The Babysitter - Part 3

Chapter 10 - Continued

"Easy... sheesh. You try to much." He said.
I blinked a few times getting adjusted to being back. I got sick and threw up all over him. He got mad of course and I only got hit once. Enough for a bloody nose though. He walked out and then cleaned himself up. I wiggled my hands free and sat up. I looked around with my head hurting. I was still a bit sick. I got up and walked to the door. I pushed it opened noticing there was no alarms and no one around. I was using the wall to balance. I went to the control room. No one was there. They were all in the back. We were in the front. I looked at all the knobs and buttons and read some. I looked up and saw that Zac, Ike and Amber were all asleep. I found the one button and turned it off. I then stumbled back down the steps. I went in and hit the green button which opened the bubble. I went in blocking the door with a shoe. I stumbled to the bed. I had to make it that far. I got to the bed feeling sick, but I made it. He had something in it making me sick. I didn't know what. I hit Amber. She almost woke up. I grabbed the cover and fell. As I sat on the floor I kept pulling the cover. Zac, wokeup and he looked around seeing the cover being pulled and all of them in bed. He shook Isaac and Amber woke up then. He then got up. I had my head laid back with my eyes closed. I felt a warm hand press my cheek and I opened them. Zac smiled and helped me up.
"No time to wait. Go." I said.
"Not without you." He said.
"Duh." I thought.
He picked me up. I laid my head down closing my eyes and let them be the hero. Isaac held the door to the control room while Amber carried a gun and Zac had me. Isaac closed and locked the door. Amber went through.
"No one is up here." She said.
Back at the room Adam had just came in and was puzzled as to where I went. He started to look for me. I raised my head up seeing the monitor.
"Guys hurry." I said.
Isaac opened the door and a rush of fresh night air hit us all. Isaac found a car but he didn't have the keys. He grabbed the wires. Amber climbed in. Zac got in the back laying me on a blanket Amber had swipped. He sat down as Ike got it started. He had it going about the time Adam came to the door. Isaac was already in and moving. Zac had my head in his lap. The night air was cold. Ike had the heat on low. I was shaking so bad. Zac kept trying to warm me up.
"Isaac? " He said.
"What?" He asked paying attention to the road.
"She doesn't look so good." He said as Amber turned around.
"Isaac, forget home... go to the hospital and step on it." She said.
Everything was blurry and I was extremely dizzy and lightheaded. I closed my eyes resting. Zac used a blanket to cover me up. Zac knew something was wrong. My breathing was fine, just the color was fading. Isaac noticed the 4x4 coming up behind him.
"Isaac..." I said.
"Yes Jennifer?" He asked.
"When you get to the bottom of the hill make a sudden right. It leads up in the woods about fifthteen minutes. There is a path that will disappear. You can't miss it if you know it's there. It'll loose them." I said.
"Okay." He said.
He did as he was told and it happened they went by and didn't even slow down. He backed out and flew to the town. On the way he used the cell phone calling the police and told them the location and then called Amanda and told her to call Tay and then told them what hospital we were going to. He swung into the hospital emergency side. At 4:45 am. on September 5th Zac got out first picking me up in the blanket he carried me in. He told them he didn't know what was wrong. He didn't have any idea and that he wanted help. Then they declined. He grabbed the phone from her and hung it up.
"Listen up. She is in need of a doctor not a stuck up teenager who stays on the phone twenty four hours a day. Now... I suggest you get a doctor or a very large lawsuit will be filled first thing six am. Now get a damn doctor!" He yelled. Three came out.
"Sir can we help you?" They asked.
"Yes, you can fire this nurse and get her some help. Don't ask for cards. I'll get them later." He said.
The doctor walked over to me.
"Look up miss." He said but I couldn't raise my head. He lifted my face up.
"She's fine." He said.
Zac caught him.
"I will take her to another doctor. If he says she's not fine..be expecting a lawyer." He said.
"Doctor Jack get a stretcher." He said and he did.
"But." He said.
He strickly faced him. Zac laid me down. He didn't like the look the doctor gave him neither did Ike. I didn't like the way he handled me. Zac thought then and picked me back up.
"Nevermind." He said and then he ran out. Ike got in and redid the wire thing and drove off. Zac held me this time. He kept telling me it was okay as I laid my head down.
"I know." I said as I buried my head close in his neck feeling the warmth and the pulse. He kissed my cheek as Ike drove. He drove to Tulsa Memorial on the otherside of town but it was good. He knew they didn't decline as he called Amanda again. She met him. The doctors there were trained and knew what the heck they were doing. He took me back and gave me a few shots and then put me in a room. He wouldn't let anyone back for an hour or so, so Zac and them waited. Amanda couldn't reach Taylor. She said they were probably asleep or the ringer was off. A lot of people had been calling. They agreed that they would all go home at once. They stayed together close to the doors waiting. At ten oclock I wokeup feeling better not feeling as sick. I moved a little and it did hurt though. I pressed the nurses button and saw he come in.
