The Babysitter - Part 3

Chapter 10

Eventually they started forming words and instructions. Which read:

You have a power unlike most. You need to learn that true isn't always most. What seems true is not. Adam injected you with a type of drug. It has cut off normal functions. Basically walking coordination and speech. Everything is fine. You will be okay. The antidote he had earlier. Jennifer, this is your mother, I tried to tell you way before now. All the power is inside you. You can send and recieve images from all of them, even the bad side. All you have to do is let your mind travel. Just like I have now to inform you. I had to find a good way. You always liked bright colors. Jennifer, sweetie, just because we always pushed you around doesn't mean we didn't know. We understood and we protected you from the harm. Now it is up to you to save Zachary, Isaac, and Amber. You have about two weeks. He is planning to get Amanda and Taylor in that time.
Goodbye Jennifer.


The colors started fading and blackness set in. I released the hold I had. I let it travel like it said. I just let go. But it didn't go far. Just to the edge of blackness. Zac was sitting at the head rubbing my forehead pushing hair from my face. He didn't understand. I thought about Zac. I thought hard about him.
"Zac? Listen, don't be afraid. If you can hear me think about the answer." I said.
It was silence for a few minutes.
"I can, but how?" He asked.
"Zac, the're monitoring the rooms. They have cameras and microphones. Think about anything." I said. He went back to when we first met. The day he told me three doors down.
"Nice thinking.... three doors. I almost followed that to." I said. It was silent.
"Jennifer, if I can hear you.. can't they?" He asked.
"Nope." I said.
"But how?" He asked.
"My mother connected with me. Walago. Told me to let my mind just wander. In fact if I think about it to hard I can actually see you." I said.
"You're asleep." He said.
"Yes, but you're pushing the hair out of my face and running your fingers down my check. And wishing I weren't asleep. You wish I was awake and could protect you. Zac, I can't do that. Adam created a chemical. It has slowed reaction time so much so I can't walk, talk or even coordinate anything if I could talk. It wouldn't make sense at all. Zac, it's a lot of presure but it's up to ya'll this time." I said.
"But, I can't." He said.
"Zac, you have an advantage." I said.
"I do?" He asked.
"Yes, I can play with their minds Zac. Confuse them and make them think this place is really haunted and that it wants us. But it'll take a few hours to pull it together and get my head to do it. You, Isaac and Amber need to know. I need to connect. I need you to think of a time when we were all together ... me , you , Amanda , Taylor , Isaac and Amber. At one place." I said.
He came up with an image. Two months before we were sent to Missouri. We were at the house sitting around the table playing a game in which Isaac was winning.
"Good Zac. Keep that." I said. I concentrated on Amber next.
"Amber? Don't be afraid, we've talked this way before. Use your mind. No words." I said.
"Jen." She said.
"Good. Listen to me. Think back. two months before Missouri. We were playing a game." I said. She did.
"Amber?" Zac said.
"Zac?" She asked.
"Ok, thats three. We have three more. Isaac's next." I informed them as they said okay. I then concentrated reaching Isaac.
"Isaac? Don't say anything, just listen. Think back two months before Missouri. We were playing a game you were winning. NO words." I said.
"Yeah, I remember. But how?" He asked.
"Isaac? Amber and Zac are here with me. I'ts a long shot to reach Amanda and Taylor. I need ya'lls help. Think of Taylor. We'll bring him in first so think hard." I said. With the four of us I saw Taylor laying down on Zoe's bed with Zoe on one side and Mackie on the other. He had a tears running down his checks. I went through the house. Jessie and Avery were in bed. Walker was tending to some papers and Diana was asleep. She was resting. I went back to Taylor. Zoe was asleep, so was mackie.
"Taylor, don't jump. You'll wake them. Listen to me. Use your mind. Think back two months before we went to Missouri. The game. Think of it." I said. He looked confused.
"Taylor, we met in dreams before. When you informed me. Listen it's the same with no dream just use you words in your head." I said.
"Ok." He said.
"Zac, Isaac and Amber are with me." I said.
"Taylor." Zac said shakey like.
"Zac, It's good to sense your voice." Taylor said with another tear falling.
"Taylor, take care of them." Isaac said.
"I'm doing my best." He said smiling a little.
"Ok, Taylor... do you know where Amanda is?" I asked.
"Um.. she's at home. Amber are you there?" He asked.
"Yes, Taylor and you're doing fine." She said.
"Ok guys that's five. Everyone think of Amanda. Taylor even if you hate her its for the best." I said.
"We made peace." He said.
"Ok." I said.
Concentrating on her was hard to do. We were all getting tired.
