up behind me. I just pressed on the gas. I was determined I was gonna kill them both even if it took killing me also.
"Slow down." Adam screamed.
"No." I said.
"Slow down." Andrew ordered swinging the gun.
I turned one corner and he dropped it below my feet. I slid it over to the door and opened the door and slid it out.
"No. Your gonna listen to me. And your gonna listen good." I demanded.
"Never." Adam screamed.
I turned the wheel in the middle of the express way.
"Don't make me." I said.
18 wheelers and all.
"Go go go." He said.
I pressed on the gas as he said go. I was headed toward the 18 wheeler.
"Turn it." Adam screamed.
He yanked the steerling wheel to the right and the car barely made it. I passed the truck on my side. He then turned left, side swiping the railing. I thought I drove bad. He was about in my lap. I shoved him out of my lap.
"Get over there." I said.
I turned it around and had the police on my tail. I picked up the cb.
"Car number 18 come in." I said.
"Yes." He said.
"Agent Mayo. I'm driving the car in front of you ...so back off." I said.
"Then slow down." he said.
"I can't do that." I said.
"Jennifer. " Josh cut in.
"Get off the channel Josh." I screamed.
"No. Quiet... it's not worth it." He said.
"It is...for Zac." I said and unplugged it. I threw it out on the pavement, then floored it.
"What do you want?" Andrew asked.
"Leave them all alone including me or I'll kill you right now." I threatened.

Adam opened the door seeing the pavement go by so fast. He closed it..
"I didn't think you would." I said smiling
I kept my eyes on the road. Oh yes I really wanted to kill myself just then. I wanted them out of my life forever. I went off about 30 miles from Tulsa. I stopped for gas. They stayed in the seat to. I had my gun to their heads. I rung the lady inside. She came out and got the money. I then got in and left again.
"So, do we have a deal?" I asked
"For what?" Andrew asked.
"You leave us all alone or I'll kill you." I said.
"No deal. Go on you can't." He said.
I sped up.
"Dad? I don't want to die. I accept." He said.
I stopped letting him out and kept going, though he had a back up plan. He started after me in a truck he stole. I looked in the mirror.
"Traitor." I said.
He had a cb and a walkie talkie. Andrew handed it to me.
"Jen?" Adam said.
"What traitor?" I asked.
"Pull it over or I'll kill you." He said, hitting the backend of my car. I turned it around and went back the other way. He might be quick but not to quick. I turned up a road that had a lot of curves and steep drop offs.
"Adam stop or say bye to daddy dear forever." I said.
"Hey you go over the side it will hurt you just as much." He said.
I had a plan for that.

Back at the house Ike had the cb on and heard the chase he knew the license plate number. He paged me a few times. Then he tried to call. The cb he heard when I threw it out. But he knew I had a second one but he didn't remember the frequency. He broke down and told Zac what had happened and Zac grabbed it. I was driving when I heard Zac's voice.
"Jennifer pick it up." He pleaded.
I watched the road and picked it up.
"Zac?" I asked.
Andrew was shocked.
"Jennifer, what are you doing?" He asked.
"Zac, I can't handle it. If he is not prepared to take it.... then he will die." I said.
"No. Jennifer, he's not worth killing yourself." He said.
"Zac, I have to." I said.
"No I still need you." He said.
"Zac, don't worry. I'll be back." I said.
"No. Listen to me for once.....please." He begged.
I laid it down and checked the mirror.
"What is it Zac?" I asked.
"I love you. I don't care what you do to them. Kill them if you want...but please don't hurt yourself." He said.
I had tears running down my face.
"Listen to him Jennifer." Andrew said.
"Shut up!" Zac screamed.
He leaned back and held on, praying Zac would talk me out of it.
"Jennifer please." He said pleading with me.
I knew he was fixen to start crying.
"Zac, I love you, but I can't let them hurt you. Sooner or later they'll do you like Josh. Only they won't miss....Zac. If they kill you I would kill myself then." I said.
"And you kill yourself trying. Look to see me soon." He said.
"Zac, no." I said.
I turned the curve almost going over the edge.
"Damn girl watch the damn drop offs." He said.
Drop off told Zac where I was.
"Jennifer.. Plan F." He said.
"PLan F?" I asked.
"Yeah remember we had it a while back. Use it. I know where you're at." He said.
"Plan F Zac? I don't remember it." I said.
"Yes you do. You know it. Use it." He said.
"Plan F." I said again. Then I remembered.
"Zac I am past that mark." I said.
"Plan K." He said.
"Yeah I hear ya." I said.

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