The Babysitter - Part 2

Chapter 11

Zac said no. We weren't gonna kill him. I sat down at the table. Adam went to far. She was the only cousin me and Amanda both had. He hurt us both. Therefore he hurt me twice. I didn't like it. Zac fixed us supper and we ate a quiet supper and exchanged gifts for Valentines. Then we went to bed.

Late Feb 14/ early Feb 15

I eased up after he was asleep and got a few things that included the prisoner. I sat him in the front of the truck made sure the seatbelt was good and tight. I put the big gun in the truck and a few odd smaller bombs. I then went to his location and left Zac a note.
"What the heck do you want Adam for?" He asked.
I sped up at his name.
"Nevermind. Slow down." He said.
I had it at 96 mph. I stopped before getting there. I got out and slammed the door and took the binoculers and peared in the window.
"Once and for all." I said.
I spotted my target. His father was chewing him out. I smiled.
"Happy days." I said.
I then went back. I grabbed the bag and changed into tight black pants and a tight black shirt. I strapped the gun to my side and around my leg making sure it was tight too. I put a smaller knife in the side of my shoe in a holder. I put a vest on and a few other key items. I was fixen to set off when a set of headlights shown in and Amanda stepped out fully clothed and ready.
"What are you doing here?" I asked.
"You cant' do it alone." She said smiling. "So, I'm gonna help."
I thought.
"Ok. Suited?" I asked.
"Yeah." She said.
I walked to the truck and got the big gun. I set it up and got it ready. She went ahead and secured the prisoner. And man did she. He couldn't even wink. I set up a steal cage on the truck and put the prisoner there. He sat down. I looked in his cage and smiled.
"Don't worry. No one's gonna hurt you." I said.
I smiled and slammed it shut. We got in and drove down the hill. I stopped in the dark.. "Okay....you go that way. Bring all prisoners here. When your done and cleared to go take the truck up and leave the keys to your car under the seat. Take all people to the jail and hold them there. I'll get Adam and Andrew." I said.
"Okay." She said.
We got out. I buckled the four pound waist band that had everything I needed and I went in a back hall. I took them down one by one, till it was cleared choking them out and then taking them to the truck. I gagged them and then tied them to the rail and left. I got like 15. Then had to stop. I met Amanda.
"Cleared?" I asked.
"Yeah no one is on this side. You?" She asked.
"One. He's six feet tall and I can't get to his neck." I said.
We took him together. I had him pinned and he was fiesty to. Man..he threw me off as I hit the wall.
"Damnit." I said.
I got up. She was trying to tackle him. She had him around the neck. But he refused to give up. I held the gun to his head.
"Settle down damnit." I said.
He did then. I walked him to the truck with her to. We tied him up good. I mean we put three rolls of rope around him just to hold him in. She then took the truck and left. I put the keys in my pocket and strapped them in good so I wouldn't loose them. I then walked in the buidling. I over heard Adam and Andrew.
"Hey dad, where did everyone go?" He asked.
"I don't know." He said.
I took a small cherry bomb. Not to powerful and rolled it in and looked away as it went off. It got there attention. Adam hit the emergency button. The lock down started shutting. I put a stop in it. It stopped. I then went back up. I leaned up against the wall. I had no definite plan. I had about two hours before Zac would wake up. It was only like three. I walked around the corner. Adam stood alone. Andrew was up in the box trying to do something. I eased up behind him. I looked up at Andrew sitting in the window. He looked down then fear covered his face. I had the gun pointed at Adams head. I looked at Adam and smiled sweetly.
"Adam listen good. You fall to the ground if you move and I will shoot you understood?" I asked.
"Yeah." He said.
I pulled the trigger. Blood spattered everywhere because of the blood caps. It looks real and feels real but ain't. He fell to the floor. I held a bit and let him fall to the ground. I looked up smiling. I waved and grabbed his hand and dragged him around the corner. The horror on Andrew's face was so funny.
Once out of site.
"Get up." I said.
"Why did you just do that?" He asked.
"He did it to me. So I did it to him. Follow me." I said.
I took him to the car and locked him up. I took his clothes putting them on a dummy. It looked real but ain't real and took it down the hill. I went inside and I didn't see him. I hung.it up in the rafter and pooled the blood under it. I had it running down.
"Damn I'm good." I said.
I was up in the rafters when he came out and saw it. I jumped down.
"Hi." I said.
"You." Is all he could say.
"Yeah me. The one and only." I said.
The power shut down and the back up came on.
"Nice. Shut down the power thinking it'll help?" I asked.
