The Babysitter - Part 3

Chapter 7 - Continued

"Thank you." I said.
She had a bottle of red liquid.
"Whats that?" I asked.
"Water won't help you. I am going to feed you intravenously. This has a lot of nutrients in it. So I'll hook it to a IV." She said and she did. She then started to leave.
"Do you have kids? Sisters? Brothers? A family?" I asked as she looked at me.
"Yeah. I have six brothers and sisters. A dad. A mom. But they all left me when I married Robert. Look, I'm sorry for what he did to you and I am sorry that you're here." She said.
"No you're not. You're sorry, because you know you can help but won't." I said.
"NO! You don't understand." She said and left.
"I want to though." I said.
I did sleep a few hours.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ At the house ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Taylor laid awake. He couldn't understand. Amanda walked in.
"Taylor, are you awake?" She asked in a low voice.
"Yes I am." He said.
She sat down at the foot of the bed.
"Its hard to believe. Isn't it?" She asked.
"Yeah. She didn't seem the type to hurt someone." He said.
"Taylor, I'm sorry." She said.
"For what?" He asked.
"For hurting you. I know it hurts you to be around me. And I know why you stay away, but please listen for a minute to the reason why." She said.
"Because you don't love me anymore." He said.
"Taylor... listen." She said.
He nodded.
"I've seen you with Amber and every other girl. I know it hurts. When I came out I didn't expect to really be able to see you and then Jennifer brung Zac over when he needed the help. I was there. I kept it a secret. I watched her get hurt so many times by family and friends and Andrew and Adam. Taylor she cares about Zac and she will bring him home. I still love you but its not the same. We can't be with one another. Its like we drifted apart." She said.
"Amanda, we did. I don't know what did it. But we did." He said.
"Andrew caused it. He took us apart. Maybe it is for the best that we aren't together." She said.
"Amanda? You'll always be the first. But I think it's best too. We can remain friends." He said.
"Yeah. As for that shot Jennifer took.... Taylor... she didn't do it because she wanted to. She had to. Something had forced her to do it....maybe. Don't judge." She said.
"I'm not judging. I was just saying...." He said.
"Yeah. Well, you've been up for more then twelve hours. Get some sleep. Taylor? She'll bring Zac home or Zac'll bring her. They'll be home before you know it." She said.

