The Babysitter - Part 2

Chapter 6 - Continued

Amanda noticed first.
"She's awake?" She asked.
The doctor nodded.
"But I'm not sure how long. She keeps nodding off." He informed them.
I heard footsteps. The doctor took them all to the side and told them I couldn't see them. Just blurry images. Zac stayed. He wouldn't move. He had sat on the bed. Amanda came up. She leaned over me as her hair fell down. Long and brown.
"Amanda." I said.
I reached up and grabbed her hair.
"Yeah." I said.
"She knows me." She said.
Zac nodded.
"She can tell you're the only one with long brown hair that is straight." He said.
"Oh." She said.
She said hi and all. Hope ya get better. Ike walked up. He was tall. I looked up at him. He had blond hair. A little harder as I tried to remember something that made him stick out from everyone else. I asked him not to speak. I wanted a way of knowing without them talking. I thought back. He just stood there. Zac watched. I blinked a few times. He was starting to get teary eyed knowing what I was trying to do. Height and the touch of his ring. He had my hand.
"Ike...don't take the ring off." I said.
"Ok." He said.
He done the same. Each one... one by one walked up. I knew mom and dad kind of fast. Josh too. But one came to the bed I didn't know. Not by touch or smell or nothing.
"Who are you?" I asked.
"Think back." He said.
I tried my best. He talked a little bit more.
"Jamie?" I said.
"Jennifer." He said.
"Wanda?" I said.
"I'm here... Jennifer." She said.
"Aunt Jenny." A voice said a lot younger.
"Gavin?" I said.
I waited a few minutes.
"Gavin, come here." I said.
He walked over. I hugged him. I leaned up enough to hug him. I'm guessing when time for visitors to leave. They did....everyone except Zac. He stayed there. Once he was quiet I could think. I closed my eyes. The doctor said the longer they are shut and not exposed, the sooner it'll clear up. I had my doubts. I also felt wires and heard monitors beeping. Zac was asleep. I knew by his breathing. He was sleeping soundly. I closed my eyes and thought back, and tried to figure out what actually happened. Sooner or later someone will ask. I fell asleep thinking and when I awoke, Zac was up. He was sitting there. I just keep my eyes closed.
"I'll protect you now. You can count on it. I know it will be hard and it will be once you know." He said.
"Know what?" I asked.
"I didn't know you were awake." He said.
"Yeah. I was a few minutes ago. I'll protect you and what?" I said.
"Oh. It's nothing to be concerned about." He said.
"No, tell me." I said.
I knew he didn't want to.
"Zac. Please." I said.
"They said it would take three months for you to be able to walk alone...like before." He said.
"What?" I asked.
"It would be three months or sooner. It depends on how much it's hurts when you stand up." He said.
"I want to get up." I said.
I leaned up. Pain shot down my back and back up. I froze there. I have never felt such pain. He eased me back down.
"No not yet." He said.
"What was that?" I asked..
It still hurt a bit.
"You need to rest they ...um. They cut a cord that hadn't repaired yet. You have to lay down for two weeks. You can't sit up like that." He said.
"No." I said, fixen to go again.
He pressed my shoulders down.
"Don't. I'm not gonna watch you hurt yourself. Now just lay there." He said.
"But I want to get up. I want to see how much it's hurts." I said.
Tears started filling my eyes.
"I know...but you are gonna be here for awhile. So get used to it." He said.
He let go.
"I want to see you." I said.
"I know....I want you to." He said.
"Zac, lay down." I said.
"Where?" He asked.
"Beside me. Please." I said.
He did. Laying on his side.
"Don't get up." I said.
Reality was setting in. How much it hurt my ass. I wasn't gonna walk again. He just didn't want to tell me. I slept for awhile and when I wokeup things were much clearer. Still a tad blurry, but it was getting there. Taylor was there.
"Zac?" I asked.
"He went home to shower. They started complaining." Taylor said.
I smiled at that.
"Ah finally." He said.
I remembered what Zac told me.
"Taylor, tell me the truth. Will I walk out of this hospital?" I asked.
"We don't know. That is up to you." He said.
"What day is it?" I asked.
"December 12th." He said.
"What?" I asked.
"Kidding. It's November 16th." He said.
"Ok...eleven days?" I asked.
"Yeah, you were unconscious for ten days." He said.
"Okay." I said.
He stood up.
"I'll be right back." He said.
He walked out to get the doctor. I reached down and noticed there was a brace on my leg, keeping it still. I couldn't move it. Either of them. I was laying there waiting, when I heard footsteps coming in.
"Ms. Mayo." He said.
"Yes." I said.
"How are you feeling?" He asked.
"Like I have been hit with a tractor trailer. You?" I asked.
"Much better then.." He said.
He held his hand over my eyes.
"Can you see the writing?" He asked.
"Um...I see the words but I can't make them out." I said.
"Okay." He said.
He wrote something down.
"When can I get up?" I asked.
"Three weeks, maybe four." He said.
"Oh." I said.
"Then you're still here for a maximum of four months." He said.
"Four?" I asked.
"Yes depending...." He said.
"On how much it hurts when I stand up." I finished.
"Yeah. The more, the longer, the less, the shorter. I can assure you I will have you walking out." He said.
He checked me over. He took a needle and poked my foot.
"Can you feel that?" He asked.
"Very much so. Yes. Now can you stop. It hurts." I said.
"Okay." He said.
He did the usual checkup and then walked out. By then Taylor was back.
"What day is it?" I asked.
"The 16th." he said.
"No, the day. Monday or what?" I asked.
"Tuesday." He said.
"Okay." I said.
It was quite a bit.
"Taylor, why did Zac run out yesterday." I asked.
"He doesn't want you in here." He said.
"Oh." I said.
"Taylor, can you get me a tablet and a pen?" I asked.
"Why?" He asked.
"Please?" I said.
He got one and handed it to me. I took the tablet and just wrote even though I wouldn't be able to check it. He sat back down and watched.
"What are you doing?" He asked.
"Writing duh." I said.
"Oh." He said.
I tore it off and folded it.
"Hand this to the state patrol officer and put the badge number on it please." I said.
"The number is?" He asked.
"9875-8489-25" I replied.
He wrote it down.
"Okay." He said.
He walked out and left me alone for a bit. I laid my head down and rested. I closed my eyes. I heard footsteps coming in and opened my eyes. It was Ike. I felt his ring.
"Hey girl. How are you?" He asked.
"Better." I said.
I blinked a few times. My vision got really clear for a few minutes. I could see everything. The letters TV. I blinked again and it went blurry and then nothing.
"Isaac?" I said.
"Yes." He said.
"I can't see." I said.
"Huh?" He asked.
"It's black. There's nothing there." I said.
He called the Doctor. He put something in my eyes and it cleared up again.
"Wait." I said.
He looked back.
"I can see you." I said.
"I hope." He said.
"No clearly. Details!" I said.
He held up a card.
"Boot." I said.
"Okay." He said.
He then left.

