Because The Night

Chapter 4

I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. The woman had helped me to pick out what looked like a black peasant shirt that laced in the front. It also had big sleeves that became narrow at the cuffs. She knocked on the dressing room door and I opened it.
“Here are some vambraces.” The woman said, handing me these leather cuff things.
“What are they?” I asked as I turned them over in my hands.
“They go on your wrists. Here…let me buckle them for you.” She smiled. I moved out of the dressing room and held out my arms. She put them on and turned over my wrists and buckled them for me.
“You look like you’re all ready.” She smiled.
“Thank you. I appreciate it.” I smiled as I walked to the counter. I grabbed my other shirt and held it in my hands as she rang me up on the cash register.
“Oh…I forgot…do you have any masks or anything?” I asked.
“Oh…yes.” She said as she left the area behind the counter and headed to the back. She came out with a box of masks.
“Here, pick which one you would like.” She smiled. I searched through the box and finally found a black and red leather mask. It was really nice.
“I’ll take this one.” I said and put it on the counter.
“All right.” She answered as she took it in her hands and added in the price.

I paid for my things and headed on out. I really looked the part now. I laughed to myself, finding it amusing how people thought vampires dressed in such a way. We dress like normal every day people. If I dressed like that all the time, they would spot me a mile away. I headed down the street and looked at the people. I noticed a couple of younger woman staring at me intently and I flashed a smile and kept on heading down the street. I stopped at a payphone and dialed the hotel room number.
“Hello?” Zac’s voice came on.
“Zac, I’m going to a masked ball. Tell mom and dad I’m not going to be around for dinner or anything.” I said into the phone.
“You’re going to what?” He asked in a shocked tone.
“A masked ball. You know, a dance.” I said and rolled my eyes.
“Whatever.” He said in annoyance and began to hang up the phone.
“Bye.” I said and was cut off. I slammed the phone down on the receiver in anger and kept on going.

I looked around the area, noticing it was getting dark and decided I had to get to the dance right then. I found the place it was being held and put on my mask. I headed up the stairs of the huge building and was greeted by a man, dressed in a black tuxedo and cape. He must have been going for the whole dracula thing too. I headed on in and looked all around. There were a lot of people there, dressed mainly in dark colors. The inside was decorated with black streamers. It felt sort of like Halloween. I walked into the huge ballroom that was decorated the same as the rest of the building. I watched as people danced around, conversed and talked. I walked over to the table where the drinks and food were and grabbed a glass of punch. I turned around and leaned against the table and watched the people, trying to locate my next potential victim.

