The Babysitter - Part 3

Chapter 4

Taylor laid down and was soon asleep. Zac laid the map out. And calculated the fastest way then he headed that direction. He sensed something wasn't right. Not only with me, but with Isaac also. Ike woke up soon after Zac started driving. He joined him up front.
"How are you doing?" Ike asked.
"Fine. Taylor woke me up about an hour ago." He said.
Ike glanced at the clock.
"11:24.." He said.
"Yep." He said.
"Isaac, what is wrong?" Zac asked, catching him off guard.
"It's Amber." He said.
"What about her?" Zac asked.
"I like her... but I don't think it's the same. I think we were meant to be friends. But I don't want to tell her." He said.
"Isaac, don't lead her on. When we see them again tell her. Who knows maybe she feels the same." He said.
"Yeah, maybe you're right. I think her and Taylor make a good couple. They like the same stuff." Ike said.
"Yeah they like to read." He said.
"Yep." Ike replied.
"Do you think I'm overreacting?" He asked.
Isaac thought a few minutes.
"No, if I were you I would want to see also." He said.
"I just feel it. Something is not right." He said.
"I wonder how Mom and em are?" Ike asked.
"Yeah, me too. " He said.
Ike watched the fields and the sky go bye. Zac turned the radio on. He was tired of the quiteness.
"In News today. John Richardson has escaped. It has been five months since the escape and police are not certain of his where abouts. Reported to be In Oklahoma or in that area. He has a daughter about the age of three. He is considered extremely dangerous." The announcer said.
Zac pulled over.
"What is it?" Ike asked.
"John Richardson. Wasn't he the one that killed her cousin or neice?" He asked.
"Ummm... I think." Ike said.
"Dang it. She's in Missouri?" He asked.
"Yeah, suppose to be." He said.
"Okay." He said.
He then went back to driving, putting in a tape of me singing. He had me make it. Ike didn't know of the tape. He looked at the tape.
"Who is that?" He asked.
"Jennifer." Zac replied.
"When she do that?" He asked.
"Two months ago, right after we got married about three weeks. Give or take." He said.
"Okay." He said.

"Open up your heart to me.
And say what's on your mind.
Oh yes, I know that we have been through so much pain.
But I still need you in my life this time.
I need you tonight.
I need you right now.
I know deep within my heart it doesn't matter if it's wrong or right.
I really need you tonight"

The words flowed through his head and Ike's.
"Ain't that song by the Backstreet Boys?" Ike asked.
"Yeah, I like the song." He said.
"It's a miracle." Ike said.
"Yeah. Yeah." He said.
The words hit home. They described our relationship and life. So I did it. He kept the tape at all times. He should know it good. He missed a few words, but not many. Ike sat staring out the window in the back. Laying on the middle bed Taylor layed wide awake. He knew how much Zac wanted to be home and all.
"What if it's a mistake? A trick?" His mind asked. He had doubts and questions about Amanda also.
"She spends a lot of time on the phone." He said, out loud to no one. He got up and joined Ike and Zac up front. Brotherly bonding.

At the facility.
Where I am.