"I know it will. Temporary blindness dear. You can't see clearly in the dark." He said.
I was like I see you just fine.
"Who fed you that pack of lies?" I asked.
"Agent Morris. He checked the file." He said.
"Hum. I remember having Amanda put that in yeah...I see just fine." I said.
"I can walk just fine too." I added.
"I can see that." He said.
"So who lied?" I asked and smiled.
"You did." He said.
"No. Agent Morris told you...but did he tell you, I was planning on killing your ass?" I asked.
"No." He said.
I had my hand on the gun beside me.
"Well? Your choice. You want me to uh castrate ya? Slit your throat? Or shoot ya?" I asked.
"None. I drather do it to you." He said.
"I'm not a guy you can't." I said.
"No but I can do it to Zac." He said.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"Well, how do you know he is safe and sound at home asleep?" He asked.
"I know." I said.
"No you don't. For all you know he could be dead by now sweetie. Ya see....you goofed. Ya might have got Adam. Poor thing. Never learned how to kill. But you don't me. I can kill you faster then you think." He said.
"Yeah. How?" I asked.
He called Agent Morris. He walked out.
"I stay with Andrew at all times." He said.
"Oh you're his new lover? Cool." I said.
He looked at me with disgust.
"Thought so." I said,.
"What can he possibly do to me?" I asked.
"Oh Jen dear. You forgot you graduated first. But I took karate." He said.
"So." I said.
"I wear a vest just like you." He said.
"James? She won't shoot ya anyway." He added.
I aimed the gun.
"Are you sure about that? I just killed his son." I said.
"On second thought." He said.
James looked at me.
"You actually killed someone?" He asked.
"Yeah. And by the way Andrew... your son killed my cousin and I don't like it." I said.
A cage dropped beside me. Inside was a shirt. Zac's night shirt. The one he had on when he went to bed.
"Oh damn. Stupid cage. It's suppose to hold his weight. Hey Mooris what did you do with him?" He asked.
"I took care of him like you said." He said.
I swallowed hard, not knowing if it was true or not. A sense of anger mixed with a feeling of dread consumed me then. Sitting in the car Adam watched threw binoculers. I had set up his dad and it would be smart to not do what he had planned but the cage he feared then. I closed my eyes and thought back. I left Zac asleep. I had every door locked or I thought. The fear filled me with the dread, pain, anger. It was mixing. Amanda had came back. She eased in the back way and looked around the corner. She stayed out of sight watching. She didn't know why I wasn't watching them but I was. I was watching their feet. James moved up.
"Stop." I said in a low voice.
He didn't stop. I raised my head and pointed the gun at his head.
"I said stop." I said a little louder.
He backed up. He looked into my eyes.
"Andrew? Something's wrong. I thought you said her eyes showed fear and pain." He said.
"They do." He said.
I looked at him.
"Not anymore." I said.
I shot him. But only in the leg though.
"Holy shit." He screamed, as he fell to the floor.
"Your turn." I said.
James Morris crawled to the right. Amanda grabbed his shirt.
"Let's go." She said.
She took him to the truck hurt. She threw him in.
"Where is Zac? I went by and he wasn't there. Where the fuck is he?" She asked, holding the gun at his head.
"In the back. Alive. But in the back.." He said.
"Thank you." She said.
She slammed the door and went in. She stopped at the door and waited. She knew I didn't know, but she knew he was alive. Andrew tried to slip away but it didn't work. I had watched Morris and now knew she was back
I looked at him.
"Where do you think your going?" I asked.
He stopped smiling and just stood there. I took the rope.
"Tie your feet together." I said.
He did. I tighted them up.
"I said tie... not loop." I said.
I tied his hands and sat him in the middle of the floor. Amanda came out. She motioned to the back and took him to the truck. Andrew didn't know Adam was alive. And she told him I had taken him to the bridge and left him there. Heck Amanda thought he was dead herself, that was the plan, but I didn't tell her. I was actually gonna do it or not. I walked to the back calling his name and hoping he would say something. I keep on noticing there were names on the door. But no one was in the rooms. One had my name on it and I opened it. It had a small bed and a bathroom and all. I kept going. I found the door with his name on it. I pushed the door open. It was a bit cold. In the room the others were hot. I looked around spotting the bed and what appeared to be Zac. Blond hair and long. I walked over and leaned over the bed. I turned him over realizing it was. He was sleeping soundly. There was a small trail of blood running from his nose. I wiped it away. He had been hit. I tried to wake him up . He would move but not wake-up. I uncovered him. He had puppy pajamas on.
"Ok." I thought.
I leaned him up.
"Zac! Get up! Wake up." I said.

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