The Babysitter - Part 3

Chapter 6 - Continued

I grabbed Zac's hand.
"It's not my head." I said.
"What is it then? Tell me. Please." He said.
"It's my back. He knows that...." I said.
"What about it?" He asked.
"It had that bad place. I think the disk is slipped again." I said.
"What can I do?" He asked in a soft caring voice. One I loved. One I wanted.
"It's gonna hurt... I know. You have to push it back in place." I said.
"How? I've never had to." He said.
"Trust me..you have to take your hand and put it over and push hard and fast." I said.
"But it'll hurt you." He said.
"Zac? Its better to have a few minutes of pain, then to never walk again." I said. He thought for a minute.
"Where is it?" He asked.
I turned over.
"You can find it." I said.
He ran his hand down locating the slipped one in my spinal cord.
"Ok." He said.

John wondered what he was doing.
"Slipped disk." Robert said.
"You know about it?" He asked.
"Yeah the source of her pain." He said.
"That can kill her." John said.
"I know. You said be mean." He said.
He went back to watching.

"Are you ready?" Zac asked.
"Yeah." I said.
I got a patch of gause to bite on. He pressed a little. I felt a twig of pain. In a split second he shoved all of his weight down. It shot a sharp pain to my head. It hurt a lot. I bit down on the roll. Tears sprang instantly to my eyes, flooding my cheeks. He had to repeat it. The amount of pressure put me over the top as I passed out. He tried to wake me up.
"Jennifer? Come on... get up." He said.
I finally did. There was little pain, but not a lot. I got up as he watched me.
"Better?" He asked.
"Yeah." I said as I hugged him. I was glad to have him close to me again, I thought, while I was hugging him.
"If you get a chance to go... go and don't worry about me." I said.
"I will worry... so no." He said.
"You always were stubborn." I said. He sat on the floor while I stood next to him, trying to figure it out.
"Do ya'll ever sleep?" I asked.
"Nope. Someone watches you twenty four hours a day." John said as he sounded preoccupied.
"John?" I said. He looked up at me.
"I'm ready to tell you." I said.
He wasn't preoccupied then while Zac looked at me. I smiled and he stepped forward.
"Well?" He asked.
"An illusion. You're to blind to see it and it's all your fault. You caused it with the waves. Not my fault." I said.
He thought.
"We checked that. You're lying." He said.
He did something as a buzzing came to me only. I closed my eyes trying to surpress it. I had a vision of my mother. She sat in the middle of the bed concentrating.
"Jennifer, I know your here and I know you can hear me. Listen carefully. You can handle him. You have to use the power. It will be hard. I never could tell you about it. Look inside yourself." She said..
The picture faded. Zac was shaking me as I opened my eyes.
"Huh?" I asked.
"Are you ok?" He asked.
"Yeah." I said.
"Are you sure? You just fell." He said.
"Yes, I am." I said.
I felt around where the buzzer came from and puilled a chip from my hair. I felt around the same spot for Zac and found another one. I hid them both.
"Now John... you know that wasn't powerful enough to..." I stopped. My head drained. There wasn't a single thought.
"I..." I started. Nothing.
"Jennifer?" Zac said.
"You were saying?" John asked.
I looked around. I forgot where I was. Who I was? Who was he? Not a single thought. Not even a single memory. I sat down not knowing what to do. Zac stood there confused.
"What did you do to her?" He asked.
"A temporary block. We're monitoring something." Robert said.
"Pick her up and lay her down." John said.
Zac tried to, but I wouldn't let him. It hurt him.
"If you find out will you leave her alone?" He asked.
"Yeah, I just want to know." He said.
"So if I told you you would bring her back and leave her alone?" He asked.
"Yep." He said.
Zac looked at me. I looked at him with a confused look wanting an answer, but not knowing what to ask.
"It's a block. She has a power to connect to people in deep sleeps. I put it there. I won't lie. I did it to protect her. I thought you would kill her if I didn't. It's my fault. She didn't know." He said.
John sat down and thought.
"Well, why should I believe you? You'll do anything." He said.
"I should know.... shouldn't I? I want her back. Like you said I'll do anything." He said.
John commanded he do it.
"Listen I know she took it off. Place it behind her ear on the red dot. I put it there in case she did." He said.
He had one problem though, I wouldn't let him. He grabbed my arms and pulled me to him. He held them down and placed it back on me. John pushed the button and then again the buzzing. Then I laid against him falling asleep.
"Lay her down. When she wakes up she should remember everything." He said.

