The Babysitter - Part 3

Chapter 9 - Continued

"Shh." I said as he kept fighting me not to let go.
"Shhh." I repeated.
"I just want to get up to the chair." I said.
He got up but he kept rubbing his eyes. I moved to the chair.
"Zac? Come here... sweetie." I said.
He looked up at the name sweetie. Amber won't call him that. He walked to me.
"Sit down." I said and he did.
"Just lay your head down. I won't let him take you again." I said.
It was the same room. Up in the room above Andrew walked in.
"Andrew, are you stupid?" Adam asked.
"No son." He said looking confused. "Hello... idiot. You just threw Zac at Jennifer. Do you realize she's not like Isaac. One needle won't even phase her. You know that." He said.
Andrew ran to the window seeing us together as Zac laid in my arms. I held onto him. The hot tears falling down my cheeks and shirt. I sat him up and searched his eyes.
"Zac? What does he do?" I asked.
He raised up a little more pulling his sleeve up. There were red marks going up his arm.
"How far does it go up?" I asked.
The sleeve wouldn't go to far.
"All the way." He choked out.
"Ok. Both?" I asked.
"Yeah." He said.
John then came in.
"Take, Zac and Jennifer since they are married, to the back. Let them shower and change. Give them regular clothes." He said.
"Okay." Sabrina said. She grabbed the clothes and came down. She opened the door.
"Zac? Jennifer? Come on." She said.
Zac got up. He held on to me though. I followed. She led us to the bathroom and left everything with us and closed the door. I took off my shirt and laid it over the camera waving bye. Andrew snickered.
"I told you so." Adam said.
I ran the water while Zac sat in the chair waiting. He didn't want to change. He didn't want me to be there then. He acted shy. I titled his head up.
"Zac? You won't go back with him." I said.
"Thats not why." He said.
"Zac, eventually I will find out. Best now then later." I said.
"Everything looks like that. Well not everything." He said.
"Okay," I said. "A bath will help."
I had the first aid kit. He slowly undressed and got in. I got on my knees beside the tub.
"What? You're not getting in?" He asked.
"I can if you want." I said.
"I want." He said.
I undressed and got in with him.
"Happy now?" I asked.
"Not really... I want to see Jessie and em. Taylor." He said.
"I know." I said.
He laid his head down on my shoulder and kissed my neck.
"Be careful now. You have to remember they may have a second camera." I said.
He laid his head down.
"Where were you?" He asked.
"In a small room... alone." I said.
"For seven days?" He asked.
"Yes." I said.
He buried his head in my hair.
"Well... we should get clean." He said.
"I suppose so." I said.
Taking a bath together calmed us both down. The bad cuts I treated. The not so bad I didn't bandage but still treated. I knocked when done. Sabrina opened the door.
"About time." She said.
She led us down the hall. Isaac and Amber weren't there. We assumed they were taking a bath. We sat down. He sat down while I sat in his lap. He still buried his head in my hair.
"Does my hair help?" I asked.
"No, I just like the smell." He said.
"Ohhh..." I said smiling.
I let him. Ike and Amber came back shortly after. About twelve we all decided to get some sleep. We expanded the bed. It was a weird bed. It pulled it out and made room for four. Zac and Amber got in the middle with me on Zac's left and Isaac on Amber's right. I put my arms around Zac and he grabbed my hand, not wanting to let go. And he didn't either.

September 4th.