"Amanda? Think back now two months before Missouri." I said. She did. She knew. She pulled herself in.
"Each of you say hello. If there is someone you don't hear let me know." I said. It went around.
"I didn't hear Zac to well." Amanda said. I pulled him closer to her.
"Zac." I said.
"I'm here." He said.
"Ok." She said.
"Listen up guys. Taylor, Amanda? It's up to you two to get the FBI... and OBI out here quickly. Amber do you know where we are?" I asked.
"Yes, Fish refinary. Twenty miles out of town." She said.
"Ike?" I asked.
"Yep." He said.
"Ok. To the fish refinary. Give us three days no more. Amanda, Taylor... he's planning to get you two next so you must stay with someone at ALL times." I said.
"Taylor, stay with your Mom and don't go home." Zac said.
"I won't Zac." He reassured.
"Besides Taylor, you're helping your family now. Taylor reassure your mother that you are sure we are alive." I said.
"Okay." He said.
"Now for three days I'll fool them. I'll trick em. I'll make them think its haunted. And it is after us. Amber, Isaac, Zac? You have to play along." I said. They all said ok.
"Guys, you can't say a word. The're monitoring us. If you need me all you need to do is touch me. Taylor, Amanda? I'll stay in contact. You have to believe me. If he brings me back I won't be able to. Plan as it goes." I said. Everyone agreed.
"Guys, take care of those who are there. Taylor, Zoe will wake-up in a few minutes from a nightmare. Taylor, listen to what she says. Don't write it off. Mackie will also around one a. m." I said.
"How do you know?" He asked.
"I can see what they are dreaming. Zoe has an imagie of all of her older brothers being gone... Mackie also. He is because he doesn't know where Zac is." I said.
"Ok." He said.
Zac lowered his head.
"Zac, it's not your fault." I said.
"I know." He said.
"Don't blame yourself." I said.
"I won't." He said.
The connection was growing weaker. Amber and Isaac were already going. Amanda was gone. It was to far.
"Guys, you know your own roles. They'll more than likey be messed up. I'll try to find out later. Night guys. Zac, get some sleep." I said.
He nodded. I then left the area. They all quit the connection. I rested a little bit then letting it travel again, going to Adam to see why. To see why he wanted Zac to be hurt so bad. He was asleep in a room toward the back. It took a little energy to get it. I went in. A picture of a baby danced through his head. I saw dates and numbers, calculations and times, medicine and solutions. It was a lot of work to set it together to get it figured out. When I did it scared the hell out of me. I pulled away fast. I was awake now and was looking up into Isaac's eyes. He was on the left. I couldn't move or talk, but he knew it was bad. I looked around and then relaxed falling back into the state. I connected with Zac, Ike, and Amber... feeling them come in.
"What is it Jen?" Ike asked.
"New plan. We have to be gone soon... really soon. The plan won't work. They have fixed it. Someone in the FBI is connected. I couldn't see who. He plans to separate us tomorrow. He has plans. Ya'll are fine. But what he wants I can give him and won't." I said.
"What does he want?" Zac asked feeling not sure he wanted to know.
"A baby." I said.
"A what?!" Zac asked.
"A baby Zac... a little baby. Ya know the things that cries..diaper soiling rugrats? He wants one within ten months." I said.
"Ten?" Zac asked.
"Yes." I said as he looked away.
"Zac I hate to say it but it's up to ya'll.." I said.
"I know." He replied.
I sent Isaac and Amber back to there dreams.
"Zac, listen to me. When you are ready go up the same steps we used to go to the jail. There is a box... it is red. It had Adam on it. Get it. It has the antidote in it. It's in needle form and should be easy to use. It's ready to be used." I said seeing him nod.
"Zac? " I said. He looked up.
"Adam is a bit stupid. Zac, there is no chance of me getting pregant. I can't. Some of the chemicals he mixed to create this state of mind. It also stops ovulation. There's no chance." I said.
"Unless he brings you out." He said.
I shook my head.
"No Zac." I said. He gave me a weak smile as I walked to him and then kissed him.
"Sleep well, you may need it." I said.
I let him go. I watched them sleep and then took a tour of the place. I memorized it all. Every step, every door. I then went in each of their heads and gave them the exact same thing. I let my own mind rest then as I would need it also before morning. Adam woke-up and had Robert turn the waves on, putting three of them out. He however had it low enough so he could go in. He walked to the bed and looked down.
"Sweet." He said.
He picked me up and carried me out letting the others stay in the trance. He gave me the shot. I didn't feel it until he woke me up. I opened my eyes aware I was gone and aware he was beside me. I couldn't move because he had my arms tied down. I turned a little. My leg hurt where he gave me the shot.

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