August 27th 2005, 6:00 am
Tulsa, Facility

I have yet to find a way out. He wants to know something about Andrew and them. I won't tell and he refuses to give up. Its killing Zac. Everyday he takes me out away from him. It kills me to know its hurting him. He doesn't know what he does to me. Now I was in a room in the back. I had learned the layout and all. But I can't seem to figure out how they get in and out. He was pressuring me. He hadn't found the weakness yet..
"Tell me." He said.
"No." I said.
He continued and then walked out.
"What do I have to do to get you to tell me?" He asked.
"Let us go and leave me alone." I said.
"I can't do that. You'll tell first thing." He said.
I thought about that a few minutes.
"You never intended to let me go... did you?" I asked.
"No. I was gonna kill you but you can prove helpful afterall." He said.
I swallowed hard.
"And you'll never let Zac go either?" I asked.
"Nope." He said.
"I'll tell you but you have to do something for me." I said.
"What is it?" He asked.
"You can keep me all you want but let him go. He can't help you. He doesn't know it. He's not even an agent. He can't go anywhere. So just let him go. Let him go home to his family. Once I am sure he's safe at home I'll tell you everything you want to know. Where's he's at and I'll even get him out." I said. I knew I was crazy to say get him out.
"You can get him out?" He asked.
"Yes. I can." I said.
He walked out for thirty minutes and he did nothing. The room was silent. He walked back in.
"I'll comply. He'll be released. You're going to tell him." He said.
He led me back and closed the door. Zac sat up. Usually I don't get back till well after midnight. I looked at him.
"You're going home. You won't worry. You'll file for a divorce. You'll move on." I said.
"I can't. I won't." He said.
"You will. He's letting you go. You'll be taken to the house an let out. Once you are safe I will tell him what he wants to know." I said.
"No. I won't leave you here." He said.
"Zachary? You're going home. Don't argue with me and don't complain." I said.
"I'm not going." He stated.
"Yes you are." I said.
"No I'm not." He said.
"Zac? You're not older then me. You're going home. You deserve to be with your family. They are probably worried sick about you. Now go!" I said.
"No." He said.
Robert came in and pulled me out.
"You have fifthteen minutes till he's ready to leave. One shot or he stays to." He said and then put me back in again. I walked to him and sat down.
"Zac? The chances of him letting you leave is slim. You have to go now. He won't stop until he knows. The deal was you're safe and he gets what he wants. He has told me he won't hurt me....well Kill me if I help him. You have to go. I won't take no for an answer." I said.
"You'll have to." He said.
"No. I won't. If I have to have them put you to sleep I will. You're going." I said. I got up. He sat there a minute.
"I won't file for a divorce." He said.
"You have to." I said.
"NO!" He said flatly.
"Zac." I said.
"I won't get a divorce. I won't go out. I won't get married again. No. You're the one I want." He said.
"You're going home. What you do then is your business." I said. I knew it was hurting him. It was hurting me to.
"Jennifer? Why are you telling me to get a divorce?" He asked.
"Because... I don't know how long I'll be here." I said.
"Say it. Tell me the truth. You don't think you'll ever get out." He said.
"No I don't. I don't know if he's going to kill me or not. I don't know if he'll ever let me out. I can't say Zac." I said. He turned toward me and cradled my face in his hands.
"I won't forget you're here." He said.
"I know." I said. I hugged him and heard him whisper in my ear.
"I'll come back for you. I won't let you stay." He said.
John suddenly came in.
"Change of plans." He said.
"Huh?" I asked.
"Sorry. I thought about it. No one's going anywhere. If he leaves I can't hold his life against you. Geez you're smart. But not smart enough." He said. He grabbed Zac and put a knife to his throat.
"Tell me now or say good bye." He said.
I waited a few minutes and saw that he started sliding it, seeing the blood start to run down his throat.
"Andrew and Adam are in a prison in upstate Missouri. I can get him out on parole, but it'll be six months." I said.
"I want them now." He said as he slid the knife a little further.
"Stop. I'll have to be let out or taken there. Zac has to go or I don't. I'll have to talk to the warden." I said.
He thought a minute. Tears ran down Zac's cheeks. Blood was trailing down his neck. He pressed it a bit more.
"I can push for early release if you tell me why you want him out." I said.
He thought.
"I'll tell you later." He said and removed the knife from his throat, but he grabbed his arm good.
"Don't hesitate again." He said and pushed him to me. I caught him. I sat him on the bed. I got the first aid kit.
"I'm sorry." I said.
"You didn't do anything." He said.
"No, if I had told him before." I said.
He lifted my face up.
"Don't blame yourself. You didn't do anything." He said.
I grabbed the bandages.
"Can I see your arm?" I asked. He let me look at his arm and I bandaged it up.
"Are you ok?" I asked.
"Yeah." He said. I kissed him.
"You'll get out." I said.
"You haven't kissed me since I got here." He said.
"Yeah... I know." I said. I kissed him again. He looked confused.
"Zac? They can't keep us from touching one another, nor can they stop us from kissing." I said.
"True." He said.
He returned the kisses. I sat down on the bed and waited. About thirty minutes passed by. It was close to 10:30. Sabrina came in with two trays.
"John said to eat. Then he'll close the curtains for you two so you can change. Then its off to Missouri." She said as she sat the trays down and then the bags. She walked out closing the bubble. We ate silently. The the curtains closed. It would be good to get out of the tight suit. As I changed it was hard. The suit was so dang tight. It took fifthteen minutes to get out of it. Zac was done before me. He had blue jeans on that were loose and a blue shirt. I had the same. Just the first suit was annoying. After changing I sat back down. After a few minutes John opened the curtains.
"Glad to see you made it in time." He said.
I nodded. He sent Robert down to get us. He handed us both a blindfold. When I put my on I left some under the bottom to look down. I followed Zac. I counted the paces and steps. I knew when we walked outside because it got hot all of a sudden. Even to be in August it was close to my birthday. The next day was my birthday. Once in the Van we got in the back. Just me and Zac put a seatbelt on. We drove for about an hour before John told us we could remove the blindfolds. I removed them. We were out of Tulsa.

~ ~ At the house ~ ~

"Where's Taylor?" Amber asked.
"Asleep... finally." Ike replied.
She sat down. She missed not having the gang.

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