The Babysitter - Part 3

Chapter 12 - Continued

"How about...we paint it white and get some stencils. Put blocks and teddy bears around the room. Make it for either sex." He said.
"Sounds good." I said.
We got four gallons of white paint. We got two pints of any color we figure we'd need. Pink, blue, yellow, purple, and red with one pint of black to outline."
"Zac, why not wait on the crib and all till we know the sex." I said.
He thought about it darting his eyes.
"Ok." He said agreeing.
We paid for the paint and then went to the store. There he picked out things that were on the list the doctor gave me.
"Well, what type food does he want you eat on the paper?" He asked.
"Zac." I said as he smiled at me.
"Okay... okay." He said.
We were in the fruits and veggies section of the store.
"Strawberries, oranges, apples, bananas, grapes, and pineapple." I said.
"Okay." He said.
He got just enough so it wouldn't spoil but plenty for a week or so. He also got kiwi, pears, and tangerines. He got some whole grain cereals, oatmeal, some hot dog buns, and hot dogs, rice cakes, peas, noodles, pasta, pancake mix, tortilla's, and some whole milk, some nonfat yogurt, fruit flavored low-fat yogart, chedder and mozzerella cheese. He then came to the greens.
"What do you like?" He asked handing me the list.
"Get, collards, dark green lettuce leaves, tomatos, mushrooms, potatoes. You like broccoli, and spinach. Get some of those and also green beans, okra, and brussel sprouts." I said.
He got all of which I said. We went around.
"What about meats and all? I know ya need protein." He said.
"Yeah, but not just meat has protein. " I said.
"I know... I'm just saying." He said.
"Um... chicken and turkey, lean beef for meat." I said.
He grabbed some.
"For fish we'll say, tuna, shrimp and crab meat." I said.
He got clams also. We got eggs. He continued and got a lot of other stuff like canned soups and vegetables. Once we were finished we paid for the food and went home. We put everything away. It was 4:00. We then decided on what was for supper. Zac cooked. I got to chop the stuff as long as I sat down.
"I suppose I need to get use to being treated like an antique lamp?" I asked.
"Yes, you might as well." He said.
"And tomorrow?" I asked.
"If I have to... I'll bring them over here." He said.
I smiled at him.
"No use." I said as I continued to chop. I finished mixing the ones I had and put a salad dressing over it. He finished and brought a plate to the table. We sat down together and ate supper. After we ate we both cleaned up and then walked to the living room. He sat down as I sat down with him.
"Well, what do we need?" He asked.
"Baby wise?" I asked.
"Duh." He said.
I looked at him.
"Well, get a piece of paper and we'll write it all down to keep up with it." I said.
"Sounds like a plan." He said as he got up and got a tablet of paper. He put ZJB on the top.
"What do we need?" He asked.
"Well... we need a crib, bassinets... about two of them. One for up-stairs and one we can carry around. And we need car seats. Three of them. One for company use, one for each of our cars, clothes, changing table, dresser drawers, changing pads, a playpen or two and toys. Um...and a baby swing." I said watching him write it all down as I then continued.
"Bottles, pacifires... about then. That way if he or she losses one we will have plenty. Bassinets blankets, crib blankets." He said while writing. We sat there for two hours and wrote down everything that came to mind like; crib sets... two to three sets, blankets and sheets, bumper pads... two to three sets, baby tub, towels, wash rags, soap and shampoo, stroller. We also decided on diaper bags about three. A baby monitor set, balmex, baby powder and lotion, oil, thermometer, diaper wipes, Q-tips, fingernail clippers, ear/nose cleaner , diapers a must , cloth diapers and safety pins and whatever else came to mind. He then closed it.
"When should we tell everyone?" He asked.
I stopped.
"Let's wait maybe another month or two to make sure there are no false hopes." I said.
"Why would we have false hope?" He asked.
"Miscarriage. It does happen." I said.
"Oh." He said nodding.
"Good idea." He added.
"We can paint the room next week when you're with Taylor and Ike. I'll do some of it." I said.
"Sounds like a plan." He said.
"Other then that I'd say it's bed time." I said.
"Ok. I'll turn everything off." He said.
"Ok." I said as I got up and kissed him goodnight and went up stairs. I pulled the cover back and laid down. He soon joined me. At 2:30 the phone rang. I wasn't fully asleep and answered it.
"Hello?" I asked.
"I'm glad you're awake." Amanda said.
"Who said I was awake?" I asked.
"You sound awake." She said.
"Ok, what is it?" I asked.
"We came back and the car has a flat tire. We're in the middle of nowhere." She said.
"Your fault." Amber said.
"Oh hush." She said.
"What happened?" I asked.
"Flat tire and no spare." She said.
I thought a minute.
"What size tire?" I asked.
She told me as I got up.
"Um... where are you?" I asked.
"Name of the road guys?" She asked.
"East Campton Parkway. We're just passed mile marker 12." Taylor said.
"I heard him." I said.
I wrote Zac a short note telling him I went to get em. I hung-up throwing my shoes on and walked downstairs.
"I swear." I said.
I made sure the house was locked up good. I got in the truck and locked the doors. I left the house and drove to Taylor's. He kept a spare in the garage. I grabbed it knowing it was awfully heavy though. I stopped.
"Should I?" I asked myself.
I let the tail gate down. It wouldn't be as hard then as I got it in the back.
"Geesh Taylor." I thought as I closed the tailgate. I heard tires squealing and looked at the road and saw nothing. I got in.
"Quit being paranoid." I told myself.
I started toward East Campton Parkway. She wasn't kidding when she said middle of nowhere. That was the road that led to Jenks. It's isolated and no one's ever that way. Which struck me as odd and to why they went that way. I stopped at 9.
"Why would Taylor come this way? The airport's in Tulsa." I thought and waited a few minutes.
"No, this isn't right." I told myself.
I called Taylor in case he drove home. He didn't have Amanda's new truck he answered. When I asked he said he was still in Georgia. We hung up. I apologized for waking him up.
"I don't Think so." I said.
I turned the truck around even though it was hard. I then went back as I watched behind me. I stopped one time. I picked up a spot-light. It was an FBI truck. It had spot lights for headlights, even though you could turn them down to normal. It was during a high speed chase on a dark road when you needed the extremely high beams. I shown it in the back. I saw nothing. But it didn't mean nothing was there. I got out which could be a mistake. I had the gun that I kept in the truck. Why I chose the truck I had no idea. I fired three rounds into the dark and waited. Nothing.
"I'm being paranoid." I told myself. I got back in. It wasn't till after I was in and had the seatbelt on that the high beams of a truck or car came on.
"I knew it was to good to be true." I thought.
I waited a little while noticing they never came by or around. I started home again. They started to. I sped up to 55 and then I stopped. I wasn't gonna be flying down a road I couldn't see on. I never hardly used East Campton Parkway due to the darkness and the absense of streetlights. I turned the high beams on so I could see further in front of me. I ran a stop sign on purpose. I wanted to get home. I made it back to the house in one piece with the truck to. I parked it back in the garage and walked in. I sat down at the table and then went back to bed.