It was close to eight then. Sabrina had supper fixed. When I woke up I turned over and almost fell off the bed. Zac sat at the end of the bed eating soup. I sat up while he slid a plate to me. I slid it away. I didn't feel like eating. He then grabbed the plate and sat it aside.
"Are you alright now?" He asked.
I thought back.
"Yeah, what happen?" I asked.
"He erased your memory." He said.
"Oh." I said.
I took the chip off again and I threw it to the side. Zac was about done.
"Bathroom." I said.
Sabrina came down. She led me down the hall while I paid attention to every door and alarm. I also got to change, then go back. The suit was about the same tightness. I walked back. She opened it as I walked in turning around and watched her close it. I then walked back. I ate a little. Mostly what Zac made me eat. He sat at the head. My head hurt a little, so I laid down laying my head in his lap. Robert brought us some books. Zac was gonna read one. He started it while I laid there. He started to pull the hair out of my face. I started falling asleep while Zac kept on reading. Robert started the waves again. Zac came close behind me.

~ ~At the house~ ~

They all tried to locate him but none of them could.
"All we can do is sit and wait. I know Jennifer... she won't let them hurt him. As Zac won't her." Ike said.
"Isaac? You don't know this man. He can kill his own kids. Let alone two that aren't his." Amanda said.
Amber agreed for once.
"Well, you're not helping. He is our brother and she is our step sister. Now deal with it. They will take care of each other." Taylor yelled and went up-stairs with Isaac close behind him. Amber looked at Amanda. Amanda looked at Amber.
"Step-sister? When did they get married?" Amber asked.
"I don't know." She said.
They sat down quietly for a while and talked. Mostly about where they could find us. Up stairs, Taylor and Isaac were sitting on our bed.
"Isaac? Do you really believe they'll get home safely?" He asked.
"Yeah. Why shouldn't I?" He asked.
"Isaac, they said he could kill anyone." Taylor said.
"Taylor? The're alive. He isn't done yet." He said.
Taylor laid down for a nap while Isaac sifted through police reports.

~ ~ 12:30 pm. Facility in Tulsa ~ ~

Robert sat awaiting futher instructions. He leaned up and looked down at me and Zac.
"Why them?" He asked.
Sabrina walked in.
"He has power over them. He knows them." She said.
"Honey, that I know. But why? How does he know her? He has a special thing for her." He said.
"Robert.. he knows her personally. He killed a family member. She is weak if he says that. I just hope he lets her go." She said.
"Honey, they are as good as dead when he is done." Robert replied.
"I know." She said.
She walked back to clean and mend a suit. The one I had on when I fell down the hill. She was rewiring it. They were water proof anyway. She fixed the rips and the wires. Then she washed a few suits for both me and Zac. She only had one pair for him. She wasn't anticipating a guy, so she had to redo some of the seams to loosen them up. Once she was done she hung them up. She then walked to their bedroom. She laid down for some sleep. John came back shortly after she had gone to bed.
"Robert? Bring them out." He commanded.
He started bringing it down. John was impatient so he walked down and said he would talk personally to us and shut off the intercom.

I opened my eyes before Zac. He opened his shortly behind me though. John made sure the waves were gone and then opened the door.
"Get up. Come on." He said.
We both got up.
"What is it?" I asked.
"I came to tell you something." He said.
"Yes?" Zac asked.
"I have a job for you both." He said.
"A job?" I asked a bit confused.
"Yes...a job." He said.
"What is it?" Zac asked.
"I have a baby girl. Her name is Ashley and I would like to see her, but I can't. I can't go to the house. Police officers are watching. I want you to go. You're FBI Jennifer and you can get in." He said.
"They won't let Zac in." I said.
"Oh no. He won't go in. You will. But you see? If you tip them off or lead anyone back here or run, he will die. And I know you wouldn't do that to him. He'll remain in the van." He said. I looked at Zac as he nodded.
"Ok, but I need my badge." I said.
He threw it to me as the cold metal touched my fingers. He also handed me a bag.
"Here are some clean clothes. I think that is a bit to weird to go in with, so I took the liberty to buy a suit for you to wear." He said.
He led me to a room, where I had been before. I quickly changed. He had brought blue jeans which were loose and a really baggy shirt. I tucked it in. He handed me the FBI jacket once I was outside. I walked back where he had Zac. Robert stayed behind. He had four others to go along. They were big men who were six foot four something and they looked strong too.

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