The Babysitter - Part 3

Chapter 1 - Continued

June 2nd 2005, Wednesday 7:35 am
Same place.

Zac woke me up.
"Jennifer, get up. They found another body." He said.
"Another body?" I asked.
"Yes, come on." He said.
I got up. Yawned. I got my a pair of blue jeans shorts with a sleeveless top. Blue. I put my shoes and socks on. Zac got ready. I grabbed the keys and walked to the door.
"Wait" He said.
"NO. You're staying here. You and Taylor both." I said.
"You brung me for field work. I want to go." He stated.
"No. I'll pick you up when I find out what happened." I said.
He sat back down. I knew he was mad at me. I walked out meeting Amanda. She took the car's keys for Taylor's which she said he was a bit mad. We drove to the station she had on about the same only kacki shorts and a matching brown/tan shirt. Once there they drove us to the place. It was in the woods. Deep in the woods.
"Who found the body?" I asked.
"Local. He came down here to hunt. Found him." He said.
"Him?" I asked.
"Boy." He said.
"Ok." I said.
He showed us the place.
"Who's been here?" I asked.
"We came in, took the body and outlined where he was laying." He said.
I leaned over. There was blood all around the area.
"Amanda take the pictures. I want to check something." I said.
I walked around the area. On the side, was a river with picnic tables.
"No." I said.
I went back. She was done. I stood while she collected some things. It was early so the sun was up. The rays cast shadows on the ground. And the sun shown through some places. Not a lot though. It was a thicket type section. Underbrush everywhere. The ground was covered in vines and all. But there was a visable path. It curved up into the hills. I noted to come back later when they were gone. The trees were all in good shape. Looked like every other tree. Though these told a tale, they were sent to figure out. No animals were present but she heard owls in the forest. Birds and such. Far away a few squirrles were there. Amanda was finishing up.
"I want to see the bodies." I said.
"When we return. There at FBI headquarters." He said.
I searched the area good. I was hunting for a note a letter or something. I searched the area all over and found nothing. We headed back. Once to the building we walked in to the back. We got ready for an autopsy, with the gloves, the overcoat and all. Amanda looked at me.
"Well?" She asked.
We went for the girl first. We wheeled her body to the autopsy room and got the tools. Amanda hated the work. She basically wrote down things. I got to do the bloody work. I stood back and looked at her, without touching her. She had the same clothes on and all. She had overhalls and a white t-shirt. White shoes and socks. I stood back. I was hesitating.
"Jennifer, if you don't want to. We don't Have to." She said.
"No. It's ok...I just got a creepy feeling." I said.
"When you get a creepy feeling... something is wrong." She said.
"No not really." I said.
I had her help me undress her. I then laid all the clothes. In a bag and laid them aside. I looked at her. She looked like the picture. I took the Scalpel and placed it on the spot. My hand was shaking. Amanda knew it to. I waited a few minutes.
"Let it go Jennifer, you're ok. You can do this. .Andrew is safe in jail." My head told me.
I made the cut. The autopsy lasted for 2 hrs on her. I lasted through, but still shaking. I walked out. She was stitching her up. She can make them look like they were never touched. I leaned over, breathing deeply. I had taken the coats and stuff off. Leaned over breathing deeply to calm down. A pair of tenny shoes stepped in front of me. A familiar pair. I stood there a minute.
"Jen?" He asked.
"I told you to stay at the hotel til I picked you up." I said.
Zac leaned down.
"Amanda called me wal-ago. Come on. I'm taking you back to the hotel." He said.
"NO. I have to know." I said.
"I'm staying then." He said.
"Zac, what color is our new bedroom suit?" I asked.
"Um. Mohogany." He replied.
"Ok." I said.
