The Babysitter - Part 3

Chapter 5 - Continued

"Stop." I said.
"What is it? You look pale." He said.
"Zac? I can't hold on.....I need you....I can't hold on......I can't Zac..." I said.
"Yes you can." He said.
"No.....he tried to...." I stopped. There was a sharp pain. I looked up. I could taste the blood again before I collapsed again. He was sent back. I slipped into a coma. He came to with tears flooding his cheeks.

"She's in a coma." He said.
Amanda backed up tripping over a plant and fell on her back. It dazed her for a few minutes. She was in the same state I was in. She located me.
"Jennifer?" She said.
I didn't get up but just laid there....out.
"You have to live." She said before she faded again and slipped back to her real self. They had both of them lay down.

Robert knew something was wrong.
"She's not responding. JOHN!!!!" He screamed.
"What?!?" He asked.
"She's in a coma! Are you happy now?" He asked.
"No. Bring her out." He said.
"I can't. I don't have the right equipment. She can do anything and we can't tell." He said.
"She's not. If you're in a coma, you can't do anything." He said.
He started a strong medicine in a large dose. He prayed it would work. My head slowly came around as I shifted a little. He knew the pain would be great. He took novacain and gave it to me. Till he could return me to the room I felt nothing. I saw blurry images for awhile though. I knew when he returned me to the room. Sabrina changed me since the ones I had on were absolutely filthy. He didn't take me there yet but let me lay there. I don't know why. He had an idea. He told John so it was ok. My vision seemed extremely blurry.
"If you're wondering why your vision is blurry well I put a solution in them. You won't be able to see straight this is so you can't locate things that way." He said.
"Figures." My head thought.
As the novacane wore off the pain started to increase. I started moving to make it go away but nothing worked. It continued and became stronger. He let it get good and bad.
"Now, tell us why." He said.
"I don't know." I said. Tears started to flood my cheeks washing the stuff out of them.
"I don't know." I choked out.
"Yes, you do." John said.
He kept asking over and over. Eventually the pain took over. Tears just flooded my cheeks. John increased the temperature of the room to about 96. It was hot and the pain was mostly worse in my abdomen and my lower neck and back. I tried to act like it wasn't there but they knew better.
"The pain won't go away until you tell us." He said.
"I don't.....KNOW!" I screamed. It stung. I laid my head back as the pretty colors started to show.
"Robert, John.....she's going into shock. Take the pain out now." Sabrina said.
"No. I want to know." John said.
He turned the dial on and up to about 60. It was like the time before, coming on hard and fast. Only the pain was ten times more this time. It hit and I closed my eyes almost right off.
"There she goes." Sabrina said.
"What?" Robert asked.
"She's out guys. Take a hint. Shock will do that. I am the medical person here... not you two. Now either you learn to get right medical attention or go ahead and kill her now, cause it is usless. Maybe she doesn't know. Ever consider that?" She asked.
He finally lowered it.
"Let the waves handle some of it." He said.
Rainbow colors swirled around me. Nothing was centered. Nothing was clear. It was all hazy. It was damp where I stood. Tears. I walked a bit. Taylor sat in front of a fireplace crying. I was to weak to reach out to him. He was connecting with me. He looked around.
"I know you're here. I know you can hear me. And I know you're in terrible pain. Is there a way to show us where you are?" He asked.
"No." I whispered. He nodded.
"Jennifer, I know you're wondering what is going on. Listen... the magnetic waves opened a section of your brain that will link you to people that are close to you, like Zac, me, etc. You open ours up. All of the pain you feel we feel. At least to some degree. Now they want to know something. Why the scan shows you to be pregnant and you're not is just an illusion. Zac placed it. THEY CAN'T KNOW. " He said.
I nodded.
"Why are you crying?" I asked.
"Amanda." He said.
"What happened?" I asked.
"She was cheating on me. Amber is being a good friend. She is helping." He said.
"She will. Taylor tell Zac that I love him." I said.
The pretty colors were fading. The pain was seeping back in. Sabrina had left and so had Robert. John was still there. Just the two of us. He brought me out. The pain was great. I knew something wasn't right. He opened it as I laid there with the pain taking over.
"Tell me." He ordered.
"I told you. I don't know." I said.
He hit me. The pain exploded. More then trying to walk or pushing myself. I knew it would be a while and a lot of pain then. I denied it. No matter what he did. I kept my mouth shut for once, no matter what. It hurt so much. By the time Sabrina and Robert got back it was beyond bareable. Tears flooded down my cheeks, soaking the top of the suit and neck. I was in a place where I couldn't move. Well over two inches there was a electric shock around it. I was considering just ending it. Zac kept me alive. He kept my hope up. Neither one of them knew how to shut it off either. Well they didn't know the password. Sabrina walked down.

