The Babysitter - Part 2

Chapter 11 - Continued

He wouldn't wake up.
"Frig." I said.
I picked up the bottle beside the bed.
"Dang did they have to put him to sleep?" I asked.
He slowly opened his eyes as I looked down at him. He started shaking his head.
"Zac? It's Jennifer." I said.
He heard my voice looking at me. Then tried to say something.
"Shh. Come on." I said.
I picked him up. He was still half asleep.
"God your going on a diet." I said.
As I carried him down the hall I came to the door and it was locked. I stood him up.
"Wow. Don't fall. Nice pajamas." I said.
I pried the door opened and then picked him back up. I walked out. Amanda was standing there waiting for me.
"Done?" She asked.
"Yeah. God is he heavy." I said.
"Andrew offered to carry him if you found him." She said.
"Yeah right. Like I would hand him to Andrew." I said.
Zac had his arms around my neck. I carried him to the truck and sat him in. I dragged Andrew out. I pointed to a small section.
"Your son's there." I said.
Amanda was with Adam. She pointed to the same spot and told him it was dad. I woke Zac up enough to stay awake. He was still sort of out of it.
"Zac, a late valentine's present. Watch the building." I said.
He nodded. I walked to the big gun and aimed. I could hear Andrew say don't. I looked at him. I smiled and pulled the trigger. It hit the building and blew it up. A nice big fireball. They both screamed and both cried. Andrew thought Adam was gone and Adam thought Andrew was. I then walked back with the gun. I looked at him letting him cry for a bit.
"Adam. He wasn't in there." I said.
"He wasn't?" He asked.
"No..he thought you were though." I Said.
As I got in Zac looked at me.
"Was there anyone in the building?" He asked.
"No." I said.
We took Adam and Andrew to jail. We put everything I could throw at them and both confessed. Adam confessed to killing mine and Amanda's cousin. And Andrew confessed to hurting those kids, including Zac. He also admitted he did in fact rape him. Then we all went home. It was close to morning. I was tired, Amanda was tired. Taylor didn't even know she had left and me and Zac went to the house. He didn't mind the pj's. They were his anyway. He laid down on the bed. I laid down to. I was tired feeling safe that Adam and his crew were in jail. I moved the hair away from his neck.
"You okay?" I asked.
He nodded almost about to fall asleep. I kissed his cheek.
"Good night." I said.
"Good morning." He said.
"Yeah true." I said.
I laid on down and we both fell asleep.

