The Babysitter - Part 3

Chapter 2

"No." He replied.
"Zachary, go outside and wait." I said a bit stronger.
He pulled away and walked out.
"Tracy sit down please." I said.
She sat down. I looked down at her. She had blond hair and long. About knee length. Brown eyes. Around 5 ft6 166 lbs. She had a slight tan and wore a dress.
"Miss... I know you're upset. And I know you believe in your father. That is good. But you have to listen to me. Two of your siblings have been killed. Joann Jackson and Andrew Jr. Believe me your father put me through hell. And him 2. Ask Adam. He did in fact rape him. He told me. I believe someone is going in and killing his kids. It could be a way of revenge or someone's family. Or someone he hired. But I thought he will do that. Tracy can you believe me?" I asked.
She got back up.
"I know he hurt Adam. But I can't say he hurt you or him. He said he was framed." She said.
"Tracy I'm here to save your life. Now will you please just go to the police station. Give them my name. They know what to do." I said.
She thought then agreed. I glared at her from the car as she went to hers. She glared back. I got in.
"Zachary, look at me." I said.
He did.
"Don't you ever do that again. It doesn't matter what she says. You hold it back. Understood?" I asked.
He just looked at me.
"Understood?" I reasked.
"No, she didn't have a right to call me a lier." He said.
She drove ahead.
"Look at me." I said.
He looked at me again
"No, she didn't have the right. But ya know she called me one to Zac. It is her father. She will defend him." I said.
"So." He said.
I drove him back to the hotel. I had the other address. I got out.
"Come on." I said.
He got out and came in. I sat him down.
"I'm going to find Tommy McBain." I said.
He started to get up.
"No you're staying here this time." I said.
"Why?" He asked.
"In case he acts the same way." I said.
"No, I want to go." He said.
"I said no. Now take a nap or whatever." I said.
I got the address.
"I'm going." He said.
"No you're not." I said.
He was fixen to start one of his fits. He did to. Screaming. I got his arms and pinned him down on his stomach.
"Stop it." I said.
I was about the only one who could control him aside from his parents. I held him there a little bit and just waited. He still pitched a total fit for about 45 minutes. Taylor came down eventually. I was just holding him down and he wanted up.
"You're not gettin up til you quit screaming and crying." I said.
He laid his head down on the bed. Cried softly. I knew he was .I eased up a tad. He just laid there. I waited 15 minutes. He started again. Always waited made ya think it was over. Then start again. Only worse. I had him held down pretty good to.
"Don't make me whomp you." I said.
He keep on and I popped him once. The screaming stopped awfully fast. It hurt. He quit all the screaming and kicking. I let his hand go. He put them under his head. Cried. I laid down beside him and put my arm over him.
"Look at me please." I said.
He turned his head. I got a napkin and wiped his face.
"Why do you do that? It is totally pointless. Cause you still end up hurt." I said.
"I want to go." He said.
"No." I said.
"Why?" He asked.
"Because you need to learn anger control." I said.
"I want to go!" He yelled.
I popped his mouth. Not to hard.
"Stop screaming. Stop yelling." I said.
He started crying a bit harder. And he had his hand over his mouth. It more or less stinged. Taylor has to be done that way sometimes. He forgets. Zac doesn't forget. I know he knows better. But he does it anyway. I sat up.
"Sit up." I said.
He laid there a minute.
"Come on." I said.
He sat up looking at me. Pain was in his eyes. I stopped to think.
"Maybe, I hit him harder then I thought."
"Let me see." I said.
He moved his hand. Yeah it was a bit hard.
"Come here." I said.
He looked at me. Hurt, pain, and tears flooded his eyes.
"Come here. I won't." I said.
He leaned over laying his head a little below my shoulder. I kissed his forehead.
"I'm sorry for hitting you so hard. I didn't mean to." I said.
He nodded.
"Don't leave me here." He said.
"Why?" I asked.
"I don't like it. It's to close to Andrew. What is it? A trick...to get me?" He asked.
"Zac, Taylor and Amanda are right next door." I said.
"I want you though." He said.
I sat him up in my lap.
"You might be 20 but ya like to be held don't you?" I asked.
"Muhuh." He said.
He laid over. Almost asleep.
"How about I let you go, then when we get back, you can take a nap." I said.
He thought a minute.
"Ok." He said.
I let him come. I drove to 24 S.Hamelton Rd.Apartment A40 on the 6th floor. Zac came with me. I was going to find Tommy McBain. He lived there with his "new" dad, Justin McBain. Tommy answered the door.
"Hello." He said.
Blond hair fell down to his shoulders. Hazel eyes looked at me. He was about my height maybe 5 ft 6-5 ft 7. 158-169lbs. He was suppose to be 15 and some odd months.
"Hi, is Mr. Justin McBain here?" I asked.
"No, he's not. Can I take a meassage?" He asked.
"Um..how long will it be?" I asked.
"About an hour. He had to make an emergency trip to his office." He said.
"Thanks." I said.