"Jennfier?" She said.
I directed my eyes her direction.
"Shut it off." I said.
I could feel the heat as it was getting smaller. The circle was closing.
"We can't. We don't know the password. Where did he go?" She asked.
"I don't know." I said.
She walked around and looked at the black and blue marks and showed me where he had hit me.
"I'm sorry." She said.
Robert came down with a ladder. He put soft thingys on the end. He laid it over a fork lift. Actually he lowered it until it was above my head.
"Jennifer? Grab it and hold on. I'll try to lift you." He said.
He kept bringing it down. It hit the lines and a loud bang went off. It shook the floors and rattled the pans. I screamed as it closed completely. It shocked me so much as to knock me out almost instantly. Nothing showed... no colors, no light, nobody. Nothing but darkness. Robert shorted the wires and he and Sabrina took me to the lab. He cut the suit some to make sure. He found a heartbeat which was weak. My breathing was shallow. John came in.
"Why is she in here?" He asked.
"You're plan worked good." Sabrina said taking the gloves off and walking out. He followed.
"You know what I want to know?" He asked.
"No. I know you'll never find out. I know if you don't get her to a hospital she has about three hours left. She won't wake up. She won't respond. The magnetic waves will do no good. She's in extreme shock. When your plan closed it hit the wires and it shorted the suit out and gave her a electric shock. Just like the doctors use to revive people. It shocks the heart. You did it John. Congratulations." She said and walked off. Robert knew. John silently cussed himself out.

~~~~~The house~~~~

Zac laid down but to no avail. He couldn't take a nap. He got back up. He had a sick feeling like something was wrong. He walked down the steps.
"I'm going for a walk." He said.
"Okay." Ike said.

He walked out the door and started down the street. He was in his own world unaware of the black van pulling up behind him. He felt the sting from the needle in his thigh. The three men quickly grabbed him in the van and drove off.

Amanda sat in her apartment thinking. She knew she hurt Taylor and she knew she would never have him back. She just wished it didn't hurt her so much.

Amber sat in her house which Ike was suppose to move in. She sat thinking. They had broke-up and now Ike wasn't moving in. Zac was right. They both felt the same. She felt anger toward Amanda and pain toward Taylor. She loved him. She layed down to sleep with her mind drifting. She saw Zac walking down the street. She saw the van and the three men pick him up and take him. She sat up-right grabbing the phone and called. Taylor answered.
"Hello?" He said.
"Taylor? Where's Zac?" She asked.
"He went for a walk. He couldn't sleep." He said.
"Taylor, it's noon." She said.
"Well, he couldn't sleep in a nap. Why?" He asked.
"I think he's been kidnapped. I had a dream. He was walking and a black van pulled up. Someone shot a dart or something and he fell. Three men picked him up and put him in the van and left. If I'm right... you should find his wallet laying in the yard." She said.
Taylor and Isaac went and checked. Sure enough his wallet layed on the grass a few feet from a sharp dart that laid on the ground. It scared them both and they called backed Amanda and had her and Amber come over.

Zac came to a short time after feeling his thigh hurt. He was in a twelve by twelve padded room. A few minutes after he came to. John walked in. Zac stood up fast, not knowing him but he had a feeling he did.
"Zachary Walker Hanson." John said.
"I know my name. Now your's is?" Zac shot back only to get slapped.
"Keep ya attitude to yourself. I'm in no mood." He said.
Zac held back all other comments. He walked out as Sabrina brought the same suit to Zac, only it was his size and a bit looser in the pants. She stood waiting.
"Um... excuse you." Zac said.
"Oh sorry." She said and walked out. He changed not knowing why, but to afraid not to. Sabrina was in charge temporarily while Robert went to get something at the hospital.

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