The Babysitter - Part 3

Chapter 3 - Continued

"NO ONE will find her. Now lay off it. I have unfinished business to take care of." He said, then walked out leaving his assistant, who was watching over me. A Robert. He never told his last name to anyone. He walked to the glass window that overlooked the room.
"Why did he have to take you? He knows it's a danger." He growled.
"John said to lay off Robert. I would." His wife Sabrina said.
"Yes, you are right. But what if I'm right?" He asked.
"Robert he knows what he is doing. Let him run it. Just do your job. Watch the girl." She said.

Fort Kent , Maine.
Apt.1 hour after I was kidnapped.
Place: Moter home.

"Taylor, where is Zac?" Ike asked.
"Asleep." Taylor replied.
Ike went and checked. He was infact asleep.
"Lord... I swear... if he keeps running off, we're gonna lose him." He said.
"Ike, calm down. After the fussing you did last time, I thought he would never leave this place again. But I got to admit..I am worried about her to. Isaac, you know her. She's not gonna just disappear." Taylor said.
"Taylor, she told me to take ya'll away. There has to be a good explanation." Ike said.
Zac came up the hallway a bit tipsy, still half asleep. Taylor and Isaac looked at him.
"Are you ok?" He asked.
"No, something's wrong. I can feel it." He said.
He sat down next to Taylor, who went for the forehead.
"Zac, you okay? You feel awful hot." Taylor said.
"I guess it teaches me not to run away and hide in the woods. It's cold up here, even for summer." He said.
"Yes, it is. Mostly at night." Ike interjected.
"But something's wrong. I can feel it... I know it. It's not her nature to disappear." He said.
"We know Zac. As we said. Amanda and Amber are with her. They'll help her in anyway and I assure you she is safe." Ike said.
"Isaac, that is what I am afraid of. The're girls Ike. Not guys. If one gets hurt or two what will the other one do?" He asked.
"Zac, quit doubting them. They can do it." Ike said.
Taylor sat there quietly, listening.
"Isaac, she told us to leave. What if she made them go to?" He asked.
"I doubt it. She asked for them to stay. Right?" He asked.
"I never heard her. She could have said it." Taylor said.
Zac sat back.
"We should go back." He said.
"Zac, what does it matter?" Taylor asked.
They never understood why he never wanted to leave.
"Zachary, you're keeping something from us." Ike said.
Ike now sat down in front of them.
"It's nothing." He said.
"No, it's something." Ike said.
Zac looked at both of them. Taylor pushed the hair out of his face.
"Zac, you can tell us. We're your brothers. We understand. But we can't if you don't tell us." He said.
"You and Amanda go out. For what? A year? You're not that close. But you care. Isaac, you and Amber been dating what a month, maybe a month in a half? Not enough time to form a good bond. Right?" He asked.
"Yeah." They said.
"Zac, that has nothing to do with it. So, you're dating her. No real big deal here." Taylor said.
"It is." Zac said.
"How so? You're dating her Zac." Isaac said.
"No, Ike it's deeper then that." He said.
"How much more deep can you get?" Ike asked.
He pulled the ring out from under his shirt.
"A lot more." He said.
He took it off and laid it on the table. Taylor picked it up.
"Zac, I don't understand." Taylor said. Isaac didn't either.
"Febuary 20 2005." He said.
"What about it?" Ike asked.
He stood up.
"It's the day I married her. Why do you think we wear matching necklaces? No one knows. Just us and now you two. Mom doesn't know or dad. I never knew if mom or dad would except the fact I wanted to marry someone older. Mom always said I should stay with my age range." Zac said.
"Zachary, you have it wrong. Mom said range. She doesn't care. She meant someone in the area of five years and older or younger. Til your 21. Then it is your choice. After October mom won't care. She doesn't know. She approves of Ike and Amber and she does of you and Jennifer, as does dad." Taylor said.
"Yeah, Zac, you don't have to be afraid to tell them." Ike said.
"Isaac? For years we have put them through hell. Either it was me or Taylor. They know Taylor. Everything that ever happened. We were under 18. At least I was. Everything was told to them. You two... you might have been older. But it was still told. I don't know if they do or not. I hope they do." He said.
Taylor handed him the cell phone.
"Call em. Tell em." He said.
"I will when I can see them." He said.
"Ok." Ike said.
They understood some of it.
"Zac, is there anything else?" Taylor asked.
"Well, depends on your idea." He said.
"I know. Zac, I'm your brother. I always know." He said.
"You didn't when it started." He said.
In a way Taylor knew it would come up. But not at this time. He didn't expect it.
"Zac, I knew. I'm not sure about Ike. I'm not him. I knew every night you cried. I tried to ask a few nights. But you would reply it was a bad dream. So, I figured it was. You're good at hiding things. Especally the clothes. It took me a while to find them. It does hurt to know something was wrong. And I never saw it. Don't ever think it doesn't. You might be younger, but you understand. Just as well. Some nights I cried with you. I felt the pain. The unhappiness when mom said she was going off and you didn't want to go. But you wanted one of us to stay. I come close a lot of times. But mom would have still called. She always did. Zac, I love you. You're my brother. Nothing will ever change that." Taylor said.
"I know I am your brother, you're mine. I started to tell you. But he threated to go after other members. I never told because I was protecting everyone else. Mostly Zoe. She was a baby. I always changed her diapers. I wouldn't let him." He said.
"I know you did it to protect us." Ike said.
They both looked at him.
"Zac, I knew. Something was wrong. Like Taylor, I could see you better at night. I heard when Taylor asked. I knew when he was crying. Some nights I even joined. I was afraid to ask you. Afraid I wouldn't be able to handle the truth and I was right. When they told us I didn't believe it was true. I didn't want to except it. Not til about two months later. I love you as a brother and a friend and I want to know what is wrong. Don't be afraid to tell us. Either of us." Ike said.
Zac let it sink in good.
"I married her. She married me. It was our decision. A split second one at that. The real reason I never told was because Mom always wanted a huge wedding for any of us. At the time I didn't want a great big old wedding with thousands of people. I wanted a simple one. A quick one. We agreed our first year aniversary weather they new or not. We would have a big wedding. We also have a ESP with each other. I KNOW something is wrong. But I can't get what." He said.
"Well, we have a step-sister. And I guess weather she wants us to stay gone or not we could go back." Ike said.
"Yeah, we could." Taylor said.
"She doesn't have to know. I just want to make sure she is safe." Zac said.
"Ok, we'll go back. If we can't find her, we'll look for her till we do." Ike said.
They all agreed. And to ease his mind Taylor and Zac played games, while Ike drove. They switched every so often, as they did with the ride up.

