The Babysitter - Part 3

Chapter 11

He laid me gently on the couch.
"She passed out." Zac said.
Amber came in and checked.
"She's alright just got to over excited." She said.
"Okay." They said.
"Let her sit here and rest." She said. She then walked back outside. Jessie & Avie came in.
"Zac? Is she okay?" Jessie asked.
"Yeah Jess... she'll be fine." He said.
"Are you sure?" She asked.
"Yes." He said.
Avery was a bit quiet as she sat next to me while Zac went with everyone else. I began to wake up.
"Jenny? Are you okay?" She asked.
"Yeah." I said. She didn't go get anyone.
"Avie? Are you okay?" I asked.
"Yeah. Just I need someone to talk to." She said.
"Sit down." I said as I scooted up.
"First why not your parents?" I asked.
"They wouldn't understand." She said.
"Other siblings?" I asked. She shook her head.
"Amanda?" I asked.
"She won't listen." She said.
"Okay. I'm listening. What's the matter?" I asked.
She was quiet for a few minutes when Zac walked in.
"You're awake?" He asked.
"Yeah." I said.
Avie got up and walked out. By noon I was a lot better. Walking pretty good. I was in the kitchen getting a glass of water. I had missed Avie for a few minutes. I knew something was wrong and obviously she didn't want anyone else to know. I looked out the window. She was sitting on the swing alone just swinging back and forth. I sat the glass down and walked out the back door. I walked up to her and got in the front of the swing and stopped her.
"Avie? Are you alright?" I asked.
She looked up with tears running down her cheeks.
"Come here." I said. She came to me. I hugged her. She was fourteen now. I held her for a few minutes till she calmed down.
"You want to go up to the tree house for a little bit? Talk about it?" I asked.
"Will you listen?" She asked.
I grabbed her chin and lifted her pretty face up.
"Avie, I'll listen to whatever you want to tell me." I said.
She walked ahead of me then. She climbed up as I followed. I locked the latch and hung the 'do not disturb' sign. She sat down. I sat next to her.

