The Babysitter - Part 3

Chapter 6

I had come to. But no one was in the room. The pain as so great. Sabrinacame in a short time later.
"Shh.... I know it hurts." She said.
I couldn't breath. I was shaking. I knew I had a short time left. She leaned over.
"It shocked your heart. We don't have the kind the doctor has. He madeone. We can't recreate. Robert went to get a defibulater. He should be back soon." She said.
I grabbed her hand.
"Cut it off." I said.
"No." She said.
"Please." I said.
"I can't. If I do I'll be joining you. I know you want it to end." She said.
Another burst of pain shot up my back as I closed my eyes, again. Robert finally got back. He and her did it right. Once was enough to shock everything back to place. My heart rate increased and my breathing was good. Robert checked the calender.
The 13th.
"The 13th." He said.
He wrote down what happen. After they were sure I was stable enough to be put back in the room, John brought it down. He had Zac in there also. Zacwas coming to. When Robert laid me beside him he walked out and closed the door. I was in the mix of coming around. Zac sat up. Shook the feeling off then looked down.
"Jennifer?" He said.
He moved some hair and noticed the marks and the red lines that ran across my arms.
"You son of a bitch!" He screamed.
John turned it up to about 60. It hit us both.
"John NOOO!" Sabrina screamed and yanked it back down.
"She can't go in now." She said.
He took the nob and walked out. I came to slowly. Zac was now laying beside me. I glanced to the wrong side at first seeing a bit blurry. I then turned my head the other way seeing Zac laying beside me. At first it scared me. I sat up to fast. It sent a shock of pain down my back. I leaned back. I turned on my side and shook him slighty.
"Zac?" I said. I shook him some more. He turned his head to face me. He was stillasleep though. I leaned over kissed his check.
"Zac, get up." I said. I pushed him a bit more.
"Please, wake-up." I said.
His eyes started to open a little. He was still half out. A few minutes later he was fully awake. He looked at me as I looked back.
"Well, looky here... love birds." John said.
I turned my head.
"Go on get up." He said.
Zac sat up. I laid there. Zac looked down.
"Aren't you gonna lean up?" He asked.
"He says I look sweeter laying down." I said.
"Not anymore. Now get up." He said.
I leaned up slowly. Zac did watch. I didn't want him to know.
"What is it?" He asked.
"Nothing. Just a cramp." I said.
He looked around.
"Where's the voice coming from?" He asked.
I looked to the window.
"Oh." He said.
"Dear Zac... I'm sure you felt that pain earlier?" He asked. He nodded as I looked up.
"Now.. now Jennifer... temper, temper." He said.
"Yeah right." I said. I looked away feeling the slight tingle.
"I won't tell." I said. "Forget it." I added.
"Do you want a repeat of earlier?" He asked.
I went back.
"No." I said.
"Then tell me." He said.
"I don't know." I said.
"Zac, maybe you do." I said.
"Who me?" Zac asked.
"Yes, there is something the waves pick up. Supposely a baby, but it's not."
"She's not pregant. Maybe you know what it is." He said.
Zac looked at me. My eyes told I knew and not to say a word.
"No.... I don't." He said.
The tingles began to increase. It was making me sleepy and weak. Not Zac though. His body wasn't use to it yet. I closed my eyes. The pain was increasing. He lifted my face up.
"What is it?" He asked.
I just looked.
"She's going to sleep. Nothing else." John said.
"How do you know?"
He asked.
"Your surounded by magnetic waves that tingle. She is use to it. Her body automatically goes to sleep. That is all." He said.
Zac leaned me back.
"I'll get us out." He whispered in my ear, before the pretty colors took over. He kept it low enough to keep Zac awake. He walked around trying to figure it out. He remembered the thing he placed, but he thought he put it in my mind.
"Maybe I messed up." He thought.
"Quit thinking so hard. You're making the machine go nuts up here." Robert said.
"If you quit monitoring me, I'll quit thinking hard." He snapped.
He brought it down some as I was slowly coming to again. John send Robert to come and get me. I was half awake. He grabbed my arm that woke me up. Sabrina had Zac held back in the corner with a gun. Robert led me out. Then Sabrina backed out. Zac had no choice. He took me back to the tank. He had guards all around.
"This time no catching the sides." He said.
He had a thick fence around it and it curved over the edges on the inside, so I couldn't climb over it. He took me to the middle.
"Now tell me." He ordered.
"I don't know." I said.
Sabrina handed the rope to him as he tied my hands.
"You won't make it out." He said.
"I don't know." I lied.
A step closer. The ropes got tighter.
"TELL ME!" He yelled.
"I DON'T KNOW!" I screamed.
He pushed me over the edge into the water. It is hard to swim when you can't move your arms. I did try though. After a bit of struggling I started swallowing water. Robert then looped a rope around me and pulled me up to the air. He then went ahead and pulled me out.
"Now you gonna tell?" He asked.
"N..No." I said as he started to throw me back in when John stopped him.
"Take her back. DON'T let her change." He said.
He left before. Then they took me back soaking wet. He just threw me in as I hit the floor. The cold concrete floor. Zac came over to me. I just laid on the floor with my back hurting. Zac picked me up and laid me on the bed. He tried to warm me up. The water was so cold. He turned the A/C on. I was shaking. Zac covered me up and laid down. He did a good job.
"John... he loves her. He's not gonna let her get cold." She said.
"I know. I want to know the bond they share." He said.

