The Babysitter - Part 3
Note: I=Jennifer Mayo and I write in my view through out this story.

Chapter 1

June 1st 2005, Tuesday 6:06 am.
1606 North Maryland Dr.
Union, Mo 30310

I was laying on the bed wide awake. Zac was laying beside me. Sound asleep. I had a meeting at 7:00. I went ahead and got up. I walked to the Hotel Bathroom got the right suit and all. Then stepped inside. I took a bath. Stood under the shower for a while. Then got out and I got dressed and walked out. I hadn't put the coat on or anything just the bullet proof vest and the Skirt. I sat down putting the stocking on and then the tenny shoes. I got the shirt.. Put it on. The gun holder was next. Then the gun and finally the jacket. I got the coat it was a bit chilly. I walked to the bed leaned over, kissed and walked to the door. I opened it. I made sure the door was closed and locked. Then met Amanda at her car. She drove.
"So, why did they bring us to this small town?" I asked.
"A bunch of killings... I think." She replied.
"Well, frack. Figures. What do they think we are? Monsters with no guilt at all?" I asked.
"I guess." She said.
She hit the expressway. I was watching the trees go by. My mind wondered back to family. They had been real nice. They allowed me to stay. I guess they figured out I wasn't at fault. We arrived at the building at 7:15. We went in, asked for the room, showed passes and walked down. We entered the room of 10, us included. All men except us. The one at the end stood up. Lt. J.G. Guller. He pointed to 2 empty seats we sat down.
"This is Agent Mayo, (still use Mayo), and Agent Patterson. Ladies this is, (points to each), Lt's Dalton, West, Milton, Berry, Bray, Pargos, Miller and Hull. Guys the ladies." He said.
We said our hi's and such.
"Now, we have asked for FBI help in a recent kidnapping and murder of 25 years old Joann Jackson. She was killed Nov 17th. I know it ain't long, but no clues were found. The FBI chose these two ladies to run this operation. All decisions will go through them now." He said.
"Jackson?" I asked.
"Muhuh." He said.
He laid two folders down.
"One for each of you." He said.
I opened it. She looked like an angel, with golden blond hair and deep blue eyes. She had red lipstick on and skin as white as snow. Her Hair was long about waist length. It was pulled back, neatly. Probably held with hair spray. She wore little make-up. She had a shirt on, a white one, with red and pink flowers along the collar. It was a photo taken professionally. It had the marks on the back. She was 23 at the time of the picture. Probably looked a bit different. Hair length maybe longer, or shorter... depends. Her height was listed as being 5 foot 6 1/4 inches. Her weight, estimated at 190 lbs. Her birthday was Nov 17th 1980. Her dad's name had been blacked on mine. I got Amanda's.
"Mother: Andrea Julian Jackson. Father: Andrew Gene Jackson." I dropped the folder.
Amanda looked at me.
"Are you ok?" She asked.
"No." I said.
I got up and walked out. She stayed.
"What got into her? Never seen a dead body?" LT.Hull asked.
"No jerk. She knew Andrew Gene Jackson. Don't you know shit?" She asked.

