The Babysitter - Part 3

Chapter 8

Ike was studying. He suddenly looked up.
"I can't sit here and wait." He stated.
"What can we do though?" She asked.
He sat there pondering.
"I had a weird dream last night." He said.
"What was it?" She asked.
"It was about Zac and Jennifer. They were together in a room. A white room. Someone was watching and knowing all that happened. She lost the ability to connect due to something that shocked her or something. But I feel like I know the place. I feel like it was a place I knew and I just can't finger it. I just can't place the location." He said.
She sat there a few minutes.
"A solid white room?" She asked.
"Yeah. I remember seeing her wet once from water." He said.
She thought for a few minutes. She then drew a small little map.
"Does this look similar to the place you know?" She asked as he looked at the map.
"Yeah, it does." He said.
"Come on." She said.
She dragged him out of the kitchen.
"Where are ya'll going?" Amanda asked.
"Stay with Taylor. If he wakes up tell him we will be back soon." Amber said. And with that they left. She drove for 45 minutes, coming to a large gate.
"Fish refinary. They had large tanks that had controlled water speed." She said.
"No one's been there in years though." Isaac said.
"No, I've been here in the last two years. I came on a dare and I spent the night inside. It's suppose to be haunted, buts it not." She said.
"Are you sure?" He asked.
"No." She said.
She walked to the gate.
"Its been moved." She said as she pushed the lock seeing that it caught.
"Darn." She said.
Ike walked up to it and looked up.
"Fifthteen foot gate." He said.
"Yeah. " She said as she watched him start to climb. She looked up at him.
"Isaac? Are you crazy?" She asked.
"How did you get in?" He asked.
"I went between the two gates. But I can't now." She said.
"Alright then." He said.
He was a little over half way when she started to climb also. He was over the top before her. He waited a few minutes for her. Once she was down on the ground the two walked up the long driveway. On the way they had time to talk.
"Isaac, I didn't go out with you to get to Taylor." She said.
"I know." He said and he turned to her.
"Amber, there was a reason. A girl asked me out but I turned her down. I knew... I had you, but we don't have anything in common. I think you and Tay will be prefect for each other. But right now wait till he is over Amanda. There is a part of me that hates her for hurting him so just give him some time. Then try. Okay?" He asked.
"I understand.Isaac. Right now he has Amanda, Zac, Jennifer, the safety of the family and all on his mind. He doesn't need me also." She said.
They were finally approaching the steps. Isaac went up first. He pushed on the door.
"Its locked." He said.
They walked around til they found a window and then climbed through. They came in on one of the refinary rooms with the tanks. They walked around. Isaac was using the image he saw and walked to the room. He unlocked the two locks that slid across. He slowly stepped in. The white suits laid across the bed and then he saw a hairbrush. He walked in hitting the bubble. He then found the door and walked in. Amber was off in the back. He walked to the table. There on the table laid two brushes. One mine. One Zac's. He grabbed some hair from both of them for testing. He then checked the suits. He held them for a few minutes.
"They were here." He said as Amber came in.
"How can you be sure?" She asked.
"Because this is the room." He said.
She looked around and then heard a door open. They both bolted from the room. Amber went out the window first, but into someone elses arms. Isaac was caught inside. They brought her in and then sat them down.
"Who are you two?" He asked.
"Amber." She said.
"Isaac." He replied.
"Ahhh... Zachary's Brother and I assume a friend." He said.
"Yes." They said in unison.
He decided to call John and he did. He told them to keep them there and they did as ordered.

~ ~ With Taylor & Amanda ~ ~

Taylor was still asleep as Amanda was looking through some files. She was half done with them when Taylor woke up. He came down stairs and looked around.
"Where is everyone?" He asked.
"They left about two hours ago. Wouldn't tell me where." She said seeing he had a blank expression cross his face.
"Taylor?" She asked.
"He's got em." He said.
"Got who? Who?" She asked.
"Whoever has Jen and Zac now has them. I dreamed it." He said.
He walked to the living room and sat down.
"It's up to us?" She asked.
"I guess so." He said sadly.