"Start when you're ready." I said. There was a few minutes of slilence.
"You remember that the guy that lived down the road? Tommy?" She asked as I thought back.
"Yes." I said.
"We were going out. You know that." She said.
"Yeah. You told me." I said.
"A few months ago, about four, he wanted to go further then just a hug or a peck. I told him no. He excepted it. Then about two months ago he took me to a barn in a field. He had some friend there. They um..." She started with a few tears falling down her cheeks.
"Avie? How many times has he taken you back." I asked.
"Twice." She said. I grabbed a tablet and wrote it down.
"Write down what you can remember. You don't have to go into detail, but it will help." I said.
"Don't tell anyone." She said.
"Avie, I will try to handle it alone. I know what it is like. But eventually your parents will have to be brought in and told." I said.
"They didn't believe Zac. Why should they believe me?" She asked.
"Avery, let me explain. They believed him. Just they didn't want to. They didn't want to think it was poosible for him to be hurt. As they will do to every one of you. Do you understand?" I asked.
"A little." She said.
"Okay... put yourself in a mother's postion. If someone told you another person was hurting your child what would you do?" I asked.
"Deny it." She said.
"Okay... thats how it is." I said.
"Oh... well he didn't do me like Zac." She said.
"Avie? What did he do?" I asked.
"Just touch. Not much." She said.
"Okay." I said and then got up.
"Tell me where the barn is. I need to see it. I would like you write down everything." I said.
"I can do that." She said.
"Okay." I said.
I walked out grabbing Amanda's keys with no one seeing me. I grabbed the keys and left. I went to the barn following her instructions. I walked in. It was an ordinary barn with bails of hay layed across the floor. I noticed blankets were there. I went up stairs and checked around. I stepped across a piece of wood. I saw another vehicle and then I stopped. I knew the truck. It was the one Andrew drove a lot.
"He's following me." I thought.
"Jennifer." Adam said as I turned around and swallowed hard.
"How are you doing? I was gonna come visit you in the hospital but they took you out to soon." He said.
"Yeah... it didn't last long." I said.
He was walking towards me and at the same time I was backing up.
"You know it drops off... don't you?" He asked.
"Yes." I said.
"Then stop." He said.
I stopped while he kept walking forward. He was standing a few feet from me.
"I'll have what I want in due time. Trust me." He said.
"You don't know that." I said.
"I do. I am planning just like you. I am." He said.
I looked at him. He smiled and walked away.
"Oh by the way Jennifer? Be expecting it." He said and disappeared down the steps. I sat down when a panic attack over came me. I waited until I calmed down as I heard the truck leave. I got up and walked down the steps. As I walked toward the car I heard other footsteps. I sped up a bit. I got to the car and got in leaving the place in a hurry. I parked the car outside the park and relaxed. I waited a good fifthteen minutes, then went home. I took Avery to the back.
"Avery? You need to tell your parents." I said.
"But.." She started.
"No buts. You need to tell them." I said.
"I will." She said.
"Ok." I said.
She walked to the front taking her mom and dad to the back and I am assuming told them. They walked out. I decided then that their parents needed to do something, not me. I walked downstairs and sat down. Zac looked at me.
"You look pale. Are you ok?" He asked.
"Yeah. Just tired." I said. I laid my head on his shoulder as he put his arm around me. Diana explained to them. Avery stayed with us for a while. Anyway till her dad came and got her.
"I want to go home." I said.
I got up with me and Zac going home. I opened the door to the house I loved so much. It was dusty and very dirty. I went up the steps to our room. Having not seen it in a while I shook the cover off and layed down. Zac came in.
"You feel okay?" He asked.
"Yeah... just tired." I said and yawned. He laid down.
"Dusty house." He said.
"We haven't been here in a couple of months." I said.
"Yeah." He said.
I closed my eyes trying to wipe out those memories. He laid his head on my shoulder.
"Are you okay? Since you came back you've been edgy and afraid." He said. I thought of telling him but would it make him sleep less?
"Jennifer? I know something isn't right." He said.
"I saw Adam when I left the house earlier. He came to where I was. He told me to be expecting it." I said.
"Don't worry about it. He knows he can't." Zac said.
"Yeah." I said.
"I'll let you rest for a while. I'll clean up some." He said.
He kissed me once and got up. I laid there thinking for a bit then fell asleep. Zac cleaned up most of the downstairs and kitchen. He even went to the store. When I woke up I could smell the aroma of taco's. I got up and walked down the steps. It was clean and so was our room also. He didn't see me come downstairs. He was cooking as I sat down at the table. He had been doing some catch up work from the program and going through some mail. I picked some of it up and opened some with my name.

Dear Jennifer,

Hello, this is dad. Honey, I wanted to tell you something. You're my only daughter and I would love to have you back. Is it possible? Please, tell me soon.


I read over it three times.
"Maybe so dad." I said in a low voice. Zac didn't even hear me. Some of it I threw away. I picked up one from the FBI. It was dated a few weeks back.

Dear Agent Hanson,

We show in our records a murderer named John Richardson. He escaped and we are aware recently you were kidnapped. If you get this letter we are sure that someone on the inside is working for him. Please be careful. You are one of the best agents we have and we don't want to loose you. We are investigating one Agent Morris. He will no longer be a bother to you or your family and friends. We will keep you posted through an exclusive section one marked. 'AHinves." go there put in the code 444investiga5682. It will give you the records on file. All of them. We again are sorry for the inconveince and wish for your safe return here in the FBI.

Mr. Strickland

I laid it down as Zac sat a plate in front of me.
"I see you're awake." He said.
"Yeah." I said. I handed him the letter to let him read it.
"Please tell me you're waiting." He said.
"No. I'll go tomorrow. Meeting is at 7:30. I want to go. I have something to tell them." I said.
"You do?" He asked.
"Yes." I said as I got up.
"I'll be back in a few minutes." I said.
I went to the restroom and washed my hands and walked back. We ate together but had no time limit. After we ate he even cleaned back up. I shifted through the mail and bills. I made a check for a lot of them. Zac agreed he would turn them in the next day. We both went to bed at 10:30. It felt nice to sleep in clothes that were loose.

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