Thousands of miles away in California.

"Amanda, hang up and come on. We have to go." Amber said.
"Wait a minute." She snapped.
Amber hung it up.
"Let's go." She said.
She shoved her out. They haven't stopped fighting since they left MO. They never got along anyway. They drove over night.

June 10th 2005,

Amber pulled up at the new hotel in San Fransico, California. She got out slamming the car door.
"We're here." She said.
She got a seperate room. She walked in.
"Damn her." She said.
She learned the truth. She paced the floor. Amanda walked in.
"You're not to tell him." She said.
"Why not?" She asked.
"Because." She growled.
"Because it'll ruin your life?" She asked.
"No." She said.
"I'll tell Jennifer." She siad.
"Obviously Jennifer doesn't need us. She sent us away... didn't she?" She asked.
Amber stopped and thought.
"She did what was best." She said.
They fought for an hour. Finally Amber told her to go fuck herself and she left. She left Amanda standing there. She made sure she had her bags and she drove off, leaving her in California. She drove toward Tulsa.
"She will not hurt Taylor. No way." She said, as she drove a little faster.
Taylor had pulled over in Indiana. He felt he could drive no longer. So he pulled over at a highway reststop. He walked to the back and woke Zac up. It was his turn to drive. Zac got up, ate a quick sandwhich which really woke him up good.

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