The Babysitter - Part 3

Chapter 5

Taylor and Ike were doing a good job of getting him up.
"Zac, listen to me. I love you too, but don't hurt yourself. You have a family who cares." I said.
"I have you too." He said.
He then disappeared. I watched the circle, as he awoke. He was shaking. He told Taylor and Isaac about it. Ike then found it to be an emergencyto get back and started back.
"Don't go home." I keep saying.
Ike was headed straight for home. I went to Amber. She was now settledin a hotel room. I woke-up. It was still night but I didn't know.

June 12th 2005 6:00am.
Facility in Tulsa.

Robert Came with breakfast. Bathroom break. He then threw me in. I gotto eat outside, but something he didn't like since he threw me in. Notlet but threw and it hurt to. It had a concrete floor, which I hit. He slammed the door. It echoed for a few minutes then died down. I didn't seehim no more that day. I knew about the time. A small light under thedoor. I never knew til daylight was present. If it is gone it is night. It was daylight now, but no one all day.

Hanson drove into Tulsa, at 9:00. They went to their parents and stayed for an hour or so, then they went home. It was cold and dirty there, since no one had cleaned. Zac walked up stairs. It was all neat just the way it was left. Nothing had been touched.
"She hasn't been back or has and not stayed." He said.
"We will find her." Taylor said.
"Ok." He said.
They searched the whole place for a sign but like John said they found nothing. Nothing was there to find. Taylor was walking up the steps, when the phone rang.
"Hello." He said.
"Is Amanda home?" A guy asked.
"Um....no. Can I ask who is calling?" He asked.
"Yes... her boyfriend, Tommy." He said.
"Boyfriend? How can that be. I am her boyfriend." Taylor said.
"Apparently not her lover. Is she there?" He asked.
"Hell no she ain't. So go fuck yourself!" He replied and slammed the phone down.
Zac came out of the bedroom.
"What is it?" He asked. He saw the tears build up in his eyes.
"Taylor, what is it?" He reasked.
"She's sleeping with your best friend." He said.
"Who? Amanda?" Zac asked.
"Yes." He said.
Zac caught him as he leaned over crying. About then Amanda walked through the door.
"Taylor, sweetie you're home?" She asked. Zac tried to tell her not to but he was to late. Taylor turned around.
"I'm not your sweetie. Tommy is." He said.
He then went down the hall to mine and Zac's room laying down to forgetthe call. He drifted off. Amber came in shortly after. She was mad. She found Amanda and the two of them fought for like two hours. Isaac and Zac stayedout of the way. Finally Amber slapped her one good time.
"I told you. You're not gonna hurt him." She said. Zac stepped in then.
"Amber..it's to late.." Is all he said. He then walked up the steps to our room. Taylor was awake now. Zac hadn't seen Taylor cry that much, but he understood. He sat down.
"Taylor? Are you alright?" He asked.
"No, Zac." He said.
"At least ya didn't lie." He said. Taylor sat up.
"Why would she do it Zac? I thought she loved me." He said.
"Taylor, she does. But apparently not enough. She's to blind to see it. That is her fault." He said.
"Yes, you're right...but what am I suppose to do? I'm the one with the broken heart.... not her." He said.
"Taylor, hearts can be mended with the right touch and the right amount of love. I'm sure." Zac said. Taylor gave him a weak smile. Zac looked around.
"I just wish..." He started as Taylor hushed him.
"Zac, she's alright. You can't keep worrying and not doing anything." He said.
"Taylor, it's harder then you think. She's not here to talk me through it. Usually she is...but this time it is her that needs the help... not me. I don't know what to do." He said.
"Zac, none of us do. That is why we must try." He said.
"Maybe if we both keep busy...our breaking hearts can mend a bit." Zac said.
"Yeah, come on." He said.
"I must warn you she is still here." Zac said.
"It's okay." He said.
Zac walked down ahead of Him. Taylor came down to see Amanda standing at the foor of the steps with pleading eyes. He closed his then opened them.
"No, you won't hurt me. Not now. Right now you're safe. Jennifer isn't. If you care anything about her you will help. If not...I want you to leave and not come back." He said.
She lowered her head knowing it hurt him more then she thought it was unrepairable. She had struck to deep. Unlike Zac and Ike his feelings were easy to hurt. She saw the pain and tears that had flowed freely down his soft cheecks. So did Amber.
"Right now I think it is best she leave." She said.
"I agree." Isaac said.
"I don't." Zac said.
"Why not?" They asked.
"She can help. She has access to the FBI files and we don't." He said. He made her promise no more phone calls, no more advances. It's over for her and Taylor and to leave him alone. She agreed. They all sat down listing things.