April 19th

I woke up late considering the last few days and I wasn't sick. I walked downstairs and noticed there was a note on the table.

I'm at Mom's watching the two little ones. If you need me call me. If you want to come over come on. I'll be home about 2:30 or 3.

I decided to wait. I walked up stairs and took a long bath. I then got dressed. I picked up a dress and pulled it out.
"I'll look funny in nine months." I told myself. I then ate a good meal. I went by the schedule. I then went up stairs again to the three extra rooms. There was one right across the hall.
"That would be a good room." I thought as I walked in and noticed it didn't have a closet.
"Nevermind." I thought.
I found the next one next to ours. It had a closet. I looked at it. We had a few boxes in there now. I moved them out to a different room and then vacuumed/cleaned that one up. I opened the windows to let some fresh air into the room. I measured the floor. It would need new carpet. At 3:15 he came in. I had been in the room cleaning up for two to three hours. I was putting tape over the light fixtures and stuff, when he came in I was on the ladder putting tape around the light in the ceiling.
"Have a nice time?" I asked.
"With Mackie sick and Zoe too. Yep." He said.
"How sick?" I asked.
"Bed sick." He said.
"Ok, I hope they get better." I said.
"Me too. What are you doing?" He asked.
"I want the room done by three months Zac, not six years." I said.
"I know but I can do that." He said.
"I got bored. So sue me." I said.
I then climbed down.
"Where did you go last night?" He asked.
"I thought to help Taylor, but I came back. Taylor's in Georgia. He can't be on East Campton Parkway." I said.
"You were on East Campton?" He asked.
"About 3:00. Why?" I asked.
"They found a body there this morning. It was on the lower end. Pass mile 12." He said.
"I was suppose to meet them a little past 12. I got to 9 and realized Tay wouldn't be there and then came back home." I said.
"Yeah, good thing." He said.
"Yeah, I guess." I said.
I got off the ladder.
"Well, it'll need new carpet." I said.
"How about a fuzzy one?" He asked.
"Duh." I said.
"What color though?" He asked.
"Pink." I said.
"And if it's a boy?" He asked.

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