The Babysitter - Part 2

Chapter 12

"What did you call me here?" He asked.
"I want an apology." I said.
"For what?" He asked.
"For what you have done." I said.
"I didn't do anything?" He asked.
"Amy Joann Mayo. You killed her in front of me. You knew damn well, who she was. Why?" I asked. .
"Hey I left you notes. Told you to stop. But You were determinded to do it. " He said.
"Do you know what it is like to tell her father she was killed in front of me? To watch the hopeful face go to tears and pain. No you don't. Because you never lost something so true to you." I said.
"No, I lost you." He said.
"Yes you did. But you should have thought before. You never liked me. Just got in good with the FBI. I never had a clue you were the one doing it. I loved you for crying out loud. And what did you do? You took my uncle's child. His only girl and killed her. . I loved her. " I said.
"Your Uncle?" He asked.
"Yes my Uncle. I was made to tell him I watched his only child die. And there was nothing I could do. He won't talk to me. No. He blames me for it. Yet I didn't put the knife threw her. I tried to save her. You had to make her suffer. To hear her calling my name. I still have nightmares about it. You hurt her. So much before. I tried. I tried so much to keep her from you. How in hell did you get her?" I asked.
"Simple. I asked the guard. He knew me as your boyfriend." He said.
"Oh yes that was a good plan." I said.
I got up and faced the wall. Amanda had gotten curious and asked. They led her to the window. She didn't know who it was. But she knew there was something wrong. So, she just watched and listened. She came in when he asked your Uncle. She was sitting there. I laid my head against the glass... sweating. The room was getting hot. Memories of her swirled in my head. Pain and anger settled. I got to thinking of Andrew. And Adam and all of them. All the deaths of my cousins. Amanda watched.

"Why is she is so much pain?" She asked.
She didn't understand I was crying and I knew if I turned around it would help him more. I stopped holding it back, then turned around.
"I'll never forgive you. Not in a thousand years. So when you get out tomorrow... don't come for hunting me. For all I care I hope you don't get parol. Maybe I will testify. But I doubt it. You put me through years of pain. And I will never let you forget what you have done to me. God I would have married you if you had not hurt me so much. But no. You blew it. You destroyed my family and my life. God it was bad before. But then you wrecked it. Stay out of my life. Will ya?" I asked.
"Yeah, hell I doubt I'll get parol anyway." He said.
"Yes I doubt it to. I just wanted you to know." I said.
"What else did I do wrong? " He asked.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"You loved me... for me. Then you tour off. What happen?" He asked.
"Amy? When the FBI told me your prints matched the ones on her toy, I was like... no not him he was with me. I almost went to jail for it to. But no. You had to drag me down. I hated to lock you up and throw away the key. You killed my cousin and I couldn't just let you get away with it. You killed her and you wrecked my family. My own Uncle disowned me because of you. You did it all with one knife and one sick mind. I never wanted to see you again. But I had to. To clear myself of the guilt and you know something? It ain't helping. Putting more now that I know how you got to her." I said.
"Is she the only one buggin you?" He asked.
"No. In fact she ain't. How could you kill a baby? I'll never understand an innocent child. You murdered in cold blood. That is why you're here. And I hope they don't let you out." I said.
Confused now. To myself I didn't know what was going on anymore. I walked to the door.
"Ya know I heard about Andrew. People been talkin'." He said.
At his name I remembered Zac and the way he said Emily. I opened the door and walked out. About ready to just cry for a long time. But not now. I had to see about everyone else. I was watching more people in my life now then the FBI had on file in a year. Amanda got up and walked out but noticing then wasn't a good time to ask. She went back to the room with Andrew. I had the thought that Zac had cheated or something. Something that would hurt bad, so I just left. I left Tay a note at the desk and they took it to him. Told him to take him home with him and tell him I would be okay. I left and rented a hotel room. I went to the room where I proceeded to cry for four hours. I picked up the phone and called my Uncle. My Aunt answered.
"Hello." She said.
"Hi Aunt Judy." I said.
"Jennifer?" She asked.
"Yeah." I said.
"Hey." She said kind of harsh.
I knew then this was gonna be painful. She was Amy's mom. She did take it as bad as my Uncle. They have tried to have more kids.
"How are you?" I asked.
"Not bad." She said.
"Is Uncle Robert at home?" I asked.
"Yes." She said.
"May I speak to him?" I asked.
She called him.
"Who is it?" He asked.
"Joey's daughter Jennifer." She said.
"I don't know her." He said.
"Robert honey... she is your brother's daughter. At least talk to her." She said.
"No. I don't know her." He said.
She held the phone to her ear.
"He um... " She said.
"Yes I know. He doesn't want to talk to me. I understand. He only hates me." I said and slammed the phone down.
So much pain in my life and it was overwhelming. I called Zac, who told me what he told him. Yeah while I was in the hospital for months I was right he went home those times to be with her. Though he never slept with her. He still dated her. We hung-up. After a few minutes with him knowing, I would probably hurt myself or something. He sat down to think. He had made the decision on what to do. He had done his work for the day. But he couldn't shake the thought of what he just told me. To the fact he knew it hurt and he knew before he told me. Something was wrong. He decided to check it out for himself. He called Mr. Strickland at the office and requested all the cases I worked before I met him to be faxed to him and he done it. He looked through to see what really happened. And it included the note where I requested to see him the day before parol. He then called Amanda.
"Amanda? May I ask where you went when you left at the station?" He asked.
"I found Jen. She was talking to someone about a murder he done a while back. Something about a baby and a cousin." She said.
"The last time you saw her... what was she doing?" He asked.
"Holding her head. And she was about to cry. Why?" She asked.
"I just talked to her and told her what I told Andrew. I don't know weather to hunt her down and watch her or to stay here and let her deal with it her way." He said.
"Zac? What was she like?" She asked.
"She was sort of slow at replying and she didn't talk real loud, just kind of low, like I was when she just found me. Low voice, shy type." He said.
"Zac... she is hurting. Let her deal with whatever it is she is dealing with on her own." She said.
"What if she hurts herself?" He asked.
"Zac? She can't kill herself. She has tried before when things got bad. She can't." She said.
"That really helped. She tried before so she might try again." He said.
"Zac. If she wanted to be found you would know where she is." She said.
"Oh yeah." He said.
"Trust me... she'll be ok." She reassured a few times.
He agreed and they hung-up. He was alone at Ike's house while Ike went to get supper at McDonalds.