The light had long since gone a few hours. I knew something was either wrong or happened. I got a bit brave and creeped up. The walls were sort of cold and slimy. I got to the top. I had learned to climb in the training courses. I felt air coming up around me, not below. I found the vent. I put a hand in. It tingled.
"Waves in the vents?" I asked myself. I eased back down.
"He knew I would." I said.
I sat back down. No need to try now. The waves would put me in a trance before I got out so I stayed. It was about 10:30 before anyone opened the door. It was Sabrina. She seemed to be picky.
"Come on." She said.
I was glad to go with her. She led me away from the bubbled room to a back room. She opened the door to a large circle pool. She led me on a board walk over it. I noticed it had been set up a special way, deep in the middle. You could tell. The water was going in circles. A loud bang and the water kicked into turbo speed. Water swelled up then came down in certain spots. He had dug it that way... deep in some sections and shallow in others. She stopped me in the middle. John came forward.
"You tried to get out... why?" He asked.
"No magnetic..dectors." My head screamed.
"I got tired of the darkness." I said.
"Well, it's been close to twelve hours since I thought about feeding you and I suggest you tell me what I want to know or take a bath." He said, gestering to the water below.
"I recommend you tell." Robert said.
"I can't tell what I don't know." I said.
"Not about that we figured it out. It was a mind trick. It was set up. Your fault." He said.
"Mine?" I asked.
"Yes, and I want to know why." He said.
"I don't know." I said.
He came and undone the door. It was a straight drop down about seven feet. He pushed me close to the edge.
"Are you ready to try it? Or tell me?" He asked.
"I don't know." I growled.
That done it and I was pushed over the edge. The water was cold, 45-50 degrees est, and the current was strong even for a circular pool. He must be a technical engineer or something. It pulled me down to the bottom which was about ten feet. I tried to swim up but it keep pushing me down. I felt it easy to move to the outside which I did. It pushed me to the top to fast. I got a good breath of air and grabbed the edge. It was dark in the room. He didn't see me. I was behind him. I looked around and saw a door, a light, and a road. I looked down about fifthteen feet here.
"Can I make it?" I asked.
I looked upward and I climbed up. The force of the water was now faster. He either turned it up or I just noticed one of them. I hanged outside a minute with the water dripping down to the floor. I then let go. It hurt yes, but not a lot and it faded. I started running. Sabrina was searching that side. I hid behind a box. She didn't see me....thank god. After, she moved back to the other side. They all looked puzzled. I went for the door. I looked for a handle and found the push handle. I pushed it and a red light went off. Then buzzers, lights, and sirens went off. It was loud. I pushed on the door. A rush of hot air hit me as I kept running. John called the swat team of his. I looked back to watch them. As I approached the steep drop off which I didn't even see it till I went off. It dropped off. I tried to run down but that didn't work. I slipped on some loose dirt. I finally got down to the bottom. I turned over on my back looking up. I could taste the sweet blood in my mouth. I spit it out. Reality was fading again, all by itself. I saw the grey uniforms approaching. I saw a familiar face. It was Agent Morris. He had been let out.
"Don't touch her. Leave her." He said.
"Nope. John said bring her back." They said.
I closed my eyes figuring I might as well. That dark blue sky would be the last sight I saw...ever. The ride up was okay for me. I stayed out of it the whole time. Once back to the facility he put me in a solid white room a emergency room.
"I told you steep hills would prevent her from leaving." John said, smiling.
"Yeah and put her in a coma why don't ya?" Robert asked.
"I might you." He said.
Sabrina stood over.
"She needs a doctor John... not us." She said.
He glared at her.
"She needs a bandage, nothing more." He growled. They excepted it.
I slowly opened my eyes looking in on Zac and em. My head hurt. The pain was unbreable.
"Zac!" I called out... time and time again.
"Zac....I need you! I can't hold on....." I said.
"I can't hold on..." I said.
He leaned back.
"Guys?" He said before he passed out.
"Zac....I need you. I can't hold on..." I said.
He slowly came in my view. Fading at first then the image was strong. He walked toward me.

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