The Babysitter - Part 3

Chapter 9

"Don't start with I don't knows. You have to know." He said.
"I don't." I said.
He studied my face.
"You're impossible. You know that?" He asked.
"Yes." I said.
"And your attitude changed. What is it with Andrew and Adam that caused it?" He asked now interested.
"He raped Zac since he was a little boy, twelve or younger. He ruined his life and mine. He did the same to me. I didn't like it. I never have. And I don't think it is right... so I'm mad at him. It'll never change till I forgive him. The longer he is around the madder I will get." I said.
He looked at me.
"I believe you." He said.
He left without his answers. I sat down. I hated closed spaces along with darkness. John seemed to know, but he had a plan of his own. He shut the power off to the rooms which made them dark. He closed the windows with boards way before I was put in there.
"Happy birthday to myself." I said.
I was now 22 years old. Zac would be 20 soon. I sat back against the wall in the dark. It was quiet. Almost to quite. I sat up hearing a noise. I walked to the door. It was screaming. It was a loud one at that. It seemed to be getting closer. I dismissed it. It didn't sound like anyone of the guys, nor did it sound like the bad guys. It was just a noise.

September 3rd.

~ Taylor ~

He was going crazy. He was at his parents house not only to help with the family but to help himself stay busy. The FBI told them that they had a fourty percent chance of never finding us. A fourty percent chance of finding us and a twenty percent change of finding us alive. So the family was a wreck. Taylor was up stairs with Zoe. She was playing with some lego's he had brought over. She set one on top. A tear slid down her face.
"What's the matter Zoe?" He asked watching her lower her head.
"I miss Zac and Ike." She said.
He got up and walked to her.
"Come here." He said as she walked to him. He picked her up.
"Look at me Zoe. They'll come home alive. Trust me. Amanda is working on the location." He said.
"But what about Jennifer? Where is she?" She asked.
"She's with Zac, Ike, and Amber." He said.
"I miss him. He's not here to aggravate me. Neither is Isaac." She said.
"I know Zoe. I miss them to." He said.
She was crying and he soon joined her.
"I never saw you cry before." She said.
"Believe me Zoe.... I cry." He said.
Mackie came up stairs and walked in.
"Taylor? There is something wrong with Mommy." He said.
Taylor got up and went quickly downstairs.
"Mom?" He said.
She was laying on the floor in the kitchen. He called 911 and had her rushed to the emergency room. He took Mackie, Zoe, Jessica, and Avery with him. He called his dad from the car and told him which hospital. Once there he waited to hear from the doctors. When Walker arrived he asked about his wife. He walked to Taylor.
"She's ok. She passed out. To much stress. She'll be fine." He said.
He breathed a sign of relief. So did all the younger ones. Zoe went to dad and so did Avery. Jessica and Macke stayed by Taylor. He got up and walked to the window.
"Dad? Do you think that they'll be ok?" He asked. He walked to Taylor and put his arm around him.
"Taylor.. they'll come home. Weather Jen brings them. Ike or even Zac. Who knows... maybe Amber will. They will get home." He said.
"Dad, I know what's happening. The baby. The jail. He's using Ike against them and Zac too. They have her under their control." He said.
"No, you heard what Jennifer's mother said. Maybe she is the key to the door. Who knows what they want to know." He said.
He hugged Taylor and the rest joined them. Diana went home that afternoon but had to stay in bed and calm her nerves. So it was up to Taylor basically to handle a seven year old Zoe, an eleven year old Mackie, a fourteen year old Avery, and a sixteen year old Jessica which wasn't that bad, since Jess and Avey were old enough to watch things for themselves. He cooked with their help.
"Tay, you don't burn the potatos." Avery scolded.
"Oh, leave me alone. I don't cook often." He said.
"We see that." Jessica said.
"Taylor?" Avery said shyly.
"Yes Avery?" He replied.
"Don't leave us like Ike and Zac did." She said as he walked up to her and titled her head up.
"Avery... I'm not going anywhere, unless its against my will. Okay?" He asked.
"Okay." She said.
He hugged her. Jessica hugged also.
"Lord! The potatoes." They all said. They were let them burn by mistake.
"Well, we could start over." Taylor suggested.
And with that the bad ones were gone and the good were cut and tried again.