Feb 15th,

I woke-up about one noticing Zac was still asleep. I let him sleep till two. Then got him up. He woke up and he got up. He changed then coming with me. I took him to the jail. He didn't know I blindfolded him. Told him it was a surprise. I had business there to. Someone I didn't want to ever see again but I needed to. To get over something and so did Zac. I got him out and he heard the police when they answered the calls and started to leave.
"No Zac. You have to." I said.
"No. I won't do it. I don't want to." He said.
"Zac, you are going in that room to face him." I said.
"NO!" He screamed and ran out.
I went after him stopping him in the parking lot. I grabbed by his shirt.
"Stop." I said
"No. I won't." He said.
"Zac, listen to me." I said.
He stopped and listened.
"You face him now. Show him you're not afraid." I said.
"I can't. That is the point." He said.
I grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the building.
"If I have to arrest you I will." I said
He reluctantly followed but wouldn't go in the room. Andrew sat there waiting wondering why. I pushed Zac against the wall.
"Go in there and prove to him you're not afraid." I said.
"No." He said.
They opened the door. I led him in with him trying to pull away. I sat him down and walked to the door. He looked at me pleading with me not to go. I closed the door. My heart ripped a bit, knowing it is gonna have to hurt him to make him better. I watched from the window. If he got out of line, I would put a stop to it. They both sat there. Andrew watching Zac and Zac watching him just as he always did. Scared. I watched Andrew start a conversation but Zac wasn't involved. Amanda and Taylor came in.
"Jen, what are you doing?" He asked.
"Getting him over Andrew. This is the only way." I said
"No. Can't you see it is hurting him?" Taylor asked.
I looked at him.
"Taylor? He will have to learn a few lessons on his own. For years he let Andrew control him. I won't sit back and let him do that anymore. He is afraid to do anything. No more." I said.
Amanda agreed but Taylor didn't like it. I watched listening. They finally started to talk a bit. Zac just sort of nodded a bit. Andrew said something I didn't hear. He leaned in on the mic and it didn't pick it up. He kept saying something away from the mic and I watched Zac watching his eyes. The fear grew as I watched. I walked out the door and to the room. I stopped. It would go against what I was trying to do. I waited a few minutes. I heard a chair fall over and I opened the door. Zac almost got out. I grabbed his arm and pulled him back. Tears were falling down his cheeks. I sat him back down and had them lock the door. They did. I sat Zac down. He pushed back in the chair afraid.
"Andrew? Apologize." I said.
"For what? I did nothing." He said.
I slid the chair back and let Zac watch what he would have to do.
"Did you not hear me? I said apologize for the years you hurt him. The next time you do you will not be able to do it anymore. I am telling you in advance this is your last chance." I said.
Narrowing in and zeroing in on a weakness I knew about. Something I had kept to myself. Another secret.
"I will guarantee a secret that will rock the foundation your world is planted on. It will collapse your very life. The one thing not even you know." I said.
He watched me move to Zac and back to where I stood.
"Your choice." I said.
In the silent room Taylor looked at Amanda curiously.
"What is she talking about?" He asked.
"I don't have the slightest idea." She replied.
I watched Andrew waiting for an apology or for him to not do it and find out something he may not want to know. He just sat there thinking. Zac waited patiently. Zac got up and walked next to me. He leaned over the table.
"I want to tell you something." He said, smiling.
I was like huh?!?!
"Go on honey." He replied smiling.
"One I'm not your honey. Call me that again and I'll hurt you." He said.
"Yeah right... dear." He said.
I handed Zac the police nightstick. He brought it back, but didn't strike.
"No. That's what you want me to do. Hit you. Then you can file charges. Yeah right I'm not that stupid." He said.
I was glad he chose not to.
"Then what is it you want to tell me." He asked.
"As much as I hate you. As much I want to just kill you I'm not. Because that will put me at your level. I'm a lot younger then you and for years you made me think you controlled me. And ya know I come to realize you did, but no more. I am telling you one time. So consider it a warning. You don't scare me anymore. And if for some reason they let you go. I won't be afraid to sleep at night, because then I will know you only go for boys because you can't get a girl to sleep with you. And I know why. You're a damn lously lover. A dog could do better." He said, then stepped back. That got him mad. I looked at him.
"Say it." I said.
"Well, you're a better lover to me then her." He said.
I hit him as hard as I could. Zac couldn't. He fell over out of the chair because I hit him so hard.
"Damn that hurt." I said.
"Jen, why did you tell him to say it?" He asked.
"Get it out now." I said.
"In that case." Zac said.
He picked him up and sat him back in the chair.
"Ya know you're son ain't bad. He's only going to jail for the rest of his life, just like you. And for what? You couldn't keep him out. He had to follow daddy's footsteps. Let me tell you. I knew who he was. I knew who Adam was. I knew he was your son. And Ya know... I knew he wanted Jennifer. That is why I stayed with her." He said.
I raised up looking at him. He didn't know what he was saying or he knew and wanted to.
"I stayed because Adam wanted her and I did to. But ya know, Emily did look good." He said.
I stepped back a foot or two. Taylor sat in the box wondering what Zac was saying. He cheated or didn't love her or was he using her. He didn't understand. Neither did I for that matter. Here Zac was saying Emily. I knew who she was. She was always hanging around. I walked to the door and knocked. I didn't want to hear the rest.
"Wait." Zac said looking at me.
I turned around.
"If you're fixen to tell him you slept with someone else... I don't want to know. Understand?" I asked.
"No." He said.
"Then what? You dated her? You slept with her? What is it Zac?" I asked.
He kept quiet then. I walked out knowing if he said anything and then started crying it would make Andrew's day. Not what I wanted. I had other business to tend to. I walked down the hall. I stopped by the door marked interogation room #7. The one I needed to be in. I opened the door. He sat there looking so innocent for the things he done that I couldn't imagine. Something I had to do just like Zac. I walked in and closed the door. He looked at me smiling.
"Hi." He said.
I nodded scared of him still. I sat down and did like Zac a bit. Just sat there. He had light brown hairand pale blue eyes. If looks could kill then everyone who saw him would be dead. He looked like Taylor only he was different. More cold and cruel hearted unlike Taylor. I hated him for what he had done to me when I first started out in the FBI. I always did. I never forgave him and I didn't want to. But like Zac, with Andrew, I had to....to move on. I looked up at the icey blue eyes. He seemed to enjoy the fact I was sitting in front of him.

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