I sat in the bed scared and in pain. I knew I needed to take 90% of the stress and forget or put it behind me. Something had to change. My life was okay, but it was falling apart. And I needed some kind of help. But Zac didn't understand. Taylor and Ike would tell Zac and he would ask. Amanda had no idea what went on before. We meet on Joshe's case. So anything before was a blur to her. And Emily. Oh Emily. What was I gonna do? Everyone around me had me watching them. And I can't. 50 people and one me. I worried about them all and I can't keep up with them. Ike I pretty much knew he could handle himself and fight if necessary. Taylor and Amanda too. They were capable of doing it. Amanda had her gun to. Zac, I wasn't sure about. He was still scared and he was 19 and I was 21. I could legally so whatever. But he couldn't and he made his choice in career and that worried me. He had nightmares now. If someone was to kill someone in front of him, he would then have them for 15 hrs. And I worried about Tay and Ike. And Amanda and everyone around me. I need to get away. Patch things up with my Uncle. I hated the fact he hated me. He was always my favorite to stay with then he just stopped wanting me over and it hurt. I went to the airport. I called Amanda from there.
"Amanda." I said.
"Yes Jen?" She asked.
"Listen. Watch Zac for me." I said.
"Where are you?" She asked.
"Airport. I'm going to Georgia to see my Uncle. To make up and hopefully pull one part of my life together." I said.
"I will." She said.
"I'll stop by your parents and tell them hi for you." I said.
"Okay." She said.
"Okay." I said.
We hung up. I got on the flight back to Georgia at 9:05 pm, Febuary 15th. I got there about 11:30. I went home first. I walked in the house I lived in for 16 years. Memories. I sat the bag down and walked through the house. To a familiar room... mine. It still had pictures everywhere. My exboyfriend's too. I took them all down. And tore them up. I then laid down and slept. I needed sleep.

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