Time passed and I got better. I could see more clearly.

December 7th

I was now able to sit up with no discomfort. Zac came in.
"Hey. How ya feeling?" He asked.
I looked at him.
"Kill me." I said.
"Nope." He said.
"Why?" I asked.
"If it hurts that much lay back down." He said.
"It's not my back." I said.
"Then what is it?" He asked.
"My leg is asleep and I can't move it." I said.
"You want me to take it off?" He asked.
"Can't. Remember the Doctor said not to do that anymore without his permission." I said.
"Oh yeah." He said.
He came over by me. He could reach my toes and he was rubbing my leg to wake it up. The brace stopped me from bending all the way down there. He got up.
"Let me go find the doctor." He said.
He got up and walked out. I picked up the remote and flipped the TV on.
"Dang... I'll be glad to go home." I said.
The doctor came in.
"What's wrong?" He asked.
"My leg is sound asleep and hurts like...beep." I said.
"Oh. That's good." He said.
"It is?" I asked.
"At least you have feeling." He said.
"Yeah." I said.
He took it off and let me move it.
"Just leave it off for a while." I said.
"Nope." He said.
Once my leg was awake he put it back on and walked out. Zac sat down.
"Zac, hand me my laptop." I said.
He slid the tray over.
"I never unhooked it." He said.
I went and turned it on. I went under the FBI and communicated with the boss.

Mr. Strickland,
Agent Mayo here. I will be back on the job, but no time soon. Is there anything I can do? Online or research something, anything?????

Agent Mayo.

I send it and in an hour he replied.

Agent Mayo,
I understand your situation and we are trying everything to find Andrew and Adam. But it is a pain. A big pain. But, yes, there is something you can do. I have a report due and don't have the time to look through the FBI details and get numbers. I will send you a copy and let you find them. Is that ok?


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