The Babysitter - Part 3

Chapter 8 - Continued

"You're not taking him without me." I said.
He took a needle and grabbed my arms. I stood there a few minutes then everything started going fuzzy.
"Take a nap for a while." He said.
I fell to the floor as he kept dragging Zac out. Zac tried to stop him. The door closed as we were separated. Adam was sent to the room. He picked me up and laid me down as I came to.
"Zacc." I said.
"Shh... he'll be back in a few minutes." He said.
I suddenly became fully awake and then got the first aid kit ready. About an hour passed. It was close to ten now. Sabrina hadn't brung any tray or anything. She was waiting. Adam brought Zac back. He was carrying him in his arms. He laid him down.
"What' wrong with him?" He asked.
"He's asleep." He said.
I turned him over.
"If there is ONE mark.you're father and I are not gonna get along very good." I said.
"I know." He said as he left the room. I continued to check him out. I woke him up.
"Zac, come on....wake-up." I said.
He opened his eyes slowly. The first thing I saw was pain which made me mad. I sat beside him and sat there for as long as he wanted or til he fell asleep. I got up. Being in the room all day was getting to me. I just kept it inside which wasn't good. I walked the room for a little bit thinking.
"Jennifer? It's 12.pm. You need to sleep some." Sabrina said.
"Fuck you. I know what's best for me." I said.
"Mad are we?" Andrew asked.
"Go to Hell." I said as I ignored the rest of his comments. I walked the room. It was now 1:30 am.
"Jennifer?!" Sabrina yelled.
"What?" I said back turning around.
"You're mad, I know. Go to bed. You're also tired." She said.
"Sabrina, fuck off. I don't need someone else telling me what to do. So shut the fuck up." I said. Zac raised up and looked at me.
"Go back to sleep Zac." I said sweetly as he laid back down. I kept walking.

(in the room above)

"I don't like this John." Andrew said.
"Like what?" John replied.
"John... she is thinking, she's mad, she's hurt, and there's no telling what will happen. You have to put her somewhere else." He said.
"That'll make her madder dad... duh. She wants to be around Zac. Remember? She's married to him." Adam shot back. Andrew glared at him.
"Put her to sleep." John said.
He started the waves. I fought back.
"John they are half way and she still walking." He said.
John walked to the window. Zac was sound asleep. Me... I was still walking.
"Robert? Direct them on her or can you?" He asked.
"I can." He said and he did. He had them directed on me with no outside interference.
"Ok." He said.
"Turn it up." He added.
He started turning it up. It was hard to walk. I stood still.
"There... see." He said.
I was looking in front of me. A photo of my mom appaeared.
"Jennifer, look inside you. Honey, I know we never got along. Please trust me." She said.
"I'm trying." I said faintly.
I fought back the waves hitting me but they kept on in intensity. I closed my eyes, focusing on Zac, Isaac, and Amber and myself. John stood back watching a blue light push back against the waves.
"The pressure is building. If I keep it on it'll short the circuits." He said.
"Shut it off." He said.
The energy focused on it and hit the bubble hard. It cracked the outer side next to the wall. I walked a few feet then passed out.

~ ~ Ike and Amber ~ ~

At the time the light hit the bubble's surface they felt a surge of heat and a large glass dome incased them. They could move. Yeah but what they didn't see is why it disappeared. Ike sat thinking. Amber too.