I gasped, choking on my breath when I saw what I was looking for. On the other side of the room were three young women, about seventeen to eighteen years old. One had blonde hair, sectioned off into two. She wore a blue mask with sparkles and feathers. She also had on what looked like an oriental top that was mid drift. It was black with a dragon snaking around the top with blue sparkles adorning it. She had on a short black skirt and high black boots. The next girl was about an inch shorter. She had long brown hair that she kept out and a black and green mask with ribbons hanging from it. She had on a black top with sheer, dark green sleeves that were wide. She had a long black skirt with an over skirt that was the same material as the sleeves. Then I saw her. She was the one that I first looked at. She was shorter then the other two girls. She was pale and had dirty blonde hair, piled on her head with loose tendrils surrounding her face. She had a black and red mask that framed her green eyes that had dark eyeliner and mascara surrounding them. She had on a black velvet dress that came off her shoulders. It came to her ankles and had slits going all the way to her thighs on either side. It had a tight black corset below her chest. It was accented with red. She looked towards the other girls and handed the tallest one a glass of punch. I could see her long fingernails were painted black to match the dress. I licked my lips, thinking about how hungry I was becoming. This would be so easy. These three girls would fill me and I wouldn’t have to feed for days. I slid my tongue across my teeth as I watched them move across the room. They stopped right before me and took some food from the table. The girl with the off the shoulder dressed glanced at me and smiled. She and her companions walked over to the wall and leaned against it. I had to go in.
“Hello.” I said as I walked over to them. They all looked at me startled and the girl that glanced at me smiled again.
“Um…would you like to dance.” I said, directing my attention to her.
“Uh…” She stammered.
“Go on Phyl.” The girl in the green said and smiled, pushing her along.
“Uh…I guess.” She answered. I held out my hand and she placed hers in mine. I led her out to the dance floor and wrapped my arms around her waist. I think she didn’t know just quite what to do. I took her hands and placed them around my neck and place my hands back on her waist.
“So, what’s your name?” I asked and leaned in.
“Phyllis.” She said, looking straight in my eyes, past the mask.
“Yours?” She asked.
“Uh…” I stammered. Should I just tell her my name. Why not. It’s not like she truly would ever have a chance to tell anyone else my name. By the end of the night, she would be with the nonliving. I smiled at her and held her tighter.
“Taylor.” I smiled.
“Taylor.” She said back.
“Who are those girls you’re with?” I asked, pressing my body more against hers.
“Uh…Amanda is the one in the green and Holly is the one in the oriental outfit.” She said breathlessly.
“Oh.” I answered and smiled at her.
“Are you having a good time?” I asked and leaned in.
“Uh…um…yeah.” She said in a small voice. The music stopped and I let her go. She walked back over to her friends with her head low and her face red. I smiled to myself. I followed her there and grabbed her hand just before she got to the other girls.
“Phyllis…” I said, turning her around fast.
“Uh…yeah.” She said with wide eyes.
“Would you mind if we talked…privately.” I said, narrowing my eyes at her and smiling at her with a mischievous curl to my lips.
“I…uh…” She stuttered.
“Please.” I said, squeezing her hand gently. She turned back to her friends and looked at them as they were in what seemed deep conversation.
“Okay.” She answered. I led her off the dance floor towards a dark corridor.
“Do you know your way around here?” She asked.
“Nope. Never been here before.” I answered as I turned and looked back at her.
“Maybe we shouldn’t…” She stammered as I pulled her along.
“Oh…so your one of those good little girls aren’t you.” I said, stopping suddenly, causing her to slam into my back.
“NO!” She said angrily. She turned me around fast and instead, started to pull me along. We searched around the dark building until we found an empty room. I flicked on the light and closed the door and locked it.
“Wh-what did you do that for?” She stammered as she turned around fast.
“I want to talk, in private.” I smiled and licked my lips. I sat her down on the small couch in the corner of the room. She looked up at me with questioning eyes and waited for me to make my move.
“I really like you.” I said as I attempted to smile seductively at her as I took off my mask and threw it to the floor. Any other time I used that look, my victims fell for it like a ton of bricks. Surprisingly, she just narrowed her eyes at me.
“Why?” She said in a harsh tone. I was taken a little aback by this. Not quite the reaction I was used to.
“I…uh…I’m very attracted to you. You’re very pretty.” I quickly said.
“You don’t even know me.” She said, crinkling her brow slightly as I sat down on the couch next to her. I had to do it. I couldn’t stall any longer. My hunger was building and I hadn’t fed myself sufficiently to make it through the day and night. I leaned my body in cautiously and took my hand and placed it on her knee. I gently rubbed it with my thumb and looked into her eyes. With my other hand I took off her mask and threw it to the side. Without hesitation I pressed my lips to hers and closed my eyes. I could feel her stiffen and tense up as I move my hand up her leg. Suddenly she released and I opened my eyes and looked at me. Her eyes were wide with shock and she quickly removed my hand from her left.
“What the hell!” She yelled.
“What’s wrong?” I asked, trying to seem as innocent as possible.
“Wh-why did you do that?” She stuttered.
“I like you.” I smiled.
“I…I don’t know you.” She said as she backed away from me, leaning against the arm of the couch. I smiled to myself, loving how she played. It was like she knew what my intentions were. I couldn’t stand it any longer. I had to have the fresh, warm blood that filled her veins. I licked my lips thinking about the deliciousness of it. She looked at me strangely and looked all around. I leaned my body more in and put out my hands, slowly crawling over the small sofa so I was just above her. I leaned my body against hers as I propped my arms on the arm of the couch and looked down at her. I wanted her. I needed her. I desired her. She looked all around nervously and obviously looking for a route of escape. I took my one hand off the arm of the couch and lowered it so that it rested on her thigh. I rubbed and massaged it until she started to struggle.
“Get off.” She said angrily. I smiled in spite of her anger and leaned in again, kissing her hard on the mouth. I could feel her start to relax under me and I moved my mouth down her jaw to her slender neck. I kissed her ear and moved down, grazing her skin with my lips. I opened my mouth, removing it from her skin, allowing my canines to have time to elongate. I looked down at her flesh. Her creamy white flesh and I hungered. I craved the blood that sustained her life. Made her alive and living. I was about to take that all away. That life force. I’ve done it so many other times before, this would be the same as any other. But it wasn’t. My mouth came closer and closer to her flesh but I found I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t take her. Although I craved that delicious blood…I just couldn’t. I allowed my teeth to return to normal and I looked at her. Her eyes were tightly shut and she looked so beautiful. I licked my lips again and pressed them to her neck kissing her skin and touching her. I stopped and looked at her again. I raised up and pressed my body more against hers, caressing her thigh with my hand. I pressed my mouth to hers one last time. I grazed her lip with my tongue and finally slipped it in her mouth. Her eyes went wide again but she quickly shut them again as I released and smiled at her.
“I want you.” I whispered in her hair.
“I…I…” She stammered.
“Want me too.” I said and moved her dress bottom and slid my hand further up her thigh. She blinked hard and it looked like she was about to cry. I began to kiss her neck again, licking her salty skin. I moved my kisses and looked up at her. She had her head back. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I never just gave up on a meal. I moved my hand from her leg and put it on her face. I caressed her cheek with my hand and slid my thumb across her bottom lip and let it caress her neck. She shuddered a little and I positioned myself better. I finally took my hands from where I previously had them and lowered them to her corset. I immediately attempted to untie it, without much success. She waited patiently while I struggled against the laces. Finally, out of desperation and greed, I tore the corset right off and began pulling the dress off her shoulders

“PHYL!” I looked up suddenly as the door swung open and the two girls came rushing in. In a flash I was gone, before they could see I was even there. I headed to the open window and jumped onto a nearby tree branch. I sat there and listened.

“What the hell is going on!” The girl in the green said angrily.
“Wher-Where did he go?” Phyllis said, franticly searching around as she fixed her clothing.
“Who?” Holly asked, the girl in the blue said.
“T-Taylor.” Phyllis stuttered.
“Why didn’t you tell us you were in here. We were looking all around for you.” Amanda said angrily.
“I-I went with him.” Phyllis said as she got up off the couch.
“I can’t believe you would just go in a room with some guy you just met!” Amanda yelled.
“What guy?” Holly said with a stupid look on her face.
“HOLLY! SHUT UP!” Both girls yelled.

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