Andrew came to get him at eight, but couldn't. Amber had her arm over Zac. Isaac had his over her. The way he was laying he couldn't get to him. Zac woke up first about 9:30. He couldn't get up either. I woke up because Zac keep moving. He was trying not to wake anyone up. I leaned up.
"Zac? If you wanted up why didn't ya just wake me?" I asked.
"I was trying not to. Hard to do." He said.
I looked at the way were laying.
"Oww... my neck." I said.
I tapped Amber and saw that she moved.
"There." I said.
He sat up.
"Air." He said.
"See I told you you'd be safe." I said as he nodded. Andrew then opened the door. I got in front of him.
"Move." He said.
Zac stepped back.
"I won't move. FORGET it!" I said.
He went to get me with a needle. I took it in the arm. I stood still a few minutes. It took affect but I concentrated on Andrew and saving Zac. Andrew backed up noticing it didn't do anything. He walked out and shut the door. I fell back into Zac's arms. He laid me down easily. Isaac and Amber watched him. It wore off in a few minutes. I woke up in Zac's lap. I felt dizzy. I laid my head back down and waited till it went away. Zac laid his head on top of mine. He kept it there til I leaned up. My arm hurt too. He pulled the sleeve up. It was really red. He then pulled it back down. Adam came in. He had the trays. I stayed where I was. He looked at me and Zac then walked out. Ike and Amber brought the tray over by us. Me and Zac ate a little bit. I didn't feel much like eating. Sabrina took the trays. I wouldn't let her touch me.
"Leave me alone." I said.
"I want to see your arm. I saw how red it was awhile ago." She said.
Zac put his hand there.
"She said no." He said.
She walked out. I laid back down.
"Am I hurting you?" I asked.
"No. You are actually sitting in the chair." He said.
"Oh." I said as I scotted around. He sternly looked at me. I smiled and laid my head back down. A few minutes went bye. I wiggled again.
"Do you mind?" He asked.
"Nope." I said as I wiggled again. He looked at me. Ike and Amber were getting a kick out of it. He kept looking. I kept wiggling. He grabbed my waist.
"Stop. Please?" He asked.
"Why?" I asked pouting a bit.
"Please stop." He said.
"I suppose I could but then I'd be bored." I said.
"Be bored." He said.
"Meany." I said as he pulled me closer.
"No... I'm not." He said.
I nodded.
"Nope." He said.
"You win.... this time." I said.
"Don't I always?" He asked as I smiled. He smiled back. Ike laughed.
"What are you laughing at?" I asked.
"Nothing." He said.
"What are you laughing at?" Zac asked too.
"First time Zac's smiled since we got here. And you are not helping an embarssing situation. You are causing it." He said.
I just smiled.
"I know. Oh and Ike? Only I would know." I said.
"Yeah. " He said.
Zac pulled my head down.
"I told Isaac and Taylor about us being married." He said as I nodded.
"So Ike? How does it feel to have a step sister?" I asked.
"Weird." He said.
"Ok." I said.
"That reminds me!" Amber scolded.
I kind of looked away.
"Yeah?" I asked.
"What's this about you being married?" She asked.
"Yeah... I did." I said.
"When?" She asked.
"Febuary 20th of this year." I said.
"Ok." She said.
I leaned back.
"Anybody know what they want now?" I asked.
Isaac shook his head.
"Nope." Amber said.
Zac didn't say anything.
"Zac?" I asked noticing he was quietly thinking.
"Zac?" I asked.
He said no but nodded.
"Zac, don't lie." I said.
He was quiet never saying anything.
"Zachary?" Isaac warned.
He still kept quiet. I titled his head up.
"Tell us Zac. Don't hide it." I said.
"He wants all of us together. He thinks the physic stuff is between all of us." He said.
I searched his eyes.
"I want the truth, Zac." I said.
"It is." He said.
I shook my head no. He looked at me with his eyes telling me to stop.
"I'm not stopping Zac. Not till you tell us. They have a right to know also." I said.
"He wants...." He hesitated. He keep looking at me. I searched.
"Its ok Zac. He won't get you." I said.
"Not andrew." He said.
"Who?" I asked.
"Adam." He said.
"Adam?" I asked.
"Yes, Andrew doesn't touch me. He comes and gets me. Adam is the one who's always in the room." He said as I nodded.
"Zac, we won't let him hurt you." Amber said.
I sat up and sniffed. My head started to hurt.
"Zac?" I said.
"Huh?" He asked.
"I feel..." I said and then passed out.
"Jen?" He said as he shook me. Amber walked over. She felt for a pulse and counted.
"She's ok." She said.
"No she's not." Zac said.
"Zac... she passed out. Just lay her down." She said.
He got up and laid me down. Amber checked a few things. Isaac guarded Zac making sure if anyone came in they couldn't get him. Amber managed to wake me up for a few minutes.

Adam sat pleased.
"I told you so." He said.
"Adam she passed out." Robert said very displeased. He didn't like Adam for the purpose that he had thought of a way to get by everyone.
"Adam what did you put in it?" John asked.
"I won't say, but I told you what would happen." He said.
"Actually you didn't. Is she ok?" He asked.
"Yeah. All you need to do is give her the antidote and she'll be fine. This way she can't connect and can't protect. She can't do anything." He said.
"So... she's ok. But she can't do anything?" John asked.
"Yeah. She can't talk. She can't get up. She won't keep anyone from getting him." He said.
"But you have two others." John said.
"Not a problem." He said.
He got up and walked out walking down the hall. Only one thing danced in his head. Well two maybe. One was revenge against Zac for marrying me. The other one was a baby. His baby. He walked in the room. Isaac guarded Zac. He held up a needle.
"I can cure her. Bring her back. She's fine Amber but Zac has to come with me." He said.
Zac sat there.
"I'm not going. You won't kill her." He said.
Zac knew he wouldn't. He sighed and thought.
"But I can with either of them." He said.
Amber and Isaac stepped back.
"No you can't." Isaac said.
That made him mad. He found a way but couldn't do anything. He walked out angrily and slammed the door. I heard and saw everything, but couldn't speak or move. I was crying but no tears. As I drifted away again the pretty colors started to mix and blur. The pretty colors danced and glowed and sparkled around me. I felt good even though the situation wasn't good. The colors danced and swirled, mixed and became new ones. They were bright colors.

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