~ ~ Me and Zac ~ ~

I had leaned over and fell asleep on Zac's shoulder. He had his arm around me. He was protecting me maybe. He was watching the scenery go by. The guy in front of us had a gun. John and Robert sat up front. Sabrina was next to the man with the gun. Me and him were the only two in the back. I opened my eyes. He didn't know I was awake. It's what I wanted. To be held. To be loved and I was. At 3:30 we arrived at the Jail. Robert, John, Sabrina, and the guy got out and then got us out.
"Zachary stays here." John declared.
"He has to sign the paper since he had him locked up. I have to go to get him in." I said as I looked at Zac. He had fear in his eyes. I knew he didn't want to go in.
"Well, if you're not back out in three hours say goodbye to Zac's brother, Isaac and your friend Amber." He said.
The fear turned in Zac's eyes. He was really scared.
"It may take longer. If it does I will come tell you." I said.
"Ok." He said.
I started toward the building when I noticed Zac hesitated. I walked back to him and grabbed his hand. He followed but not really wanting to. I approached the gate.
"I need to see a prisoner." I said.
"Name?" He asked.
"Hanson, Jennifer." I said.
He checked for the name.
"Go on." He said and then he stopped Zac.
"He comes to." I said.
He gave us both a pass. We walked to the door and then went inside. First I got a tablet and wrote down some instructions. One told them who I was, that I was in trouble and that two others were also. Second I told them where John was in the parking lot. Third I told them not to say a word. They complied, but missed John. He had left the parking lot.
"I need to see Andrew Jean Jackson and his son." I said.
"He's in solitare right now." He said.
"Get him anyway." I said.
He got Adam and brung him down. Zac sat down.
"Adam, you're being released." I said.
He blankly stared into space. Andrew soon got there also as Zac looked away.
"Awww... Zac still scared?" Andrew asked.
"Leave him alone." I said.
"He's scared. I'd be two if I was looking at a face like yours." Adam said. Andrew gave him a look of hate and sat down.
"Zac, sign." I said.
"No. I can't." He said and got up to leave. I ran after him.
"Zac? Think of Isaac and Amber. You have to." I said.
I had the papers but they were fake.
"Zac." I said.
He walked back and sat down where the guard had brung them before Andrew got there. He leaned forward and signed his name. I signed my new name. It had to have Hanson after it. We then got up and left while they got ready. I walked down the hall pacing the floor as the minutes went by, wondering what it was gonna be like to have John and Andrew together with one loving to hurt while the other one liked to rape. Good combination. At 5:45 we all walked out with Andrew and Adam chained . Zac was behind us. He wanted to run and I knew it. The only thing keeping him from not running was the fact Ike and Amber were theirs now also. When John picked us up he had a larger van. Me and Zac again were put in the back. Adam and Andrew sat in front of us. The man and the gun along with Sabrina in front of them. John and Robert in the front and John drove this time. About fifthteen minutes into the ride Andrew reached back and patted Zac on the leg. Pretty close to.
"How are you?" He asked.
Zac pulled away. I grabbed his hand stopping him.
"Leave him alone." I said.
He pushed my hand away. I pushed it right back.
"He's mine Andrew. Get over it." I said.
He snickered and turned around. Adam looked back. He didn't look to happy to be out. He gave Zac a look of concern. Zac just nodded and Adam left him alone. After a little while Andrew got the pleasure of blind folding us both. I got smart though. Zac slid over and I laid down. With my head in his lap he can't do any harm. I did actually fall asleep. When he got back Zac woke me up. I got out in between Zac and Adam. I had to change to undo the blindfold. All I could see was dirt mostly and concrete. After getting inside he removed the blindfold. Andrew was by his choice, behind Zac. I let Zac get in front of me and walked on. I could feel him. He was to close on purpose. I stopped once letting him bump into me. Then shoved him back.
"Stay away from me." I said.
"Now... now Jennifer. No fighting,." Robert said.
Zac was now scared. Adam was concerned. I was mad. And Robert well.... he was the same as was everyone else, except Sabrina. She joined in on Adam's concern. Me and Zac went back to the bubble and Adam got to go back with the rest. Zac laid down quietly and just laid there. I got behind him.
"I won't let him hurt you." I whispered.
"Guys, change again." Robert said.
I waited til they were closed. Zac changed fast. He was out of one suit and in the other one in like ten seconds. I changed a little slower. I then laid back down behind Zac who was now crying a little.
"Zac? Are you alright?" I asked.
"No." He said.
"It's ok." I said and I put my arm around him.
"I'm here for you." I said.
"I know." He said.
I kissed his check. Andrew came in and he grabbed Zac by the shirt and pulled him toward the door. Zac pulled back and I grabbed him.

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