Because The Night

Chapter 3

“Taylor, do you have all your things packed?”
“Hold on mom, I just have to get my fake teeth.” I shouted from my room. Finally, I was getting out of the studio and going out. I finally had convinced the “family” to go where I wanted to go this summer vacation. I chose to go to New Orleans, for the vampire festival. Seriously, what a perfect place to go. I would have as much blood as my cold little heart desired. I finished my packing, although I truly didn’t need the “fake teeth”. I had my own which would suffice nicely. I grabbed my bag and headed out the door. We would be flying down and stay in a hotel right in New Orleans. I couldn’t wait.

We arrived at the airport and we all got on the plane, like we normally did. Of course Zac forgot to take out all of the stuff that was metal in his pockets and had to go through the metal detector God only knows how many times. I was getting extremely annoyed. Ike kept trying to calm me down but he eventually started to bug me too.

We got on the plane and I sat in the seat, by myself. I wanted no part of my “family” during the plane ride. They were all annoying me to no avail. I sat there and waited patiently as the stewardess came down the aisle with a cart. She stopped in front of me and leaned over and smiled.
“Would you like something?” She asked politely.
“For you to leave me alone.” I said and gritted my teeth.
“I…I…” She stammered. She had a totally shocked look on her face. I grimaced at her and she immediately left me alone. I leaned back in my seat and closed my eyes as I waited for us to finally arrive.

We arrived and we left the airport to the hotel. I got in our hotel room and threw my stuff down on the floor. Ike and Zac followed in and put there stuff down. Zac ran into the bedroom, passed me and jumped on the nearest bed.
“I CALL DIBS!” He yelled as he rolled over on his side and leaned his head on his hand and looked up at me. He smiled at me with that obnoxious smile as I stood there and scowled at him.
“Bite me!.” I said, narrowing my eyes at him. I walked over to the dresser and turned my back to him.
“TAY!” Zac yelled. I turned around just to have a pillow chucked at my head. I grabbed it and ran over to the bed, covering his face with it and leaning my body weight on him, hoping he would smother.
“MMMPHHH!” He started to mumble as he began to panic.
“TAY!” Ike yelled and ran in, pulling me off of him.
“Nothing. I was just playing around.” I said as I looked at him. Zac got up off the bed, gasping for air and glaring at me.
“HE WAS NOT!” Zac choked out.
“Oh, don’t be silly Zac, I was just playing around with you.” I said and started to grit my teeth as I looked at him.
“YOU TRIED TO KILL ME!” Zac screamed.
“Calm down.” Ike said, as he put his hand on Zac’s shoulder. Zac just kept looking at me.
“Sorry dude.” I said and left the room. I headed into the bathroom and locked the door. I must have gone mad. I was so hungry. Every little thing would set me off. I looked in the mirror at myself. I looked like I was wasting away. I had to feed tonight or I would be too weak to do anything. Of course I could always use the excuse of being sick or overtired but I was here for that main purpose. To be myself.
“GET OUT OF THE BATHROOM!” Zac screamed as he pounded on the door. I opened the door and scowled at him.
“TAY! What the fuck was your problem! Were you trying to kill me or something!” Zac said angrily as he pushed me in the bathroom and shut the door behind himself.
“I…I…” I started to stammer. Zac was at the point in his life where he had no problem taking I or Ike on. He was muscular. I sat down on the toilet seat and looked at him.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be so rough.” I said and smiled up at him.
“You were being rough…” Zac said, scrunching up his eyebrows.
“Yeah…I really didn’t mean to dude. How about I make it up to you. Why don’t you come out with me tonight to the vampire festival?” I said, smiling. He was totally taken aback by this. He must have been expecting me to attack him again.
“Are you on drugs!” He said angrily and crossed his arms over his chest.
“No, no…I just want to apologize.” I said and got up. I walked over to him and put my hand on his shoulder.
“No thanks.” He said and shook my hand loose.
“Just offering.” I said and left the bathroom. I knew what he was thinking, that I was totally out of control. I knew he didn’t trust me anymore. Frankly, I didn’t trust myself either. Whenever I didn’t have the chance to feed, I couldn’t even trust myself that I wouldn’t attack any of my “family members”.

I went back into the bedroom and out to the main living area of the hotel room. I grabbed my suitcase and brought it back in the bedroom. Ike and Zac must of left because I didn’t see them. At that point, I had the feeling Zac wanted to be as far away from me as he possibly could. I unzipped the suitcase and opened the flap and looked inside. I rummaged through it and found a pair of black leather pants.
“Perfect.” I said out loud to no one. I held them in the air and inspected them. I unzipped my blue jeans and pulled them off and put on the leather ones. I rummaged through the suitcase for a shirt but found nothing that I thought would be good enough. I grabbed my wallet from my jean pants and slipped it in my back pocket. I grabbed a baseball hat and left the hotel room. I put the hat on to hide my face and left the hotel to do some shopping.

I walked down the streets of New Orleans and watched the people walk by. Everything was set up for the festival. There were some people dressed up in plastic capes to look like Dracula. It was hilarious. This was going to be great. I could feed and no one would ever know considering all the weirdos that had already arrived for everything. I walked to a nearby clothing shop that had what looked like costumes and different things specifically for the festival. I walked in and looked around. There was a woman behind the counter reading a magazine, not paying attention to anything.
“Hello!” I called.
“Oh…hello.” She smiled as she looked over the magazine.
“So…what’s going on tonight. You know, with the festival and everything?” I asked.
“Oh…there’s going to be people in costume in the streets and some people are having dances and things. It’s a lot of fun.” She smiled.
“Oh…that’s cool. I came down here for vacation. I heard about it and I thought it would be awesome to come.” I smiled. I stepped away from the counter and looked all around the store at the costumes. Most of the things were black and looked sort of Rennaissance like.
“Are you looking for something in particular?” She asked as she came around the counter and put the magazine down.
“No, not really.” I said. I stopped short when two women came in the shop. They were talking about something and I was becoming extremely curious. I stepped behind one of the clothing racks and listened carefully.
“Yeah, I think that masked ball tonight is going to be awesome.” The one said.
“Yeah, I have to find a mask to go along with my dress.” The other said.
“Excuse me…did you say something about a masked ball?” I asked, coming around the rack.
“Uh…yes. There’s one held every year.” One woman answered.
“Is it free to everyone?” I asked. This seemed intriguing. A masked ball. What could be more perfect.
“Yes.” She answered.
“The only way you can get in though is if you dress in costume.” The other answered.
“Costume?” I questioned.
“Yeah. Either you have to be a victim or a vampire. It’s really neat.” She answered.
“That sounds interesting.” I said and licked my lips, thinking about how unbelievably perfect it was.

“Um…excuse me but is this what kind you were looking for?” The woman behind the counter said as she came over to the women with a yellow mask on a stick with ribbons and feathers adorning it.
“This is exactly what I’m looking for.” The one answered and took it in her hands.
“Could you ring it up for me.” She added.
“No problem.”

I moved away as the two women walked to the counter and purchased their items. I waited until they left and walked over to the counter.
“Could you help me find something suitable to wear to a masked ball?” I smiled.

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