~ ~ ~ At the house ~ ~ ~

Amber paced the floor. Amanda paced also. They exchanged glances every now and then. Taylor sat upstairs racking his brain trying to find a clue he missed. It hit him like a freight train. He got up and flew down the steps.
"John Richardson!" He yelled, scaring Amanda and Amber and also scared Ike of his concentration mode.
"Who?" They all asked.
"That guy that got her cousin. Zac said he had nightmares of someone else. Not Andrew." He said.
Amanda checked it out.
"He escaped five months ago." She said.
"Yeah it was on the radio when we were coming home. I remember now it scared Zac. What if he has both of them?" He asked.
"They have a better chance of survival." Amanda inquired.
Amber just glared at her while they went through endless ideas and his previous places of living.

~ ~ At the complex~ ~

He had gotten tired of the lovey dovey stuff and warmed the room up. Pain surged through my back. I couldn't go to sleep, unless I was put to sleep. Robert told John that so he refused to start it up.
"She'll eventually tell, once the pain gets so bad...and she can't take it any longer, she'll tell. Then, I will know." He said.
He left for his day's work and left Robert in charge. He got impatient and he came down and opened it. Zac sat up. He had one arm over me.
"Leave her alone. You've done enough." He said.
"Shut up." He said.
He grabbed my arm and partically yanked me out of the bed.
"Leave her alone!" Zac screamed. He slapped him once.
"You shut up!" He commanded.
He closed the bubble just to annoy him more. He did it right in front of him. It hurt to be slammed against the wall. Touched, I hit the bubble once. It was harder then it looked. Blood ran down my face from the cut on the side of my head, also on my arm. I sat there once for a little bit just waiting. Zac was helpless. He can't get out. I was dazed with blurry vision. I couldn't see him clearly.
"Robert? Stop." Sabrina commanded from the door. I heard her and could see her a little.
"Not till she tells me." He said.
"Will you quit fucking touching her. You're my husband." She said.
All he did was smile as he pulled me up. I was waiting near the wall as I blocked my head with my hand still hurting. The pain increased in my back. I guess he got bored or frustrated. He backed me against the wall and got my throat. He wouldn't let go. I felt for the ground. There wasn't one. I was beginning to see over his head. I grabbed his hands trying to pull them away. Zac motioned to kick him and I did to. It caught him in the stomach. He dropped me. I went for the door first thing. I tripped once and I got back up. The minute I went through the door an alarm went off. Red lights started flashing. A loud noise rang in my ears. It was so loud. Sabrina shoved me back in. and all was quite. He was mad then. I backed up against the wall. He was fixed to throw me against the wall. John stepped in and he lifted me out of his arms sitting me against the edge of the bubble. He looked at Robert.
"You do this?" He asked.
He stood silent. John leaned down checking the side of my face.
"Sabrina? Go get the first aid kit." He said. She nodded and down the hall she went.
"Robert? Did you or did you not do this?" He asked again.
"Yes." He said.
She ran back in as he took the first aid kit and opened the bubble. He commanded Zac to stay back. He threw the kit at him, then helped me up to join him. Zac caught me as I fell forward. He laid me down and started the bandaging.
"Robert.... I told you when I left to leave the pain there. Not increase it on your own." He said.
"The pain doesn't bother her." He said.
"He touched her too." Sabrina added in.
Now that made him mad.
"You put your hands on her again... I will beat the hell out of you. And you may not make it home." He threatened and then walked out.

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