He closed the door. I started to walk away. I stopped. Something didn't feel right. I told zac to go on downstairs to the car. I made sure he was out of sight. Then walked back. I was fixen to knock when the door flew open. A man carrying Tommy ran out. He pushed me back. I tripped over a plant and fell back. I was dazed a few minutes. Then got up. I half ran, half walked down the steps. I came to the parking lot. No one to be seen. Neither was Zac.
"Zac?!" I screamed.
Nothing. I looked around and saw a black van was pulling out. I saw Tommy, but someone else was behind him. A red convertable drove up. I stopped him.
"Move over." I said flashing a badge quickly.
He did. I got in and went after the Van. I could tell Tommy was in the back.
"Tommy?" The man said.
I glanced quickly.
"You know him?" I asked.
"He's my son." He said.
"Justin McBain?" I asked.
"Yes." He said.
He had brown hair a bit long. Also brown eyes which now showed a lot of pain. He was well over my head. 6 ft something.
"Your son has been kidnapped. Possible to be killed." I said plain out.
The van stopped suddenly. I almost hit it. A man got out with....he was now carrying Zac, not Tommy. I just got out and ran after him. He was going through the woods. Twist and turns. I couldn't see him.
"Zac!?" I screamed.
A faint scream. He was waking up. I came upon him sitting half awake and half asleep, next to a tree. The man had disappeared. I guess he thought he couldn't run with Zac. So he had to leave him. I got down in front of him.
"Zac, wake up." I said.
I patted his cheeks. He came to slowly. As he woke-up he got a scared look. I turned around. Justin was standing behind me. It scared him he didn't know who it was.
"It's ok Zac. It's Tommy's new father." I said.
He calmed down. I grabbed his arms and helped him up. Tommy was holding Justin. Like a Father would do. I held Zac. Justin did try. But no. That wasn't gonna work. I keep looking back. I felt like someone watching. I led Zac back. We rode with Justin and Tommy back to the apartment. Zac stayed up next to me. He didn't like what happened. Whatever it was that happened. Tommy explained on the way over. I picked up my car with Zac laying down in the seat. He was still a bit sleepy from whatever they gave him. I drove Tommy to the protection place. And made sure they were comfy. Then went back to the hotel. I had called Taylor on the ride over and explained what I knew. Once to the hotel, I walked around and took the seat belt off gently. His eyes came open, slowly.
"Can you walk or would you like me to get Tay?" I asked.
"I can." He siad.
I let him. He got to the steps and leaned forward a bit then back. He was dizzy.
"Zac, are you alright?" I asked.
He nodded. I called Taylor. He came down.
"Zac?" He asked.
"I'm alright." He said.
Taylor didn't let him choose. He picked him up. Now Taylor is about the only one aside from Ike that could. I can but it does hurt. He carried him up the steps. Zac was extremely dizzy. He couldn't see the bathroom straight. I had to help him. I told him to take a bath. He ended up getting gave a bath.. Weather he wanted to or not. I had Taylor help me. I put a pair of silk shorts and a matching shirt on him, something he liked and was comfortable. I had Taylor lay him down and just leave him alone. I stayed beside him and let him sleep. I laid down. I had a feeling something wasn't right with me or something. I closed my eyes, cleared my mind and let it float. I saw Zac. The man as he pushed me over my head hit the door. On the other side. And him running down the steps. As he got outside he threw him in the truck. But Zac was already there. It switched to him walking out the steps at the bottom. And another man grabbing him from the side a needled and asleep. He put him in the back. I reawoke when he started screaming. I grabbed him.
"Zac, it's ok." I said.
He eased back to lay down.
"It was Andrew." He said about to panic.
"Zac? Listen to me. Lay back and close your eyes and clear your mind." I said. He did.
"Calm down. Just listen to me. Nothing else exists. Nothing is here, but me and you." I said.
He fell asleep. Slowly, but peacefully. Didn't last long either. 20 minutes he was awake again. I sat up. My head swirling. He had screamed in my ear. I rubbed my ear. Then looked at him. Sitting up. Wide awake. I scooted back realizing it was gonna be a long night.
"Come here." I said.
He climbed over one leg to sit in between them and leaned back. He was breathing heavy and slow. I leaned him back.
"Shh. I'm here." I said.
Amanda had heard him and got Taylor up. He opened the door.
"What's the matter?" He asked.
Amanda sort of pushed him in and she closed the door. She came and sat down on the right. Taylor got on the left. He leaned Zac's face up.
"He's not gonna hurt you again. I won't let him. And neither will they." He said.
He looked into his eyes for a little bit searching.
"Taylor." He said suddenly which scared Tay a bit.
"Yes Zac?" He said.
"I love you." He said.
"I love you too." He replied.
He settled back laying down. I guess he felt safe. Each of us fell asleep on our own slowly.

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