The Babysitter - Part 3

Chapter 2 - Continued

Same place
June 3ed 2005 8:45am.

A loud bang woke us up except for Amanda. It was Zac pushing her off that got her up. Zac was up first. I got the back of his pants.
"Stay here." I said.
I got up. Walked to the door. I looked out the door. Rain poured down. Lighting struck. Then a loud crack of thunder.
"I wasn't aware of a sudden storm." I said.
"Are we ever?" Taylor asked.
Zac sat back down. He leaned against Taylor.
"Little brother still tired?" Taylor asked.
He nodded.
"Taylor, why don't you and Zac lay back down for an hour or two. Amanda you too." I said.
"What about you?" Zac asked.
I walked to him. I tilted his head to mine.
"You don't worry about me. Go back to sleep." I said.
I kissed him on the cheek.
"If you're leaving... I'm going." He said.
"I'm not leaving." I said.
I sat down in the chair and waited. After an hour all three were sound asleep, again. I got up. Changed and wrote a note.

Dear Guys,

I know I said I wasn't leaving. There is something I need to check on. Alone. I doubt I'll be back tonight. My pager and cell phone are here with you three. I will cut the car phone off. Zachary, You sleep good tonight. And I love you Sweetie. Taylor, Amanda? Stay with him. Don't leave him alone for 5 seconds. They'll be watching. And waiting. Call Isaac. Have him come back. Amber to. We may need them if what I think is happening.

Love Always,

ps:Zac, I'll be back in your arms safely before you know it.

I left it beside the bed and walked out. I took an extra suit with me. I got in the car. Looked up at the room one last time and left the parking lot. I drove to a prison, in northern Mo. I called up before going all the way. They complied with my request. And got out it was rainy there also. I walked to the gate and gave them the codes and all. They opened the gate I walked into the gate down the fence hall to the door. There they let me in.
"Good afternoon, Mrs. Mayo." He said.
I nodded. He took me to the waiting place. I waited. He brung me the one person I hated now. Andrew Gene Jackson. He saw me then refused to go. They made him. I stood up as they sat him down.
"Gonna run already?" He snapped.
"You can leave." I said.
They didn't like the idea but did. I let him keep up his sneekers and rude remarks for a little while. Just letting him.
"Your two oldest kids are dead. Your third has been kidnapped. I don't know what the hell's going on. But I want answer." I said plain out.
He sat there silent for a moment. I laid the folders on the table. Crime scene photo's. He picked them up one by one. Then he got pure hate in his eyes.
"No need to blame me. I was stuck with the case. But ya know no matter how much it hurts, I was all on your side til he started after Zachary. Now either you tell me or your kids will pay. They'll be killed Andrew. Just like you were gonna do. You were gonna put my parents and Zac's in the same amount of pain your in right now. Do you have anything to do with it?" I asked.
Deep down I sensed he did.
"If I did. I wouldn't tell you." He said and smiled.
I walked to the door latching it shut. They can't get in. I walked to the cameras.
"Sorry." I said
And snatched the wires.
"No one can see. No one can hear." I said..
I leaned across the table.
"Tell me. Did you have anything to do with it?" I asked once more.
"He'll get the youngest two. You're two late as usual. The're already dead." He said.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"I'm not the only one who wants revenge against you and only you. Zac has nothing to do with this anymore. He's history. He was kidnapped cause he was in the way." He said.