~ ~ Taylor ~ ~

He was alone. Amanda had left to go home. He sat at the table. He had called my mom.
"Mrs. Mayo." He said.
"Taylor? Have they found her?" She asked.
"No. How did you know?" He asked.
"FBI." She said.
"I called to find out if there is anything we should know. Maybe she doesn't." He said.
"Taylor... she holds the power to protect whoever she wants. We had it planned to tell her at 17, but she wasn't home. She wouldn't listen. We never got to tell her. I have mentioned it. To much electricity can knock it of balance. That is when the protected can't be protected from her. If they are together and she gets to mad at anything then I don't know what will happen. She won't either. She won't kill anyone she loves them but there may be a few hurt feelings. But word is all she will use so Zac and em have nothing to worry about, but hurt feelings. However.... anyone else can be hurt... even killed." She said.
"Okay... but does she know any of it?" He asked.
"I'm afraid not." She said.
"I hate to say it." He said.
"Taylor, we'll try our best. We do love her and we have connected twice. Once when she was being hit with a lot of magnetic waves. It overworked her and she passed out. She's okay and so are the others." She said.
"Okay. Can you tell me where they are at?" He asked.
"Taylor... if I tell you you will go alone. There are to many people for you alone. Not even you and Amanda." She said.
"I understand." He said.
They chatted a few more minutes then they hung up. He got up.
"God, please take care of them and let them all come home safely." He said.
A gust of wind hit him from upstairs. He walked up and noticed there was a window open. He closed it and went to bed.

~ Amanda ~

She sat awake in her bed.
"I hate waiting. And more or less now Ike and em's gone. Can me and I do it? Can we really make it alive and save them?" She asked.
Her questions made a difference then.....

~ ~ Back with all of us ~ ~

John had me removed from the room. He locked it and Andrew didn't have a key. He kept it with him.
"John?" He said.
"No! You're not gonna hurt him. Forget it. He's done nothing to you." He said.
"He put me in jail." He said.
"Which you deserved." Adam said and walked ahead.
"Andrew? You're lucky I even considered letting you out. So deal with it. I run it. Not you." He said. He then directed them to the room.
"Leave her there till I can get some answers." He said.
He went to Ike and Amber's little room. He went to get Amber. He couldn't. He reached out and it stung.
"Aww. What the hell?" He said.
He grabbed a pitcher and threw it. She caught it and threw it back. He tried again. He got mad and left.
"I want answers. Not questions damnit." He said.
He thought.
"Don't let her out. Don't let her do anything. Keep her in there. Don't let her know how anyone is or where they're at and what they are doing. Especially you Sabrina. You don't mess with her. She has a thing with you. She can get you to tell her. Adam you take care of her." He said.
With that they all disappeared to separate rooms for bed.

August 28th, 2005.

I was awake when Adam came in. He handed me a change of clothes and a tray. I slung the tray at the wall and smiled.
"Ok, its a start." He said and he then walked out. The room was a light brown/tan color. It was smaller. I didn't like this one period. I got up and walked the room from one end to the other. Adam came in at noon. He handed me a list of questions.
"You answer then you go back. You don't and you stay here. You answer only half....you still stay here. He finds out that they are wrong you will go to a darkness room that he has." He said.
"I want to know how they are." I said.
"I can't tell you that. The faster you answer. The faster you know." He said.
I glared at the papers. I then held them up and ripped them.
"I don't take orders. I don't listen to little kids. I'm not twelve. I'm not here to be his little toy. I will wait. The longer it takes the less he gets." I said.
Adam walked out and relayed the message. He came down to my room. John walked in.
"Answer the damn questions or no more husband." He said.
"You won't kill him. You can't. So quit threating me. We had a fucking deal. You let him go if you got Andrew and you screwed it up. And I still complied. So now you either comply with me for something or you don't get a damn thing." I said.
He shut the door and thought and then walked back in.
"What is it you want?" He asked. I thought.
"Isaac and Amber, along with Zac will be released. They have nothing to do with what you want." I said.
"I can't do that." He said.
"I don't see why not." I said.
"Isaac and Amber know where we are." He said.
"True." I said and thought.
"Put Isaac, Zachary, and Amber in ONE room together. Not apart." I said.
He thought.
"That can be done." He said.
"Then do it and I want proof that they are together every single day." I said.
He walked out. About an hour later he brought a note back from Amber stating they were together in her handwriting and Ike and Zac had signed the bottom.
"Ok, I don't know what the hell happened. When I find out I'll let you know." I said.

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