The Babysitter - Part 3

Chapter 3

I got on the expressway. I turned the radio on to calm me down. I was paying attention in front of me, not behind me. I didn't notice the black car for a while. When I did it scared the hell out of me. I couldn't see the driver. I picked up the car phone and called the hotel. Amber picked up.
"Hello?" She said.
"Amber?" I said.
"Yeah." She said.
"Did Ike do what I as......" I heard Zac in the background.
"I'm not going. I don't care what she said. I'M NOT GOING!" He screamed.
"Amber, tell Ike to wait. I'll be there soon." I said.
"Okay." She said.
"Ike, wait. She'll be here soon." She said.
I hung up. I knew Zac would take the phone. I drove and the black car got off before me. I breathed easier. I pulled up to the hotel the next morning. About 11:30. I walked up the steps with the bag. I had the key and I opened the door. Zac was laying down, asleep. Only me and him had the key. He had locked himself in the room. I walked to Taylor's. Ike was there. He opened the door.
"He's in the room... locked in." He said.
"I know. I knew where he was." I said.
I walked in.
"Close the door. Zac's asleep and don't need to hear it." I said.
They did.
"Andrew is having someone kill them, one by one. Me included. He's no longer interested in Zac unless he gets in the way. He will NOT be here. If I have to tie him up so you can take him away. He will not be hurt. I can asure you he won't go. He'll try his damnest not to, just like last night. Isaac? You and Taylor are gonna have a hard time keeping him away. You MUST keep him with you at all times. I can get him in the car, no problem. You have to take it from there." I said.
"He won't go." Taylor said.
"He will." I said.
"You can't be sure." Amanda said.
I glanced at her.
"I know he will go. Leave it to me. It's up to Ike and Taylor to keep him away. I won't let him stay. I know I told him to come. I didn't know Andrew was involved." I said.
Ike and Taylor nodded. I walked back to the room. I sat down and looked at him sleeping peacefully. Though his checks were red. He had been crying. I shook him a little.
"Zac, come on. Get up." I said.
He stired a little.
"Zachary. Come on. Get up sweetie." I said.
He turned and looked at me. He had a red mark on his cheek.
"What happen?" I asked.
He didn't answer. Just laid his head over.
"Zac. Answer me. What happened?" I asked.
"Ike slapped me once. That was after you hung up. After screaming at him and Taylor." He said.
I laid him down and walked back. Amber opened the door. I looked at Taylor and Ike. I just shook my head.
"If you have to hit him to control him, maybe it's best he stay." I said.
"He had been warned several times." Amanda asked.
"NO excuse." I said.
"I didn't mean to. That is when he locked himself in the room." Ike said.
I walked back. He was sitting up. I sat down.
"Listen to me." I said.
"I'm not leaving. Don't ask." He said.
"I'm not asking. I'm telling. You don't have a choice. Sorry. You're going." I said.
"No. You told me..." I cut him off.
"What did I say?" I asked, looking at him. He leaned back.
"That I was going." He said.
"Ok. Then you're going. Get your bags and get ready." I said. I walked back.
"He's getting ready..You two get ready." I said.
"Why do I have to go?" Taylor asked.
"Because...I said so." I said. I smiled. He nodded. I walked back. He hadn't moved.
"I mean it Zac. Get ready." I said.
He got up and did as he was told. He looked back.
"What is it? What are you keeping from me?" He asked.
"It has nothing to do with you. You're in danger here. You're going. Don't argue and don't even think about arguing." I said.
"I don't want to leave you." He said.
I walked to him.
"I know. Believe me. I don't want you to go. But I know it's for the best." I said.
He kissed me once. One good time to. I smiled. He walked out and shocked Taylor and em because he was listening.
"Be good for them." I said.
He nodded.
"I'll contact you." I said.
Ike and em smiled and said their byes and the three of them left. I then turned to Amanda and Amber. They both had a confused look. I handed Amber the keys to the jeep.
"Go away. Amanda go with her. I'll contact you." I said.
"No. We're staying." She said.
"GO." I screamed.
They both left. I knew watching them go I may not ever see them again. I knew this guy. He would stop at nothing. Unlike Andrew, he took first chance and he doesn't make mistakes. I then went to the office and told them what I learned. He was right. The two youngest were gone. They were found.
"Tommy McBain has left?" I asked.
"Yeah." He said.
"Damn it. Find him." I said.
They left. The other one was taken against her will. Locked up in the camp. They found Tommy and put him there to. Justin hated it. But he was sent home.