I stood straight. Then walked to the second autopsy room. I put a new suit on No contamination and waited outside the room. I waited on Amanda. He had blue jeans on. Black ones, sort of faded and a grey shirt. She helped with the clothes. We done that one 2.5 hrs. I found nothing unusual. They were both stabbed around the chest and neck area. I walked out and took the bloody stuff off and threw it away. He was murdered at night. Both of them. I was looking at the boy. He reminded me of someone. He was also hit with a baseball bat a few times. It would be a closed casket. Zac walked next to me. I wanted him to go back home. He put his arm on my shoulder.
"Come on." He said.
I followed him. Amanda finished and came to the desk. I took the files home with me. Zac took them laid them on the chesterdrawer.
"Not now. Calm down first." He said.
"I'm calm." I said.
"No you're not. You're still shaking. I can tell. Ya know...you're scared. What is it? I want to know." He said.
His eyes seems to know. He knew something was wrong.
"Sit down." I said.
He did.
"I've recieved seven letters from Andrew. He has made a promise. He will come back. I didn't tell you because you were sleeping so much better. I won't let him get to you. But I think these are a sign soon. I want you to stay with Taylor when we're not here." I said.
"I want to stay with you." He said.
"Zac. Don't argue." I said.
"I am. You don't think I know. I know something is wrong." He said.
"Yes it is. I'm afraid he'll hurt you again. I want you to go home tonight." I said.
"No. He doesn't want me. He wants you." He said.
"I can take care of myself." I said.
"You can?" He asked.
"Yes, I can." I said.
"You can't. I know you can't." He said.
"Are you telling me I shouldn't be here?" I asked pulling away. He stopped and considered what he said.
"I didn't mean it that way. I know you can. But you can't if he goes to the past." He said.
I looked back at him glassy eyed.
"I have to know what happened to them. I have to know if there are more." I said.
I picked up the file. His file. I slowly opened it. A boy sprang from the picture. Blond hair. Sort of long. Deep blue eyes. He had soft looking skin. A tan color. He was a tanned boy. He had a navy blue shirt on. Silk looking. It was a school picture for he was only 19. His b-day matched Zac's. He was 5 ft 8. About 189 lbs. I went to his birth certificate. I was reading it. I went over his name then back to it fast. The papers fell to the floor. I stood there and walked up.
"I told you." He said.
"You did read it." I said.
"Yeah, while you were doing the autopsy." He said.
"Andrew's first born." I said.
"No, first boy." Zac corrected.
"Yeah." I said.
I picked them up. I set up my lap top. Went to FBI files to adoption. About 8 were found. Though some weren't the same, just by last name. I pulled theirs out. I got 6. Two in which were gone now. Joann and Andrew Jr. were gone. Remaining one included ; Tracy Jean, 17, of Union, Mo.; Tommy McBain ,15, of Union Mo, ; Emily Freeland, 13, St.Louiis Mo, ; Jasmine Kindle, 10, St.Louis, Mo, ; Adam Samual Jackson, Now 18, he's in jail though.
"Well, here's the deal Jennifer. So far the 2 oldest are dead. Adam should be next. But he is safe in jail so that means Tracy Jean is next." Zac said..
"Ok." I said.
I got the address. 186 Sunset Blvd. Union, Mo. Me and Zac got in the car and drove over to Sunset Blvd. Zac walked ahead of me and knocked. She answered as I came to the door.
"Hello?" She asked.
"Yes, mame, my name is Agent Mayo, FBI. And this is Zachary Hanson. I would like to ask you a few questions." I said..
"Um...Sure come in." She said.
We walked in.
"Have a seat..Tea?" She asked.
"No thanks." We replied.
"Can I ask, what this is in reguards to?" She asked.
"Yes you may. I believe your life is in danger from someone who is getting certain people." I said..
"Like?" She asked.
"Your father..." I was interupted.
"My father is in jail for rape. In which he didn't do. My brothers and sisters.." Zac interupted her.
"Two of your brothers and sisters are dead. Murdered.." He said.
I sat him down and gave him a strong look. He sat back down.
"Mrs .Jean. I work for the FBI." I said.
She was thinking.
"NO! You put him in jail. And you..." She said, pointing to Zac.
"Framed my father." She said.
"I didn't. He did rape me. You're to blind to see it." Zac said.
I was like well this is good. I got Zac's hand.
"Go outside." I said.

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