I was still in the trance. Rainbow colors flowed through my head, like a child just learning. But in a odd way I liked it. The pain wasn't there at all. John walked in.
"How is she?" He asked.
"She's fine. The heart rate and breathing are normal. Just peachy." He said.
"Lower it and bring her out. She does need to eat and have bathroom breaks. Can't deny natural function." He said.
"Yeah." He said.
He started lowering it. The rainbow started to fade as I came around. It had been ten minutes since he shut it off and he was worried now. He sprinkled cold water on my face. I opened my eyes slowly.
"Thank the heaven's." Sabrina said.
Robert looked at her.
"Yes... thank them." He said.
He made sure I was alright.
"Bathroom break and lunch." He said.
I choose the bathroom first. After I got back he handed me lunch. I sat in the bubble eating quietly looking around. I knew where they were watching from. And I also knew the suit had monitors through the top half, checking my heart and breathing. I felt the small patches and that was why it was skin tight. For some reason he was unsure of himself. Afraid even. He was scared of me. I finished the soup and started the salad.
"Why are you afraid of me?" I asked.
No answer.
"I know you can hear me. You're watching me now. Monitoring everything like my heart rate, breathing. So answer my question." I said.
"I'm not afraid of you." John said.
"Not you. Your assistant or whoever he is." I said.
"He's just edgy. Not scared." He said.
I smiled knowing an overcoming warmth. Knowing he was terrified. John knew that. He walked to the dial.
"Don't." Robert said.
He turned it up, half way. It hit fast and hard. It wasn't meant to do that, rocking me off center. I dropped the bowl. It shattered as it hit the floor. The waves hit every muscle and every cell of my body with full force. I Leaned forward but then laid back.
"John, stop it. You can kill her that way." Robert warned.
"He's not afraid of you. You should be the one afraid." He said.
It all sounded like a big blur to me. Nothing made sense. Nothing was defined and clear. Robert took it down slowly. I just laid there looking up at the ceiling. Robert, Sabrina, and John came down. He leaned over.
"Damn it John. It'll take me hours to bring her out. I told you those waves are like hypnosis. It'll send you back. You can kill her that way." He said.
"Well sorry. But you need to learn. She has to fear you, not the opposite. Now drop the sissy act. If you're to scared to hurt her you need to leave." He said.
John then turned and walked out. Mad now. Robert keep searching.
"Go turn it on slowly. Enough where it won't effect me." He said.
She followed instructions and did as he said. He brought it down slowly. Not all at once. I began to come to. Not spaced out. But the pain was unbearable. Tears fell down my checks. He had me scoot up. He took a washcloth and wiped the salad dressing off the pants leg and then cleaned up the floor.
"It won't hurt much longer. I'll put you back at the level I had you. The pain won't exist then. Okay?" He asked.
All I did was slightly nod. He closed it and she started it slowly then going up, till I was back to rainbow colors and dragons and knights. Robert sat and watched for hours on end. About 7:30 that night he brought me back out. I felt no more pain. I felt better. He gave me another bathroom break and then supper. I got to finish it this time. John was gone. But he didn't seem scared of me anymore. He was even strict. I had one hour to do everything. He let me stretch. I then sat back down as he closed the bubble. I got comfortable as he started the waves. The rainbow colors came back. I drifted, but not to the same reality world. A different one. I now sensed something... a road. Open space.
"Hello." I said.
The car swirved then stopped. I could tell it was a car. The person was looking around. The person opened the mirror.
"What is happening? I been seeing her and feeling her." She said.
As I stared back I knew her. Amber.
"Amber." I whispered.
"What the heck?!?" She asked.
"If you can hear me nod your head once." I said.
She nodded once.
"If you can't see me nod once." I said.
Again once.
"I'm in your mind. How?" I asked.
"I'm not sure. I don't know how, but I'm glad you're here. The long highways are boring." She replied.
"Amber, I sent Amanda with you. Where is she?" I asked.
"I left her. I can't watch her hurt Taylor. That is what she will do. I had to go. I left her in San Fransico." She said.
"Amber." I said.
"I think she has another boyfriend." She said.
"Okay. Well, we'll talk about it later face to face. Not sure who else is here. Go on drive again." I said.
She started again.
"What is wrong. How can I hear you?" She asked.
"I don't know. Maybe it is the state that I am in." I said.
"What state is that?" She asked.
"I'm in a state of.... I don't know." I said.
Her imagination started going.
"I may be able to...I'm loosing you." I said.
As I came to more rainbow colors, Robert was shaking me.
"Snap out of it." He screamed.
John was there.
"I told you this would happen. I warned you. I told you no higher then 50. But no." He said.
"Shut up Robert." John said.
He shushed.
"Who were you talking to?" He asked.
"Amber." I replied.
He didn't know her, so he didn't worry about it.

Springfield, Illinois

Zac awoke from a nightmare. He had woken Taylor up. Both of them had been watching TV and fell asleep. Zac had hit Taylor in the leg. Zac fell off the couch when he awoke, breathing hard. Taylor helped him back on the couch.
"Zac? What is it?" He asked.
He sat there catching his breath recalling the dream that just played through his head. Ike was worried and pulled over. He soon joined in the conversation.
"Zac? What is it?" He asked.

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