And she came after me. She caught me at the elevator.
"I can't work that case." I said.
"Yes, you can." She said.
"NO! I can't." I said as she caught my arm.
"You have to let it go. Just like has to. You can't hold on forever. It's his daughter so what he's in jail with his son." She said.
"Yes, but what if he finds out and blames me?" I asked.
"He can't get out." She said.
She talked me back into the room. There she gave me the one I had his name was blacked out. I know now. She had been stabbed 16 times in her apartment.
"I want to see the apartment." I said.
He had LT. Hull to take us. We followed him. He was much older, maybe mid 30's. Dark brown hair. Deep green eyes. Mustache trimmed, neatly. His hair looked to be full... probably colored also. He wore a black suit, with white stripes. He carried a gun on his left side. He drove us over that was about a 16 minute drive. He took us up 5 flights of steps, then down to the last door on the right.
"Apartment A12." He said.
He unlocked the door and handed me the keys. Me and Amanda causally walked in. The living room was rather clean. I had my backpack with me, which had what I needed. So did Amanda. We sat it down and took out the gloves putting them on.
"This may take awhile. You can leave will call." Amanda said.
He nodded and walked out. I checked around. The kitchen... a blood stained the kitchen counter. No one had touched the place. Just removed her and nothing else. Amanda came through.
"Do they not know how to run an investagation?" She asked.
"Guess not." I said.
It took us both 6 hrs to process everything there. At 3:00, I called Zac. He came to pick us up. Him and Taylor. We had everything in the right place. We got in. Taylor was driving.
"Union Police Station," I said.
"Okie" He said.
He drove. Once there, we got the number for the FBI headquarters in Union, Mo. There we analyized it all. Zac sat and done some work. He was doing good. So was Ike and Taylor. We finsihed then went back to the hotel. Taylor and Amanda went to lunch. Ike and Amber were on there way home. They said their good bye's. That left me and Zac at the hotel. He was watching me. I was fixen to get out of that stupid skirt, though the zipper didn't want to be nice and unzip, like it should. He was getting a good laugh out of it to.
"You could help." I said.
He stopped and looked at me.
"No, you told me not to. Remember?" He asked.
"No." I said.
"Last time. You said you can get it. Go for it." He said.
I smiled, then an idea hit me. I turned it around and zipped it back up, then took it off. The zipper had fabric caught in it. I picked up a pair of blue jean shorts. I put a blue shirt on tucking it in and fastened them. I sat down and put the shoes on.
"Why are you putting shoes on?" He asked.
"Because, I'm getting hungry to. Like Amanda I had to skip breakfast." I said.
He smiled.
"Not my fault." He said.
"Muhuh." I said.
I got his arm and pulled him up.
"And you're coming to." I said.
He changed and we went to supper/lunch. After we got back I laid down for a bit. The hours went by and it was dark soon.
"Dang time to go back. You want to come?" I asked.
He looked at me.
"Go back where?" He asked.
"The apartments. I want to do a luminall test on the apartment for cleaned up blood. You know what it is." I said..
"Yeah, I'll come." He said.
I got up. Amanda and Taylor met us downstairs. We went by the lab and got what was needed. And then we went to the apartment. Back to the right one. I mixed the liquid and had Taylor and Zac spray it. Me and Amanda watched. I now got a good chance to get to know her. Her living room was wide and open.airey. She was an outdoor's person. Had a lot of sports trophys. And a lot of gym stuff which showed she treated her body rather well. And could defend a normal female of about the same height. Means her killer was male probably, much older and a lot stonger. The door hinges were fine. She knew the killer. I kept looking they were making sure nothing was missed. She had a light light pink sofa with flowers. She loved flowers had a lot of them in her house painting drawing and real ones. Her living room had a TV and a VCR. I put some gloves on and walked to the TV and opened the cabinets. Movies like "Godzilla", "Die Hard", "Die hard 2" and "Die hard with a vengence". Mostly actions movies. So she liked action. Not a dull person she wanted something to be exciting not dull. The walls were a bright yellow. I walked to the kitchen. It was a basic size kitchen with the normal cook wear. Her fridge contained heath food mostly. Lots of carrots and celary. Stuff like that. I opened the cabinets. Nothing unusual there. Basic kitchen unlike the living room it had white walls and all. It was mostly white. I walked to the bathroom. Basic bathroom, it was a light blue with floral trim. She has tile in the kitchen and bathroom both white. There was a considerable amount of blood around the tub. I squatted I never saw it. I got the pictures me and Amanda had taken and looked at them. No, there was no blood in the bathroom. I got up and walked to the front.
"Amanda? There's blood in the bathroom." I said.
"Huh?" She asked.
I showed her. She dismissed it and walked out. I rephotographed it. I continued my looking through her bathroom whch contained little make up. Hair spray. Her hair brush which had brown hairs in it. I got a few and put them up. Some hairbows. Hair clips and such a few scarfs. I then walked to her bedroom. It had a lot of blood, nothing had been changed though. They said she was killed in the bedroom. I opened the closet. She was a fancy dresser with lots of skirts and such. In the very back it had a lot of short stuff, mini skirts and such. Said she liked to party also. Her bedroom was unlike the rest, a marron color, real deep red. Her bed was satin sheets and they were red. She liked sex. Probably has a boyfriend or lover, maybe even a husband or an ex. The bed was a wreck. The lamps matched. A mahogany bed. Matching vanity and dresser night tables. This was basically the darkest room. It was all a deep red unlike most was. Uplifting and all. She liked to relax a lot in the airy rooms and in here. I walked back. They were doing the bathroom.

Once they were done a little while later, all the curtains were shut or the windows closed. Amanda cut the lights off. Blood was shown to be everywhere. Tables, on the cabinets and sinks. All over the place. We photographed it all. Then went to FBI headquaters. There we meet with LT. Guller.
"She was NOT killed in the bedroom, but in the living room. She knew her killer. He is a strong person. Maybe 5 foot 9 to 5 foot 11. Strong built. Worked out a lot. Check gyms and such." I said..
He nodded. We then returned home or to the hotel. There Zac was a bit tired. I sat down first.
"We get flown to Missouri. To investigate a simple murder?" I asked.
"It don't make sense." He said.
"Yeah I know." I said.
I took the shoes off. He leaned over my shoulder.
"Why did you bring me?" He asked.
"Because field work will help." I said.
"Oh." He said.
I got up. Got the suit case threw him his pajamas.
"Tonight we sleep." I said.
"I know." He said.
I got my gown and changed. I laid down.
"Good night Zac." I said.
"Night Jen." He replied.
I cut the light off and we both fell asleep.

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