~ Amber, Isaac, & Zac ~

Amber sat in the chair holding Zac. He was taken away from them and was just returned. She caught him when they pushed him in. He wouldn't let go of her. So she had no choice even if he didn't want her. He had her. She comforted him as best as she could. Ike sat watching thinking. He didn't know what they did with Zac or what they did to him. Andrew came in to get him again.
"Leave him alone." Ike said.
Zac was surprised. He never tried to stop him before. Ike got up and walked in front of Zac and Amber.
"Touch him and I will hit you so hard." He said.
"Move out of my way or Jennifer can take it." He said.
"How the hell do I know she's not gone already? You won't allow us to see her." He said.
"Move." He said.
He pushed Isaac out of the way. Zac held on tighter. So did Amber. He grabbed his shoulder. Isaac punched him. He stuck Ike with a needle and he hit the floor. Zac held on tighter.
"I'm not gonna hurt you. I was gonna take you to see her. She had been requesting to see you all day." He said.
Zac let go and went with him, but he never took him to where I was.

~ Me ~

I sat alone in the room....still. Like he said no one had come to visit anymore. They just slide the tray threw and a change of clothes and then leave. I never see nothing but their hands. No request. No nothing. I heard screams and noises, but nothing else. I got up and walked to the door. I didn't know if Zac was alive or any of them, let alone what to do. I slid the door open. A red powder sprayed me in the eyes. It stung. I cried to get it out. It hurt. My vision was blurry for an hour or so. I laid down. It was a nice quiet place.
"Someone? You've got to be listening." I said.
"WHAT THE HELL DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?" I screamed. It echoed a few times. No one answered. At least not right away. About twenty minutes later Adam came in. He had a list a mile long. He handed it to me.
"Answer what you know. If you don't know just leave it blank. NO lies." He said.
I started to speak.
"Don't." He said and then walked out. I sat down with pen and paper and went through and answered what I knew or what they needed to know. Then I laid it at the door. I stood out of the way and slid it through. Adam was on the other side. He grabbed it and off he went leaving me alone again. I waited a few hours. I then stood up. I've been in the room for seven days. It was getting a bit boring. I walked to the door.
"LET ME OUT!" I screamed.
Adam was walking by. He had Zac in a room a few rooms up. He hit the door.
"Shut-up." He said.
"Go to hell." I said.
He grabbed a walkie talkie.
"John? She's at it again. What the hell are you gonna do?" He asked.
"Let her out." He answered.
"What?" He asked.
"Let...her.....out. You heard me the first time." He said.
He opened the door. It was nice to see something different. He led me down the hall. I stopped by one door.
"Come on." He said.
"No." I said. Something drew me to that one room. I reached for the lock.
"Stop it and come on." He growled.
I grasped the lock.
"No." I said.
He yanked me back before I could unlock it. He then literally dragged me down to the others. He picked me up and threw me in. I landed on Isaac. He practically caught me. I was laying across his stomach.
"Ouch." He said.
"My head." I said.
I pushed up and then sat back sitting on the floor. I rubbed my head. I had hit it on the edge of the bed. I shook my head.
"Jesus. Rude people." Amber said.
She stood there while I looked around.
"Where's Zac?" I asked.
"We don't know. Andrew takes him out every day two to three times a day." Isaac informed me.
I got up. He turned me around and gently rubbed his fingers on the side of my face. He had blood on them.
"Well." I said.
Amber got the first aid kit checked. She found a small cut. She bandaged it up. I waited right where Ike had been. Amber and Isaac laid down for a bit. I waited on him to return Zac. He did eventually, about 11:30 that night. He pushed him in as he landed on me. I suppose he thought I was Amber. He got a hold of my neck and refused to lean up or let go. I rubbed his back feeling the hot tears fall on my shoulder. I reached behind him and grabbed his arms pulling them out from around me.

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