June 9, 2005 8:15 am
Tulsa, Ok.

I came back. They said they found the killer. In fact they did. Tommy and em were released. I still let everyone go and stayed away. Something was wrong. I walked in the house and took a deep breath and started up stairs. I got dizzy. I sat down. It hurt all of a sudden. I was leaned over looking at the floor, black boots and pants. Then blackness...

3:15 pm.

I slowly came to from whatever was given or inhaled. The room I was in was a light blue. Soft tones. Even had glow in the dark stars. I turned my head. Pain bestowed in my arm and slowly cascaded down to my back and spine, then my legs. It stopped there. The feeling came back totally and most of the pain went away. Just my arm hurt. More than likely from being tied above my head. I moved a bit and a bell rung. About three minutes later, three men were in there.
"Welcome back to reality. I was beginning to think it was to much." John said, smiling from the foot of the bed. He didn't register at first. Then it came back.
"Let her up." He said.
They followed instructions. I got up watching him. He walked to me, backing me into the corner. He ran his hand down my cheek.
"You thought Andrew was bad? You ain't seen nothing honey." He said.
He slapped me once and walked out. The door slammed. About an hour later a guy walked in. He handed me a bag.
"Put it on." He said.
I grabbed the bag. My cheek still stung from where he slapped me. He walked out. I opened the bag and saw it was a white suit, with a blue belt that ran across the middle. I changed into it. It was really tight. I hooked the belt which hung a bit loose. I didn't get it. A few minutes later he came back in. He pulled my hair in a tight ponytail. He gave me the tenny shoes and the socks. I put them on. He led me to a solid white room.
"He got a thing for white, huh?" I asked.
He turned and looked at me.
"Be quiet" He said.
I hushed. He led me in, to a table. There was a bed with white sheets. Everything was white. He walked out. I sat down and waited. About 20 minutes passed. He came in.
"I wanted you... not your neice. But she was a lot easier to get. You on the other hand aren't that easy to keep up with. Now that I got you. What am I gonna do?" He asked.
I just waited.
"Well, killing you will be to fast and not fun. So, What will I do?" He asked.
"That is up to you." I said.
He pushed me back on the bed.
"You look sweeter laying down." He said.
I did as he told me. I knew him good. Andrew was weak compared to him. He could kill anyone. His own family. Not Andrew. He looked at me.
"You don't look the same." He said.
"I got married." I said.
"Ok, but that's not it." He said.
"I grew up." I said.
"Ahhh, that's it." He said.
He flipped a switch.
"You feel that tingle?" He asked..
"Yes, it feels funny." I said.
He cut whatever it was back off.
"It's a low magnetic wave. You're inside a bubble. Not a small one. It extends to the walls on three sides. It will keep you in a slight trance, all the time. Now the badder you are, the higher the wave goes. The deeper the trance. Keep in mind these waves are strong and can hurt you. They can put you through a lot of pain. So I'd be good." He said.
"Someone will find me." I said.
"No, you see I went back. I erased all traces. There is nothing in that house, the yard or anywhere that suggests you were kidnapped. No one will know, unless I tell them." He said.
"Ok." I said.
He walked out. I saw the bubble as he closed it. The waves started. Intense at first. I had to lay back down. I laid there looking up. Breathing got regular. Slow..and peaceful. My mind drifted as the waves surpassed the real world and set me into a fantasy world, where reality was nothing more then myth and fantasy was all. Back when I was young. The dreams I had of dragons and witches. A myth or a legend was now reality.

He stepped back and watched as I slowly closed my eyes.
"She's off in her own world now. I can continue my plan. She won't interfer." He said.
"What about her friends? Andrew always said a girl was with her. Agent Patterson I believe." He said.
"She won't bother. She has told everyone to leave. She could handle it. Her husband, his brothers are away and no one knows where. Her two best friends are away also. No one will find her. Not til I am ready for her to be found." He said.
"John... you have it worked out. But she fooled them last time. Don't take chances." He said.

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