A picture formed now. The other one I hate. The one whom killed my neice. I turned around.
"That's right Jennifer. He knows about you and Zac. He knows everything. What happened. What scares Zac the most. What scares you the most. I don't care for my kids anymore. The're not even mine. Andrew gene Jacson Jr. is mine. The others aren't. Surprised my name is there. There real father I killed. He shouldn't have fucked my wife. I had a happy life. No one told. No one snitched til Zac. I would be free and happy now if it hadn't been for him. He still has sleepless nights. You just can't tell. Certain times. Like the time he was first raped. He don't sleep that night to afraid. It'll happen again. Yes, I do still watch him. Someone is right now." He said.
I smiled.
"You don't know shit." I said.
He looked at me. I pulled the ring out of the shirt.
"He don't know were married." I said.
He had a surprised look.
"He's no longer avaliable. For you or anyone else." I said.
I then walked to the door unlocked it and walked out. I walked to the back. I had them run a check on the one for my neice.
"John Richardson...escaped five months ago." He informed me.
"Has he ever been in contact with Andrew Gene Jackson?" I asked.
He checked.
"Yes. They wrote often. Though the letters were private they never came through us." He said.
I thanked him. I then walked down to cell 456, where Adam sat behind bars. He was deep in reading.
"I suppose that's all you do?" I asked.
He looked up then was up fast.
"Why are you here?" He asked.
"I heard you were changing for the better?" I asked.
"Yeah, I plan to get out and go for the good." He said.
"Can you start now?" I asked.
He eyed me a few minutes.
"I need information." I said.
"My dad is planning on killin all but the Jr. You included. So is Zac if he ever gets caught long enuf." He said.
He saw the ring.
"I guess you and Zac got married?" He asked.
"Yes. Not long after the trial actually." I said.
"I'm glad for you two. And I'm sorry for the pain. Can ya'll forgive me?" He asked.
"Maybe. Prove you're sorry. Get me all the information you can, then fax it. They'll know where." I said.
I then disappeared. They handed me the files on my way out. I got a motel for the night. I sat down on the bed thinking. I knew by now Zac and em would have seen the note. I picked up the phone and called the hotel. Hit room number 226. It rung and rung. I tried the others. Tay and ems. Amanda picked up.
"Hello." She siad.
"Amanda. Be quite. Don't say my name. Did you call Ike?" I asked.
"Yeah." She said.
"Zac ok?" I asked.
"No." She said.
"Taylor?" I asked.
"Yeah." She replied.
"You?" I asked.
"Yeah." She said.
"Where is Zac?" I asked.
"Asleep." She said.
It was quiet, til Zac woke-up. I hung the phone up.
"It's for your own good sweetheart." I said.
I called Ike's Cell phone. Amber picked up.
"Amber." I said.
"Yeah." She said.
"Can I speak with Ike?" I asked.
"Yeah." She said.
She handed him the phone.
"Hello, Jennifer where are you?" He asked.
"Somewhere. When you get to the hotel I want you to take Zac and Taylor. Leave Mo. DO NOT GO HOME! Go away. I don't care where. Don't contact me or the others. Have Amber stay. Don't call, don't email, don't do anything. Understood?" I asked.
"Yeah. But Zac won't go. You know it." He said.
"Ike. You're gonna have to lie to him." I said.
"I can't." He said.
"Isaac. He got kidnapped once. Take him away if you have to hog tie him and drag him out." I said.
"Ok.. ok. I'll try my best." He said..
I hung-up. Yet again with no good byes. I laid back.
"He said he had someone. Someone I knew. Please don't let it be him." I said.
A loud noise. Unsure what it was. But it was loud. I got up and looked out the window. There was a Black car outside. I was on the ground floor. It was sitting in front of the window. It was solid black. Dark tinted windows. I watched it. Sounded like a hammer. I looked above. It was steel rods being dropped. I smiled. Shook my head and closed the doors. Whoever wanted me wanted me to come outside.
"Yeah right. I'm not that stupid." I said.
I laid back down. Took my headphone and put them on. I let it up all the way. I drifted off with "4567 8 in the morin boy you better call me when ya get horney." The headphone fell off down beside the bed...about 4:00.
A very loud noise woke me up. I blinked. I then got up. Went to the bathroom. Then packed. I walked to the door. Then checked the window. The black car was still there. The jeep I was driving was about five spots down, east. 50 feet. I opened the door and eased out with the only bag I had. I made it to the jeep. There was someone in the car. I saw them move once. I got in. Put the seatbelt on good and tight. I had left the key in the room. I started the jeep. Breaklights on the black car. I put it in gear. Looked at the car.
"You're not gonna do this to me." I said.
I slammed the gas. Out of the space. Out of the parking lot. Almost lost control of the jeep.

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