"Yes Mame?" She said.
"Where are the ones who brought me here?" I asked.
"The're out front." She said.
"Bring them back." I said.
She walked out and then a few minutes later she brought them in. Zac sat down. I had my eyes closed for a minute still feeling light headed and dizzy. Zac pushed the hair out of my face as I opened my eyes and looked at him. Isaac was standing at the foot of the bed while Amber was checking the papers.
"It's a chemical. He didn't mix them good. He put two together that counter acts each other which made her sick. The doctors gave her something and it says it should counter act all the chemicals and clean the system out. It takes three to four hours." She said.
"Then she can go?" Zac asked.
"Yeah... if the doctors feels like it." She said.
"Okay." Zac said as he kept rubbing my forehead. Isaac watched with his mind swirling. He looked at Amber and motioned her to come out for a few minutes as they walked out the door.
"Jennifer? How ya feel?" He asked.
"Dizzy." I said. He leaned over and kissed me.
"You'll be okay." He said.
"I will?" I asked.
"Yes, we're here for you. Once you get out of here we're going home." He said.
"Home?" I asked.
"Yeah, well to the parents. Your mom and dad's out." He said.
"They care?" I asked.
"Well they do a little." He said as I nodded a little. He then kissed me again.
"You got about two and a half more hours." He said as I nodded a bit.
"Amanda?" I asked.
He walked to the door and called her in. He stayed outside while she came in. She came up beside the bed.
"How ya feeling?" She asked.
"Dizzy." I replied.
"Okay." She said.
The doctor came in and checked a few things.
"You should feel better in a few hours. Since thats all I'm letting you go. I will however leave the number and if ANYTHING goes wrong you or someone call." He said.
"She says she's dizzy." Amanda said.
"I'll get a wheelchair." He said.
He walked out and I saw Zac came in. He helped me sit up as I held on to him. I was so dizzy then. The doctor came back in.
"Take her home and put her in bed. Make her stay there." He said.
"Okay." Zac said.
He sat me down. Amanda put a coat on one side and laid my head down. I laid there with my eyes closed. Zac pushed the wheelchair. Since the police took the other van Amanda used her car. Zac got in. Isaac helped me get in between him and Zac. Amber and Amanda were in the front. I leaned on Zac's shoulder. Ike watched and made sure I was alright. Then once we were arrived at their their house we noticed all the cars were there. Taylor was at the window looking out. He saw Amanda drive up. He watched her get out. He then walked to the front. Zac got out and grabbed me. With no wheelchair there I then tried to walk.
"Stop." Zac said.
I did and he picked me up and carried me. Taylor walked out. I saw him. His blue eyes glassed over as he saw Isaac walking up and Zac to.
"Guys?" He asked. I could see that he was crying.
"Zac, sit me down and go." I said.
"Are you sure?" He asked.
"Yes." I said.
He handed me over to Amanda who sat me down. Her and Amber helped giving me a big hug. Ike was holding Taylor off the ground.
"Isaac? You can set me on the ground now." He said when Mackie came running out.
"ZAC?" He screamed. He got everyone elses attention. He ran to Zac as Zac picked him up.
"Mackie" He said.
Everyone was crying. We stood back. Walker and Diana walked out. She almost passed out as she ran to her boys. Walker grabbed Zac first picking him up. I was like thinking they were strong men. My parents came outside to. They stood on the steps and I hadn't seen them yet. Amanda nudged me.
"Look." She said as I directed my gaze to the porch. They stood there a minute. Amanda nodded when my Dad ran and picked them up. I wanted them there. I just wrapped my arms around him. I didn't want to let go. Zac turned around still holding Mackie. He watched a few minutes and smiled. He went back to Zoe who was tugging at his pants. He picked her up.
"How ya doing?" He asked. She smiled hugging him tightly.
"I thought I'd never see you again." She said.
"I missed you to Zoe." He said as he kissed her on the cheek. Mackie wiggled down and went to Ike. I held onto my dad. I didn't want to let go. He sat me down when my Mom came up.
"Jennifer?" She asked. I went to her taking only three steps and I hugged her to.
"Thanks mom." I said.
"I'll explain it all to you soon." She said.
"Okay." I said.
After a brief visit I was going back to Dad. I stopped half way with Zac watching. He sat Zoe down. I grabbed my head because I felt dizzy again. I closed my eyes. Dad walked to me as Zac came up next to me.
"Jennifer?" Zac asked.
My knees gave way. I started to fall but Zac and dad both caught me. Dad picked me up first. Zac led him in.

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